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Book a charter flight to San Jose in northern California. The area's main airport, Norman Y Mineta San Jose International (SJC), accomodates all types of private charter and jet aircraft.

San Jose

The future is now in San Jose, California. The city was founded by the Spanish in 1777, and while the impact of Latino and Chicano history persists, San Jose is also known as a technological innovation hub, earning it one of its nicknames: "The Capital of Silicon Valley". Yes, that Silicon Valley and San Jose are its digital heartbeat. Still, there is something old-school about San Jose.

There is also a natural beauty permeating this city where technology is constantly growing and evolving. The emerging public art scene is interpreting and reimagining its cultural and technological surroundings by the day as if there is a friendly rivalry with the techno world you are about to step into.

The Popularity of San Jose

San Jose�s technology boom has created a prosperous job market and aggressive economy. This large economy in California has seen some of the fastest employment growth rates in the state. As the job market grows, so does the population and the housing demand. Its place in Silicon Valley makes it home to mega tech giants like Apple and Google, not to mention the startup companies that are fast on their heels. This creates several well-paying jobs, and when the employees are getting paid well, they can draw some prime real estate from that high-demand housing. Coupled with this booming market is a vibrant city in the Bay Area, where one can enjoy a moderate climate throughout the year.

San Jose's Location

San Jose can go overlooked, especially since it is only a stone�s throw away from handsome San Francisco. The city is located in Northern California�s Santa Clara Valley in the southern portion of the Bay Area. Most of the city lies away from the shore, but it is easy enough to reach during the day. Grassy hills surround this deceptively vibrant city. The area enjoys approximately 300 sunny days per year, and its proximity to the Bay Area means generally mild weather with a dry summer and a wet winter.

You will touch down at the San Jose International Airport a mere 3.9 miles from the city. Actually, you will notice that San Jose does not tower over itself as some cities do, and this is because there are height ordinances due to its proximity to the airport!

San Jose Attractions

From the second you touch down, San Jose loves showing off its technological culture with its modern terminal design and a parking lot wrapped in a digital facade. The moment you head into the city, everything changes. You start to see how this city�s soaring economy nurtures and pushes its artists, small business owners, and natural beauty. Murals in the Chicano historical tradition of Diego Rivera and Jose Clemente Orozco are visual, public textbooks for those walking by on their way to Santana Row--for shopping, eateries, and artisanal tequila cocktails.

The sheer number of gardens you can visit, including a stroll through the Rose Garden Municipal neighborhood, has earned San Jose its other nickname: The Garden City. You can get lost in the beguiling, confounding layout of the spooky Winchester House, or choose your own adventure by taking a brew tour or heading to the mountains for a wine trail. Just make sure you do not miss out on dinner at the San Pedro Market square where Mexican, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indian cuisines are on full display.

Things to See in San Jose

Sierra Azul

West Fork Hospital Canyon

Hunting Hollow

Edgewood Trail

Jacques Gulch

San Jose Museum Of Quilts

Bozzo Gulch

Powder Mill Fire Road Trail

Elk Ravine

Peasley Gulch

Barn Theater

Windmill Gulch

Cookhouse Gulch

Banks Canyon

Santa Cruz Surfing Museum

Vance Canyon

Dean Trail

Blackhawk Canyon

Raging Waters San Jose

Bush Gulch

Six Bridge Trail

Cull Canyon

Iverson Trail

Four Mile Beach

Skunk Hollow Gulch

Oak Hill Canyon

Scott Creek Beach

Morgan Hill Museum

Tehan Canyon

Hollow Tree Trail

Ashbury Gulch

Castro Valley

Tunitas Beach

Upper San Antonio Valley

Sleeper Gulch

Buggy Trail

Natural Bridges State Beach

Valley Garden Golf Course

Shingle Valley

Rengstorff Gulch

Blackbird Valley

Rattlesnake Gulch

Crystal Springs Golf Course

Mill Ox Trail

West Ridge Trail

Blumbago Canyon

Larrabee Gulch

Doolan Canyon

San Mateo Municipal Golf Course

Tannery Gulch

Pacific Shores Center

Big Slide Trail

Oak Ridge Golf Club (Historical)

Flying Mist Isle

Santa Cruz Main Beach

Sylvan Trail

Amador Valley

Portola Trail

Waddell Creek Beach

Dougherty Hills

Hedd Canyon

River Trail

William H Volck Museum

Arana Gulch

Terrace Trail

Sunnyvale Municipal Golf Course

Spring Valley Golf Club

Deep Cliff Golf Course

Año Nuevo Island

Little Fawn Canyon

Chickadee Nature Trail

Roy Gulch

Mccrady Ridge Trail

Dool Trail

Upper Coyote Ridge Trail

Pulse Canyon

Berry Creek Falls Trail

Sequoia Trail

South Fork Otis Canyon

Santa Clara Valley

Wilder Beach

Coyote Ridge Trail

Diversion Dam Trail

Shearwater Isle

Ogilvie Island

Rodeo Creek Gulch

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

Las Positas Golf Course

Kinky Canyon

Coon Hunters Gulch

Lake Chabot Municipal Golf Course

Big Rock Hole Trail

Eylar Canyon

Greco Island

Spring Hills Golf Club

Creeping Forest Trail

Mountain Charlie Gulch

Mardone Trail

Day Valley

Places near San Jose

Santa Clara
Mountain View
Los Gatos
Los Altos
Palo Alto

Hotels in San Jose

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Restaurants in San Jose

le papillon
tied house cafe
harry denton's starlight room
forbes mill steakhouse
sundance the steakhouse
peachwood's steakhouse
john bentley's
vo's restaurant - san leandro
cameron's british pub
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