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Book a charter flight to Santa Fe, the state capital in north central New Mexico. Four area airports, including Santa Fe Municipal (SAF), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.

Santa Fe

For a city with a history as lush as its art scene, you need to look no further than Santa Fe, New Mexico. The city has roots in Pueblo, Spanish, and Mexican settlements before New Mexico was ceded to the United States during the Mexican-American War in 1846. In the midst of Santa Fe�s varied history of conquest and frontier upheaval, it has maintained itself as a bastion of culture and civilization.

Generations of inhabitants have left behind legacies of significant architecture and cityscape, setting Santa Fe above the rest in the American West. These days, Santa Fe�s intriguing urban environment still stands, with its distinctive and preserved Spanish-Pueblo style and cultural heritage.

Santa Fe at a Glance

Santa Fe�s diverse culture is also reflected in its diverse job market, especially in the visual, performance, and culinary arts. Between 2010 and 2020, Santa Fe saw a 29% population increase as travelers came to stay or even retire. The easy pace of the city, beautiful seclusion, and famously friendly locals have earned Santa Fe an accolade as not only being one of the best places to retire in the U.S. but in the world!

Family-friendly environments and an emphasis on protecting its environment and history are attractive for families looking to load up the Uhaul. The cost of living runs higher in the urban areas, while taxes run a little lower than the national average. Between its multicultural aesthetic, historical preservation, sprawling nature, and laid-back attitude, it is no wonder people not only come to Santa Fe to unwind and reconnect but to stay and thrive.

Where is Santa Fe?

When you look at Santa Fe, you would be doing yourself a disservice by just thinking �desert�. That is because, at 7,000 feet above sea level, Santa Fe�s weather is much like its city: different. The air is thin and dry, resulting in cooler temperatures, warm summers that plummet at night, and all four seasons up for grabs. It averages about 26 inches of snowfall each year, making it a popular ski destination, while 283 sunny days a year leave you wide open for outdoor explorations, festivals, and more. The Santa Fe Regional Airport will greet you as you touch down in New Mexico, and then offer a 20-minute drive, where you can start to get a taste of the vast New Mexico landscape as you travel into the heart of the city.

Santa Fe Attractions

Start your day in the Santa Fe Plaza, the heart and soul of the City Different, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee at the Iconik Downtown Coffee Bar. The Plaza is never short on restaurants, shops, and landmarks to delight the senses. Head to Museum Hill for a glimpse of Santa Fe�s cultural backbone at the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, Museum of International Folk Art, Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, or the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian. The Georgia O�Keefe Museum is not to be missed, nor is Meow Wolf, which promises an array of interactive, multimedia art developed by over 100 local artists.

The Santa Fe Railyard is another hotspot, with an eclectic farmer�s market and a cold brew waiting for you at the Second Street Brewery. The Trading Post is a piece of southwest history, clocking in at over 400 years old, where Native American artists and their intricate crafts are still supported to this day. Ski the slopes or hit the Dale Ball Trails for an invigorating excursion, or come for the many outdoor festivals, such as the famous torching of Zozobra at Fiesta de Santa Fe. Book a seat at The Pantry or Geronimo for mouthwatering dishes or lace up your boots for a Restaurant Walking Tour that will have you asking for seconds, thirds, and even fourths. Once you visit the City Different, you will not leave the same.

Things to See in Santa Fe

Cañon De Cuervito

Pipeline Ski Trail

Cienega Village Museum

Cañada Camada

Jc Ski Trail

Sierra De Los Valles

Cañada Los Alamos

Lummis Canyon

Cañada Capulin Trail

Gypsy Queen Canyon

Canyon Ancho

Mortandad Canyon

Cañon Cola Y Largo

Cornice Ski Trail

Pope Ski Trail

Arroyo Jaspe

Guaje Canyon Trail

Trampas Trail

Cochiti Frijoles Trail

Pacheco Canyon

Chaquehui Canyon

Hub Canyon

Spruce Bowl Ski Trail

Museum Of New Mexico

Norski Cross Country Ski Track

Pueblo Cañon

Agua Piedra Trail

Snows Ski Trail

Valle Trail

Cañon De Manzanita

Lower Midland Ski Trail

Burro Alley Ski Trail

Sunset Ski Trail

Stagecoach Canyon

Upper Midland Ski Trail

Los Alamos County Historical Museum And Archives

Chupaderos Canyon

San Ildefonso Pueblo Museum

Santa Fe Municipal Golf Course

Jemez Mountains (Sandoval County)

Cabra Canyon

Topside Canyon

Medio Dia Canyon

Los Alamos Canyon Trail

Lower Broadway Ski Trail

Los Alamos County Historical Museum

Davey Lane Ski Trail

Avalanche Bowl Ski Trail

Cañada Rincon

Borrego Canyon

Barrancas Canyon

Rio Frijoles Trail

Guaje Ridge Trail

Cañada De Santa Fe

Ortiz Mountains

Upper Broadway Ski Trail

Atalaya Trail

Cañada De Las Marias

Alamo Springs Trail

Pajarito Trail

North Fork Blue Canyon

Potrillo Canyon

Columbine Ski Trail

Vallecitos De Arriba

Bozo Ski Trail

Rio Molino Trail

Los Alamitos Canyon

Tequila Sunrise Ski Trail

Jay Canyon

Carache Canyon

Cañon Santo Domingo

Macho Canyon

Thirty-One Draw

Jemez Mountains (Los Alamos County)

San Cristobal Arroyo

Arroyo Jara

Tetilla Canyon

Espanola Valley

Chipmunk Corner Ski Trail

Miller Gulch

Cochiti Lake Golf Course

Sierra Mosca Trail

Cañon Del Oso

Guaje Canyon

Quemazon Trail

Deer Trail

Vallecito De Los Caballos

Peyton Wright Gallery

First Traks Ski Trail

Muerte Ski Trail

Cañada Ancha

Cañon De Los Frijoles

El Canon

Molly Hogan Ski Trail

Rendija Trail

Azmataz Ski Trail

La Caja

Lower Burro Ski Trail

Cerrillos Hills

Places near Santa Fe

Enchanted Hills
Rio Rancho
South Valley

Hotels in Santa Fe

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Restaurants in Santa Fe

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