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Hawaii at a Glance

The breathtaking islands of Hawaii rank among the most popular travel destinations in the world every year. The Hawaiian islands offer beauty and relaxation unlike anywhere else in the United States. From Hawaii’s many golf courses to beach resort destinations like Waikiki Beach, Hawaii is a go-to travel spot for travelers of all kinds.

Hawaii travelers overwhelmingly flock to the islands for vacation, and there is no shortage of activities for them to enjoy on the islands. And with private flights available, Hawaii travel has never been easier.

Hawaii is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America for both domestic and international travelers. Around 10 million tourists visit the islands each year, predominantly for leisure. The islands of Oahu and Maui are the most popular destinations for travelers, accounting for nearly 75% of all tourism to the islands, and the capital Honolulu is the state’s largest city.

Hawaii is a popular destination year-round but travels to the islands spikes in late summer. Hawaii’s climate is extremely consistent, with very little variation in the temperature from month to month. However, late summer tends to be the driest time of the year on the islands, making it the ideal time to visit.

Where is Hawaii?

Hawaii is an archipelago located more than 2000 miles off the coast of California, and nearly 4000 miles east of Japan. Ka Lae, on Hawaii’s Big Island, is the southernmost point of the 50 United States.

Not counting the millions of tourists, Hawaii is home to 1.42 million residents. Oahu has the highest population, with the Island of Hawaii as the second most populated island in the archipelago.

Hawaii has a total of eight airports. The largest airport on the islands is Honolulu International Airport (HNL). Just behind Honolulu in size is Kahului Airport in Maui and Kona International Airport. Smaller airports on the Hawaiian islands include Lihue Airport, Hilo International Airport, Hoolehua Airport, Lanai Airport, and Kapalua Airport. These eight airports are spread across six different Hawaiian islands. This means travelers who book a private flight to Hawaii can choose to land on the island that best suits their own travel preferences.

Popular Hawaii Attractions and Activities

Most, if not all, of the most popular activities for Hawaii tourists, involve the outdoors and the islands’ majestic scenery. The island of Oahu offers travelers everything, from luxurious beach hotels around Waikiki Beach to golf courses and world-class dining experiences. On the outskirts of Honolulu, you may also take in the breathtaking sights of Diamond Head, a volcanic mountain that’s popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Visitors to Oahu can also pay their respects at the Pearl Harbor National Memorial.

Which aircraft is best for my private flight to Hawaii?

Plane ClassExample PlaneMax. Passengers
Air Taxi
Air Taxi
Piper Cherokee3 See Options
Midsize Air Taxi
Midsize Air Taxi
Beechcraft Baron5 See Options
Large Air Taxi
Large Air Taxi
Piper Chieftain8 See Options
Executive Air Taxi
Executive Air Taxi
Pilatus PC-128-9 See Options
Light Jet Taxi
Light Jet
Phenom 3006-7 See Options
Midsize Jet Taxi
Midsize Jet
Hawker 8008-9 See Options
Large Jet Taxi
Large Jet
Gulfstream V14 See Options

Things to Do in Hawaii

Kahuku Golf Course

Pali Golf Course


‘A‘Akaki‘I Gulch

Kulu‘Ī Gulch

Niu Beach

Makiki Valley Trail

Makua Valley

Banzai Rocks

Papa‘Iloa Beach

Wai‘Anae Range

Pearl Harbor Historic Trail

Lamaloa Gulch

Hakuola Gulch

Mililani Golf Course

Kaiaka Bay Beach

Mokauea Island

Fort Derussy Beach

Makaīwa Gulch

Honolulu Entrance Channel Range Rear

Waipahu Beach

Kaunala Beach

Keone‘Ōio Gulch

Kalo‘I Gulch

Awanui Gulch

Pearl Harbor National Wildlife Refuge

Mālaekahana Beach

Kalela Beach

Kamilo Iki Valley

Damien Museum

Mokuleia Trail

Wa'Ahila Ridghe Trail

Nene‘U Beach


Laulaunui Island


Haha‘Ione Valley

Kulima Golf Course

‘Ōma‘O Gulch


Limaloa Gulch

Kawailoa Trail

Lā‘Ie Beach

Navy-Marine Golf Course

Kaluahole Beach

Kapiolani Park Beach

Kailua Beach

Makalapa Gulch

Coral Island

Manners Beach

Kawailoa Gulch

Kaloko Beach


Kāhala Beach

Wa'Ahila Ridge Trail

West Loch Golf Course

Hickam Harbor Beach

Wailele Gulch

Kapaka Beach

Royal-Moana Beach

Kawainui Trail

Wai‘Anae Kai Military Reservation Beach

Kahanamoku Beach

Ahu‘Olaka Island

Keekee Gulch

Leilehua Golf Course


International Market Place

Nu‘Uanu Valley

Kai Beach

Moku Mo‘O

Kuli‘Ou‘Ou Valley

Moku O Loʻe (Coconut Island)


‘Aiea Loop Trail

Punaiki Gulch

Maunalaha Trail

Makapu‘U Beach


Aimuu Gulch

Stoneman Stadium

Bagley Beach

Huliwai Gulch

Hale‘Iwa Army Beach

Castle Trail

Ho‘Olapa Gulch

Koko Crater Trailhead

Palikea Trail

Makalena Golf Course

Kalama Beach

Ko'Olau Golf Course

Pālolo Valley

Na Alia Hele: Kalawhine Trail

Hālawa Trail


Paikō Beach

Ihiihi Gulch

Kalama Valley

Honolulu Harbor Light (Historical)