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Book a charter flight to Kalispell in the Rocky Mountains of northwest Montana. Three area airports, including Glacier Park International (GPI), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.


Kalispell, Montana, although small in population, is visited by many tourists annually as an escape into the wilderness from day-to-day life.

From Flathead Valley to the region�s national forests, it�s easy to find an opportunity for some outdoor adventure. Tourists will also love the calm, quaint, and harmonious beauty of downtown Kalispell within the natural, preserved landscape of Montana.

Kalispell at a Glance

Millions of people travel to the Flathead Valley annually to experience the sights and sounds that the area has to offer. There are many parks and recreational areas in the Valley including Glacier National Park, Whitefish, and Flathead Lake.

Other major attractions include the distinguished Conrad Madison, a 26-room mansion, which offers both educational and entertaining tours year-round. People of all ages will love learning about the Conrad family�s history and their impact on the state of Montana.

Kalispell is both the largest city and commercial center of northwest Montana and the seat of Flathead County. The city�s name derives from a Salish word meaning �flat land above the lake.� With a population of around 23,000, the area attracts millions of tourists annually.

The geography of the Flathead Valley has two distinct ends: northern Flathead and southern Flathead. The city is extremely close to many other outdoor attractions that stem from Flathead Valley and Flathead Lake.

Getting to Kalispell

The primary airport is Kalispell City Airport, located only a few miles from the city center. Other airports that accommodate private planes are Glacier Park International Airport and Flathead Lake Sky Ranch Airport. Both of these are less than 20 miles from the city�s center.

*Kalispell Attractions

The gorgeous natural beauty of this city�s National Parks and landscapes provide an abundance of activities that people of all ages will enjoy tremendously.

Not only is there an abundance of outdoor activities given the presence of Flathead Valley, Flathead Lake, Glacier National Park, and a multitude of hiking trails, but there is also much to discover in terms of eateries, bars, and shops in downtown Kalispell. Whether you�re single or married with kids, people of all backgrounds will thank themselves for experiencing the wonders of Kalispell.

Things to See in Kalispell

Elkweed Ski Trail

Paint Creek Trail

Georges Gorge Ski Trail

Heaven Ski Trail

Ski Way Ski Trail

Micho Trail

Swift Creek Ski Trail

Hope Slope Ski Trail

Hoffman Draw

Fault One Ski Trail

Clayton Island

Schmidts Chute Ski Trail

Badrock Canyon

Whitefish Range

Two Way Ski Trail

Ousel Peak Trail

Slalom Ski Trail

Hibernation Ski Trail

Hellroaring Ski Trail

Melita Island

Sling Shot Ski Trail

Buffalo Hill Golf Club

Connies Coulee Ski Trail

Bighorn Ski Trail

Beargrass Ski Trail

Grays Golf Course Ski Trail

Mary B Island

Dern Draw

Lupine Lake Trail

Murray Canyon Trail

East Rim Face Ski Trail

Huckleberry Patch Ski Trail

Stovepipe Canyon

Satans Traverse Ski Trail

Murr Peak Trail

East Rim Ski Trail

Castle Rock Trail

Hell Fire Ski Trail

Langley Ski Trail

Little Bull Island

Bench Run Ski Trail

Par Three On Ninety-Three Golf Course

Movieland Ski Trail

Marmot Ski Trail

Big Face Ski Trail

Barndance Ski Trail

Fort Steele Trail

Lion Hill Gorge

Whitetail Ski Trail

Ptarmigan Bowl Ski Trail

Hogans Ski Trail

Firemens Island

Haskill Slide Ski Trail

Corkscrew Ski Trail

Danny On Memorial National Recreation Trail

Smoky Range

Bad Rock Ski Trail

North American Wildlife Museum

Three Stooges Ski Trail

Battery Mountain Trail

Peterson Creek Trail

Invitation Island

Meadow Lake Golf Course

South Boundary Trail

Oettiker Creek Trail

Black Bear Ski Trail

Tally Mountain Billy Creek Trail

Russ Street Ski Trail

Cedarview Ski Trail

Haileys Ski Trail

Caribou Ski Trail

Eds Run Ski Trail

Glacier View Golf Club

Albertonis Montana Wildlife Museum

Ashley Divide Trail

Stumptown Historical Society Museum

Chipmunk Ski Trail

Fault Two Ski Trail

Expressway Ski Trail

Kodiak Ski Trail

Head Wall Ski Trail

Dream Island

Hogans East Ski Trail

Noisy Creek Notch Trail

Moe Mentum Ski Trail

Flathead Range

Alpine Trail

Loneman Mountain Trail

Whitefish Lake Golf Club

Dower Draw

Wild Horse Island

Home Again Ski Trail

Aeneas Creek Trail

Heep Steep Ski Trail

Mountain Crossroads Golf Course

Haywire Gulch

Toni Matt Ski Trail

Logan Creek Trail

Middle Fork Ski Trail

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