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Book a charter flight to Boise, the state capital in southwestern Idaho. Three area airports, including Boise Air Terminal Gowen Field (BOI), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.


Boise isn't just the Idaho state capital; it's home to nearby outdoor adventures, parks, delicious craft beer, and many museums.

Boise is the largest city in Idaho, with many outdoors-friendly activities and attractions. From the Idaho Botanical Garden to the Boise Greenbelt, travelers will have the pleasure of becoming immersed in the local landscape.

Be sure to check out Freak Alley, the northwest's largest open-air, multi-artist mural gallery. Better yet, check it out after having some amazing craft beers at Barbarian Brewing or the White Dog Brewing Company.

Throughout the spring, Summer, and early stages of fall, hundreds of thousands of travelers visit Boise.

With an increasing population of 229,000 people, Boise has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the US.

Boise at a Glance

The city of Boise itself is about 85 square miles. The surrounding metropolitan area, known as Nampa or the Treasure Valley, is about 11,833 square miles.

Outside of this developed area, Boise is home to the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area. This area runs as a non-profit in the Boise National Forest and features mountain biking, hiking, roller coasters, tubing, rock climbing, and much more in the mountainous landscape in the northeast region of the city.

Boise is located in the southwestern region of Idaho, about 50 miles east of the Oregon border and 110 miles north of the border of Nevada. Most of Boise consists of flat plains that descend to the west from mountain ranges in the east, where tourists can find the Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area.

Private flights to Boise can expect to land at Boise Airport (BOI) otherwise known as the Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field. This international airport is located just three miles south of Boise city.

Boise Attractions

Boise is home to Zoo Boise, which is both an animal refuge and a public zoo. As the capital city of Idaho, Boise also hosts the Aquarium of Boise, an aquatic center where visitors can explore and learn.

If you're looking for an enjoyable, memorable, and elevated tourism experience, look no further than the scenery and activities one may come to love in Boise.

Things to See in Boise

Rail Island

Eldorado Gulch

Little Rocky Island

Montour Valley

Little California Gulch

Foglers Island

Stove Gulch

Dilley Island

Bayha Island

East Hartley Gulch

Franer Gulch

Cottontail Island

Conway Gulch

Horse Spring Gulch

Lager Beer Gulch

Clouder Gulch

South Fork Gulch

Rippee Island

Violet Gulch

Mudders Gulch

Schoonover Gulch

Isaacs Canyon

Wakefield Gulch

Lass Gulch

Fruit Island

Pipeline Gulch

Tuttls Gulch

Dyes Gulch

Sweet Valley

Boyles Gulch

Kingman Gulch

Hulls Gulch

Mcelroy Draw

Cherry Gulch

Bend Gulch

Forest King Gulch

Shellrock Canyon

Danskin Mountains

Tacket Gulch

Ashton Gulch

Noble Island

Hahn Gulch

Polecat Gulch

Lydle Gulch

Caldwell Draw

Big Rocky Island

Wentworth Gulch

Hulls Gulch Nature Trail

Dredge Island

Minnis Canyon

Crane Gulch

Monazite Gulch

Stierman Gulch

Fuller Island

Chaney Gulch

Pierce Gulch

Voquelin Gulch

Chinee Gulch

Boise Valley

Bear Run Gulch

Grayback Gulch

Charcoal Gulch

Goldeneye Island

Sams Gulch

Popike Island

Argy Island

Switchback Gulch

Little Arkansas Canyon

Milk Ranch Gulch

Sign Island

Cartwright Canyon

Guffey Island

Becky Island

Walters Island

Johnny Woods Gulch

Thomas Gulch

Tollgate Gulch

Logging Gulch

Lanktree Gulch

Dry Creek Valley

Pipe Gulch

Char Gulch

Gambrinus Gulch

Crumley Gulch

Brockmiller Gulch

Bairds Gulch

Baltic Canyon

Twin Sisters Gulch

Little Crooked Ravine

Mullen Gulch

Sub Rosa Gulch

Virgil Gulch

Arkansas Canyon

Stagecoach Canyon

American Girl Gulch

Postam Gulch

West Hartley Gulch

Purdam Gulch

Maynard Gulch

Places near Boise

Lewiston Orchards
Coeur d'Alene
Post Falls

Hotels in Boise

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hotel 43
doubletree hotel boise-riverside
red lion hotel boise downtowner
harrison plaza suite hotel
owyhee plaza hotel
the boise hotel and conference center

Schools in Boise

Boise State University

Restaurants in Boise

chandlers steakhouse
emerald city smoothie - boise
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