Your safety is our top priority

Your safety is our top priority. Our goal is to provide the safest private flying experience for you and your guests. We require all operators, aircraft, and pilots to follow applicable certifications, inspections, and insurance. Below are some of our private jet and air charter safety requirements.

Our Operating Standards and Flight Safety Policies

Our private jet and air charter safety requirements have been developed to exceed industry standards.

Operator Requirements

Our operators are subject to regulation under FAA 14 CFR 135 in the US and other governmental regulations elsewhere.

Operators must meet minimum insurance requirements and demonstrate their aircraft conform to application regulations.

Operators must demonstrate insurance as required by governmental regulation, specifically aircraft charter liability insurance as required for Part 135 operators.

Our Plane Standards

All planes we offer are technically advanced aircraft that follow the required safety standards and aircraft maintenance programs.

FAA and governmental private jet and air charter safety regulations require aircraft to be inspected before being place in commercial service in order to confirm compliance with applicable equipment and maintenance requirements. Commercial aircraft are inspected more frequently than private aircraft in order to confirm continued airworthiness.

Most aircraft are Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with equipment including:

  • Advanced Autopilots
  • Traffic alerting systems
  • Terrain avoidance systems
  • Satellite weather links and onboard weather avoidance systems

Our Pilot Standards

Pilot standards vary by aircraft type:

  • Piston props and some turboprops require only a Commercial Instrument certificate at a minimum.
  • Jets and some turboprops require an Airline Transport Pilot certificate and training in the specific type of aircraft (e.g., Cessna Citation, Gulfstream g550, etc).
  • The minimum flight time for Commercial Instrument rating is 1200 hours, and 1500 hours for Airline Transport Pilot certification.

International Aviation Safety Authorities

Flight from MMU to JAC
ten star rating

"Our flight was easy and the pilots nice and professional. We have already recommended you to friends who flew to Nantucket with you over the holiday weekend. Many thanks, Miriam"

Flight from 39N to WWD
ten star rating

"So glad we found LinearAir. My wife is not comfortabke driving on highways, so the taxi from Princeton to Cape May is a perfect solution. Pilots and ground staff are friendly and helpful. Thanks!"

Flight from HOU to PBG
ten star rating

"Flight could not have been better - everything from arrival, meeting the awesome pilots, actual flight and arrival could not have been better. "

The commercial options for 4 people and trade show luggage from Long Beach to San Luis Obispo... lordy... This made it an incredible no-brainer, as Linear Air actually came in *cheaper* than the commercial options. We would have had to stay an extra night, then either get up to LAX for a late afternoon direct flight, or down to SNA for an early morning connection through PHX.
Jeremiah Farmer
Jeremiah Farmer
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