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Book a charter flight to Eagle Vail in the Rocky Mountains of central Colorado. Three area airports, including Eagle County Regional (EGE), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.


Vail, Colorado is on the rise, outgrowing humble roots to bring you a skiing and winter retreat experience you will never forget and always treasure. What started as a small business ski resort in the 1960s--named after Charles Vail, who routed U.S. Highway 6 through the Eagle Valley in 1940--has become an incorporated city in Colorado.

When Pete Seibert founded the ski area, the business was doing so well in the first year that he erected a small village at the base of the Vail Pass so visitors and employees would have better access to the mountain. From there, Vail has grown exponentially over the last few decades into a must-go for any traveler ready to hit the slopes or scratch that foodie itch.

Vail's Popularity

If you are traveling to Vail, be on your guard: the city is notorious for turning travelers into Vail locals. The town of Vail hums with a population of 5,400 residents, which makes this city more of a community. The locals all know each other well and are more than eager to welcome travelers into the fold.

The landscape promises hiking adventures, fishing excursions, blue skies, and snowy slopes to please any ski enthusiast. A fantastic food scene and quirky artistic side will keep your senses delighted when the adrenaline rush finally wears off. It is easy to see why this winter wonderland has become a destination vacation for so many eager travelers.

Vail's Location

Clocking just over 8,000 feet above sea level, the small city of Vail is surrounded by the White River National Forest, with the Mount of the Holy Cross visible from Vail Mountain. The Gore Creek meanders east to west through the center of town. Vail�s elevation in the Rocky Mountains promises you warm, pleasant summers, and cold, long winters. From late September to early May, temperatures will begin dipping below freezing, so pack layers! With an average of 200 inches of snowfall per season, be ready for occasional road closures in the wake of heavy snowfalls. Your highest temperature in the summer will reach the 80s, thanks to mountain winds rolling through the city, making any summer activity a breeze. Vail, CO private flights typically land at Eagle County Airport, about 30 miles west of Vail.

Vail Attractions

Once you have settled into Vail Village, it is time to start exploring this enchanting city. Fuel up at the Yeti�s Grind or Unravel Coffee before hopping on the Turtle Bus for dancing and mingling--on your way to tubing or rafting down the Colorado River. For a more seclusive experience, the Gore Creek Trail offers 11 miles of wildflowers and fun water crossing points.

Skiing and snowboarding in winter and mountain biking in summer abound in the ski areas up on Vail Mountain. Then take in a show at the Ford Amphitheater or follow the live music you hear pouring into the streets as you start an evening of eating at world-class restaurants or bar hopping. Whether you want to explore the great outdoors or get to know the city in the lap of a beautiful mountain, there is no wrong decision when you are in Vail.

Things to See in Vail

Weber Gulch

Darling Creek Trail

Old Boreas Wagon Road

Lake Charles Trail

Eaglesmere Trail

Muggins Gulch

Little Sugarloaf Gulch

Continental Mountains

Pease Gulch

Cache Creek Access Trail

Gold Run Gulch

Rock Island Gulch

Kinney Creek Trail

Warren Gulch

French Gulch

Frey Gulch

Gore Range Trail

Creamery Gulch

Beaver Dam Gulch

Silver Dollar Island

Charlie Gulch

Argentine Trail

Gerard Gulch

Two Elk Trail

Slow Trail Gulch

Middle Barton Gulch

Tenmile Range

Halfway Gulch

Gold Dust Trail

Delmonica Gulch

Ruby Gulch

Mount Massive Golf Course

Piney Lake Trail

Saint Louis Trail

Rhoads Gulch

Lily Pad Lake Trail

Officers Gulch

Selkirk Gulch

Alps Gulch

Saint Kevin Gulch

Horseshoe Sulfur Trail

Gleason Gulch

Mesa-Cortina Trail

Spring Draw 1

Pigtail Gulch

Eagle Vail Golf Club

Stray Horse Gulch

Summit Gulch

Argentine North Fork Trail

Bachelor Gulch

Cow Camp Gulch

Hockett Gulch

Spaulding Gulch

Chihuahua Gulch

Sugarloaf Gulch

Purgatory Gulch

South Barton Gulch

Little Evans Gulch

Surprise Trail

Grays Peak Trail

Little English Gulch

Suicide Gulch

Tenderfoot Gulch

Williams Peak Trail

White Quail Gulch

Harsha Gulch

Doig Gulch

Thurman Gulch

Yoder Gulch

Mayer Gulch

Wheeler Trail

Muddy Keyser Trail

Bordoux Gulch

Swift Gulch

Mcphee Gulch

Warden Gulch

Bartlett Gulch

Ranger Gulch

Beecher Gulch

Lehman Gulch

Antone Trail

Lund Gulch

Garibaldi Gulch

Mcdonald Gulch

Keyser Divide Trail

Ford Gulch

Rule Gulch

Coberly Gap

Sulfur Trail

Nottingham Gulch

Wheeler Dillion Trail

Georgia Gulch

Butler Gulch

Horseshoe And Idlewild Trail

Little Porcupine Gulch

Third Gulch

New York Mountain Trail

Yates Gulch

Lloyd Gulch

Places near Vail

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Wheat Ridge
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