COVID-19 – Protecting Our Passengers


COVID-19 has changed the way we travel. Linear Air and its operators are working diligently to make air travel as safe as possible during this time. Listed below are the passenger benefits and requirements for traveling in a Linear Air Taxi.

Benefits of flying in an Air Taxi during COVID-19

  • Fly with passengers of YOUR choosing: Since you are reserving the entire plane, you choose who travels with you. Avoid the lines and the rows of packed passengers found using commercial airlines.
  • Private Executive Terminal: When flying in private, avoid the main thoroughfares and waiting areas by showing up 15 minutes early to a designated terminal that isn’t accessible to commercial passengers.
  • Choose Your Travel Times: You choose your trip departure times. Decide which times work best for your schedule and eliminate the extra travel and wait time that exists when flying commercial.

Air Taxi Passenger Requirements

  • Passengers must certify that they are not symptomatic of coronavirus (including elevated body temperature) nor tested “positive” for coronavirus by flight time.
  • Passengers are required to wear facemasks and it is suggested that passengers wear gloves from point of meeting flight through arrival at flight destination.

Air Taxi Pilot & Aircraft Requirements

  • Pilots certify that aircraft interior and headsets cleaned and sterilized prior to every trip.
  • All crew wear protective facemasks and gloves (as possible and appropriate given limitations and requirements of flight operation), including greeting passengers, luggage handling, passenger boarding and deplaning.
  • Passenger is to be seated in the co-pilot seat only if absolutely necessary.