Linear Air is the leading provider of Air Taxi and Personal Jet charters in the US. Leveraging more than ten years of experience in the aviation industry, the company has built an online marketplace where you can ‘one stop shop’ for the most direct and favorably priced Air Taxi flights.

With Air Taxi, you get a faster, more convenient and direct travel experience than you would driving or flying commercially. And now with Linear Air, you get a faster and more convenient booking experience.

Linear Air specializes in short-hop flights, which are usually 1-2 hours or less. Our network of Air Taxi aircraft can fly into thousands of regional airports across the US, and many also in the Carribean and Canada.

Linear Air flights are performed by FAA-certified partner operators who meet our high standards for safety and quality.

All Linear Air flights are operated by FAA-approved Part 135 operators whose aircraft have undergone an FAA conformity inspection, have been certified for Part 135 operations, and carry an appropriate and current airworthiness certificate.

All Linear Air flights are performed on Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with the latest safety features including sophisticated autopilots, traffic alerting, terrain avoidance, and satellite weather links, to name a few.

All Linear Air flights are flown by pilots who hold a commercial pilot certificate, have at least 1200 hours of flight time as a pilot, and overall meet or exceed the FAA’s requirements for operating a Part 135 Flight. All Linear Air flights are flown by pilots who undergo and pass FAA testing every six months, during which they are evaluated against FAA standards and approved by the FAA on their pilot knowledge, skills and abilities to act as Pilot in Command (PIC) under Part 135 operations.

All Linear Air partner operators carry insurance coverage appropriate and applicable to Linear Air and its customers.

Weather leading up to the time of a Linear Air flight is continuously monitored by the flight’s PIC (Pilot in Command) and Chief Pilot. Should conditions be deemed unsafe for the performance of the flight, the trip will be cancelled or rescheduled at no cost to the customer, with safety being the highest priority.

Visit LinearAir.com and enter your itinerary and travel dates in the search box right there on our home page. We’ll return a list of possible Air Taxi and Personal Jet options that are best suited for your trip. We’ll also display other airport options that can reduce the price of your trip or get you closer to your destination.

Once you select your prefered itinerary, you’ll be prompted for more details about your desired departure times, passenger information, and luggage amounts. For payment, you will be prompted to enter a credit card.

Once you’ve entered all the required details and purchased your flight, you’ll receive a booking confirmation by email which outlines your itinerary, your aircraft tail number and where you’ll meet your plane and pilot on the day of the flight.

Two of the great things about our Air Taxi service are:

1. Parking is free

2. You avoid major airline terminals and their crowds

Air Taxi flights depart from an FBO (Fixed Base Operator), which is an executive terminal where General Aviation flights (aka private planes) depart. At major airports, the FBOs are usually at a separate (and uncrowded) section of the airport than where the commercial flights depart. As such, please refer to your Linear Air confirmation for the name and address of your FBO.

There will be free parking for you at the FBO, and depending on the facility, it may even be valet. You may need to provide your Tail Number to a gate attendant when you arrive.

When you enter the FBO, let the attendant at the front desk know that you are checking in for a Linear Air flight and the tail number of your plane. Your pilot will then meet you there shortly and accompany you to the aircraft.

The Chief Pilot and Captain of your flight are continuously monitoring the weather right up to the time of your departure. If they see any reason to cancel or delay your flight, they will communicate that to the Linear Air Customer Service team who will contact you to advise of the situation. If we determine that your flight cannot be performed or performed safely, then you will be refunded in full.

If you decide to cancel your flight and it’s outside of 48 hours of your departure time, the full cost of your trip will be put on account toward your next flight with us. If you cancel within 48 and 24 hours of departure time, 50% of your trip price will be put back on account toward a future flight. If you cancel within 24 hours of your departure time, you forfeit the entire cost of the flight.

Please see our complete terms and conditions here.

Minor changes such as moving your departure up or back an hour or two, can typically be accommodated without a change in price. However, it may not always be possible to reschedule at all, or to reschedule without cost to you, given other flights on our schedule. We will do our best to accommodate you should our schedule allow for it. However, once your trip is booked, any changes resulting in a cancellation of a flight on a particular date are subject to the terms of our cancellation policy.

Should you need to reach us, you can call 1-877-2-LINEAR (1-877-254-6327) 24 hours a day. The Linear Air Customer Service team is on duty from 7:30am to 11pm ET Monday – Friday, and from 9am to 10pm ET on Saturday and Sunday. Outside of these hours, customers with a confirmed trip reservation number (found on your confirmation) can select Option 2 should emergency assistance be required.