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Book a charter flight to Colorado Springs in central Colorado. Four area airports, including City of Colorado Springs Municipal (COS), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.

Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is the epitome of natural beauty and is known for its location at the base of Pike's Peak and the Rocky Mountains. It is also known as the home of several Olympic sports and a wide array of museums.

In terms of natural beauty and ethereal outdoor experiences, Colorado Springs boasts the Garden of the Gods, Lake Norman, Manitou Springs, and more. It is home to one of the most phenomenal zoos in the country, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

If you have yet to visit the awe-inspiring Garden of the Gods located in Colorado Springs, now is the time. This amazing garden is a registered National Natural Landmark with over 300 towering sandstone rock formations against the backdrop of Pike's Peak. It's truly a sight to behold for nature lovers.

The Popularity of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs earned the ranking of number 7 on TripAdvisor's list ranking the top 25 emerging destinations in the world in 2021. The Pike's Peak region alone welcomed over 23 million visitors in 2018.

Tourists often visit Colorado Springs during the warmer summer months of June, July, and August to make the most of outdoor activities and experiences. According to the National Weather Service, the summer temperature of Colorado Springs rests at a comfortable average of 70_ per a 2019 study.

Colorado Springs' Location

Colorado Springs is the largest city by area in Colorado, with 194.87 square miles of land. However, the city is reasonably walkable, specifically the downtown area. The city itself lies within a semi-arid Steppe climate region with the southern Rocky Mountains to the west, high plains further east, high desert lands to the south, and the Palmer Divide to the north. Colorado Springs is 69 miles south of Denver when traveling by car on I-25.

The current population of Colorado Springs rests at 478,961 occupants, with millions visiting the city each year to experience its natural beauty of the city. Travelers often arrive in Colorado Springs through its primary airport: the Colorado Springs Airport, which is six miles southwest of downtown Colorado Springs.

Other surrounding airports that commonly accommodate Colorado Springs private flights include the Denver International Airport, the Pueblo Memorial Airport, and the City of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport.

Colorado Springs Attractions

Given its location at the base of Pike's Peak and the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs boasts incredible natural landmarks including Red Rock Canyon, the Garden of the Gods, and Manitou Springs. All of these gorgeous natural picturesque landmarks feature a multitude of fun and exciting activities for tourists.

Not only is the natural beauty of Colorado Springs phenomenal, but it is also home to some of the finest eateries in the state including the Urban Egg, Caspian Cafe, Jake & Telly's Greek Taverna, and many more.

Things to See in Colorado Springs

Palmer Trail

College Gulch

Iron Gulch

Orchard Canyon

Rupp Gulch

Seep Springs Draw

Long Hollow Trail

Dead Ox Gulch

Talcott Gulch

Peak View Golf Course

Neffs Gulch

Penrose Trail

Helena Canyon

Woodmen Valley

North Cheyenne Canyon

Waldo Canyon Trail

East Mill Gulch

Rule Canyon

Patty Jewett Municipal Golf Course

Limbaugh Canyon

Phantom Creek Trail

Rankin Gulch

South Fork Davis Gulch

Red Creek Canyon

Bare Hills

Stanley Canyon Trail

South Cedar Gulch

Carlin Gulch

Illinois Gulch

Crazy Gulch

Putney Gulch

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center

Redner Gulch

Quinlan Gulch

Rule Ridge Trail

Loy Gulch

Phantom Canyon

Gardiner Gulch

Douglas Gulch

Schubarth Trail

South Manitou Park Trail

South Johns Gulch

Stanley Canyon

Shrewsbury Gulch

Sullivan Canyon

Hotel Gulch

Orchette Gulch

North Fork Davis Gulch

Hole In The Rock Gulch

Metz Canyon

Buchannon Gulch

White Spruce Gulch

Stratmoor Golf Club

Waldo Canyon

Barr Trail

South Fork Missouri Gulch

Limekiln Valley

Long Hungry Gulch

Cavern Gulch

Aregua Gulch

Artists Glen

Hog John Gulch

South Cheyenne Canyon

Rainbow Gulch

Espinosa Gulch

Englemann Canyon

Wellington Gulch

Elevenmile Canyon

Missouri Gulch Trail

Brooker Gulch

Lofland Gulch

Balanced Rock Trail

Banta Gulch

Rule Creek Trail

Queens Canyon

Ensign Gulch

Places near Colorado Springs

Highlands Ranch
Pueblo West
Ken Caryl

Hotels in Colorado Springs

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Schools in Colorado Springs

Regis University Colorado Springs
University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

Restaurants in Colorado Springs

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