For certain fliers, deciding on private jet charters vs first class (or business class) flights can can mean significant benefits in time, productivity, convenience and peace of mind. 

What Do Private Jets Offer?​

A private jet charter is when someone pays for a private jet to take them from one location to another. This is most often done by people who need to get somewhere quickly and don’t want to wait in long lines at the airport. Private flights are especially useful when time is a factor because you choose when you fly, rather than being limited to fixed airline schedules.

The biggest difference between private jet charters vs first class flights is the overall experience. Private jets are more luxurious than commercial airliners and the flights are more personalized. These jets are not only used by celebrities and the rich but also by business travelers to save time, such as needing to avoid hours-long drives from a major commercial airport to one’s final destination or dealing with time-sensitive business.

The private jet charter industry has been booming, with one forecast predicting a 50% rise in demand for 2022.  This is due to increased corporate demand for private jet flights as well as increased wealth in emerging markets like China and India.

  • Chartering a private jet is a popular choice for travelers who want to fly in style. They offer the ultimate luxury experience with high-end amenities, such as gourmet food, spacious seating, and luxurious cabins.
  • Private jets offer many benefits to their passengers, as they can fly anywhere in the world without having to deal with commercial airlines and long airport lines. There is also more space for luggage and oversized items such as skis and golf clubs.
  • You can arrive minutes before your flight and even drive right up to your plane.

A private jet is a great way to fly not only because it offers more space and comfort but also because it can be more affordable than first or even business class. It can even be cheaper than a first-class flight if you are willing to book at least four months in advance.

an embraer phenom 300 on the tarmac at dusk

What Do First and Business Class Flights Offer?​

First and business-class flights are commercial airlines’ high-end offerings, and typically are the most expensive and luxurious way to travel, particularly in first class. Amenities may include private suites, in-flight chefs, personal assistants, and even private showers on board.

While not as over-the-top with luxury, today’s business class provides levels of comfort and luxury that used to be found in first class.

There are a few things that first-class flights offer. There are luxury suites and private pods, which provide more space. There is also the option of having your attendant.

Both first and business class have far more comfortable seats with recline for sleeping, and more legroom to stretch out in. There is also an increased selection of food and drinks, including alcohol and champagne, as well as dedicated lounges in commercial terminals.

Advantages of Private Jet Flights

While private flights are more expensive than commercial flights, they may offer a better and more efficient experience in a more personalized and luxurious environment.

When trying to choose between private jet flights vs first class ones, here are some big reasons why flying private may be a better choice:

More Space and Comfort

luxury interior of a private jet showing seats and a table with an laptop

You have ample legroom and available space. For some people, it’s worth avoiding a plane full of strangers and having space to walk around, stretch out on the sofa-style seats, or even lay down for some rest. If you’re spending flight time working, there’s more spacious table seating instead of regular seat back trays.

1. Your Baggage Fits Onboard

Who doesn’t want more baggage allotments and space? Especially for more oversized items that wouldn’t fit or would be allowed on commercial flights, like golf clubs or skis. You don’t have to pay extra for luggage, so no more extra bags or oversized fees. You can bring whatever you need, provided it will fit.

2. Pets Fly Too

Taking pets on commercial flights means having them in the cargo hold, which can be unnerving for animals, as well as potentially dangerous. And having pets in the cabin means their carriers must be small enough to fit under the seat. Flying private means you can sit with your furry, feathered, or even (small) hoofed friend for the entire flight. You don’t have to stress, and neither does your pet. With a private jet, you can comfortably take your pet with you.

3. Greater Accessibility

Private chartered flights are more accessible for disabled and elderly passengers than commercial. By driving right up to the plane on the tarmac, there are no long distances through commercial terminals to navigate.

4. You Have More Privacy

What can be better than total privacy? Don’t worry about being stuck in the middle seat, because you don’t have to fly with anyone else if you want. You can have a complete cabin – and peace – to yourself.

Flying private offers far more flexibility, space, and privacy than commercial first and business-class flights. When flying private, you get the entire plane to yourself and your traveling companions. This can be especially advantageous with the spread of COVID. You won’t be flying with other people, so no annoying seatmates, in-flight meltdowns, or worrying about coughs and sneezes throughout the cabin.

5. There's Better Food

Nothing beats the food options for private charter jets. While first-class food is considered decent, the opportunity to order catering is significantly better. You have more control over the menu during your flight, and don’t have to worry about clumsy fellow passengers spilling on you.

6. You Save Time

One of the biggest advantages of flying private is the time savings. This means less time on the ground getting to and from the airport, as well as quiet and privacy to work on a presentation, take a conference call, or work with your colleagues.

7. Covid Protocol and Safety

You can relax because you’re not packed into crowded terminals with maskless, coughing, sneezing people who may or may not be contagious. Private charters have better COVID protocols because commercial flight regulations do not restrict them. You’re exposed to far fewer strangers when flying private.

When it comes to masks, you have more control since it’s your flight. You can require everyone to wear a mask. You don’t have to wear a mask for the entire flight in private since you control who you fly with (avoiding unvaxxed or positive random fellow passengers), and fresh air is circulated throughout the cabin.

The crew is more thoroughly tested and is often a tiny crew, helping to contain any illnesses that could arise as possibly COVID.

8. A Better Airport Experience

You can avoid giant commercial airports or use smaller, secondary ones. This means not having to arrive hours before takeoff, navigating packed terminals with poor air quality, or waiting in long lines at security.

9. Better Lounges

While not technically called lounges, private terminals have their own version, known as Fixed Base Operators (FBO’s). Think of them as mini first-class lounges, that are often right outside from the tarmac.

10. You Always Have Priority Boarding

It’s a hassle to stand in a lengthy line to board a plane. With private jets, you don’t have to deal with priority lines or any lines at all! You can drive up minutes before your flight time.

11. It's Just More Relaxing

There are no more missing flight delay announcements at the airport because you’re immediately notified of any delays personally by the pilot.

Give Yourself Better Flights

Certain travelers may be weighting whether to choose  private jet charters vs first class flights. With more comfort, convenience, safety, time savings, and increased productivity, private flights can be a better choice. Explore your options with Linear Air and see how our pricing works better. Check out the planes we offer, and find your better flight experience today.

The commercial options for 4 people and trade show luggage from Long Beach to San Luis Obispo... lordy... This made it an incredible no-brainer, as Linear Air actually came in *cheaper* than the commercial options. We would have had to stay an extra night, then either get up to LAX for a late afternoon direct flight, or down to SNA for an early morning connection through PHX.
Jeremiah Farmer
Jeremiah Farmer
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