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Book a charter flight to Sacramento, the state capital in the Central Valley of California. Ten area airports, including Sacramento International (SMF), accommodate all types of private charter and jet aircraft.


California dreaming about Sacramento can become a reality. The city sifted through Spanish, Mexican, and American development, and crystallized during the 19th century Gold Rush, where mass migration put Sacramento on the map. Nowadays, the city is a little different from its gold mining past, it is an urban sprawl sprouted with trees, giving the Sac its more appropriate nickname: "City of Trees".

However, trees are not the only things that have grown out of Sacramento. This city is one of the most diverse and integrated cities in the United States, which means you are walking into a melting pot of different backgrounds and cultures, all influencing the city through theater, visual arts, music, and cuisine. Sacramento also fancies itself the "Farm-to-Fork Capital of America" due to its large agricultural production and livestock, paving the farm-to-table trend one sustainable step at a time.

Sacramento's Popularity

The city has taken its place as the fastest-growing major city in California, with a notable financial and major educational hub, increased activity in the healthcare industry, and a fast-paced contemporary scene. Although it is overshadowed by more cosmopolitan places in its own state, Sacramento has not let up any steam when it comes to furthering its technological and cultural developments.

So the Sacramento you saw last year could be a completely different Sacramento next year! First-timers will find a galaxy of culture, playgrounds of parks, rivers to paddle, and farm-to-table experiences that will leave you with the tastiest memories imaginable. Its multicultural hub, gastronomic prowess, and natural surroundings keep luring first-time visitors out west and keep seasoned travelers coming back for seconds.

Sacramento's Location Not only is the land tree-friendly, but the city also sits at the confluence of the American River and the Sacramento River. It enjoys a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, so while the hot, dry summers are ever-present, you are left with cool winters, sprinkled with occasional rainfall. This rainfall, or wet season, usually spans from October into April.

That hot, dry summer can be cut by the sea breeze known by locals as the "delta breeze", which rises up through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta from the San Francisco Bay. Cool winters through December and January guarantee the foggiest months, while May through August have taken their places as one of the sunniest places on the planet, with an average Sacramento July day clocking over 14 hours of sunshine per day.

Your Sacramento, CA private flight jet will land in Sacramento International Airport, just 16 minutes outside of Sactown. From the moment you touch down, that sea air will greet you and keep you company as you travel into the city.

Sacramento Attractions

Sacramento is an uncommon tourist destination, darling. Start your day in the visitor epicenter of Old Sacramento for your first taste of those beautiful river views, unique eateries, and museums like the Crocker Art Museum. History buffs can peel off to Capital Park to tour the Capitol Building Museum, Sutter's Fort for a look back in time at the Gold Rush, and the Old Sacramento Waterfront, a national landmark historic district where even more museums lurk to show you the days of yesteryear.

Midtown gives you a more contemporary tour of Sacramento's artistic side and nightlife. Get a taste of the sprawling melting pot by circling the calendar for festivals like the Asian Pacific Film Festival, Aloha Festival, PRIDE, and Juneteenth Celebration. Speaking of taste, you cannot go wrong by checking out the largest state-regulated certified Farmer's Market, not to mention almost 50 other year-round markets.

To get a real vibe for "Farm-to-Fork", reserve a table at The Firehouse or The Kitchen for seasonal prix fixe menus, or cool down with an ice cream cone from Vic's or Gunther's. Before you go, take your pick of over 200 parks, all with trails winding through the cool, shady trees Sacramento takes its namesake from.

Things to See in Sacramento

Andrus Island

Ancil Hoffman Park Golf Course

Haggin Oaks Municipal Golf Course North

Auburn Ravine

Rancho Murieta Golf Course And Country Club

Roseville Telephone Museum

Dead Horse Island

Randall Island

Capay Valley

Baltimore Ravine

Yolo Fliers Club And Golf Course

Cypress Lakes Golf Course

Secret Ravine

Haggin Oaks Municipal Golf Course

Davis Golf Course

Granite Bay Golf Course

Antelope Greens Golf Course

Deep Ravine

Crocker Art Museum

Doty Ravine

Vacaville Museum

Rio Vista Museum

Campus Commons Golf Course

Lawrence Links Golf Course

Slug Gulch

William Land Municipal Golf Course

Wildhawk Golf Club

Mccann Stadium

Lake Natoma Trail

Big Ravine

Diamond Oaks Municipal Golf Course

California Citizen Soldier Museum

Sutter Island

Cordova Recreation Golf Course

Sunrise Golf Course

Emerald Lakes Golf Course

Cherry Island Golf Course

Teal Bend Golf Club

Green Tree Golf Course

South Shore Riding And Hiking Trail

California State Railroad Museum

Peacock Ravine

Discovery Museum History Center

Golden State Museum

Grapevine Ravine

Georges Ravine

Caps Ravine

El Dorado Hills Golf Course

Cavanaugh Golf Course

Rae House Museum

Valley-Hi Golf Course And Country Club

Hayes Truck Museum

Bird Valley

Folsom History Museum

Knickerbocker Canyon

Dunnigan Hills

Pioneer Express Trail

Markham Ravine

Dutch Ravine

Prospect Island

Schoolhouse Museum

Pleasants Valley

North Ravine

Towe Auto Museum

English Hills

Folsom Powerhouse Museum

Riverbend Golf Course

Norton Ravine

Jedediah Smith Trail

White Man Ravine

California Military Museum

Mormon Ravine

Ida Island

Rolling Greens Golf Course

Bing Maloney Golf Course

Dry Creek Ranch Golf Course

Kelly Ravine

Lonetree Island (Historical)


Medical History Museum

Discovery Museum Science And Space Center

Bradshaw Ranch Golf Course

Sailors Ravine

Placer County Historical Museum

Oregon Bar (Historical)

Ione Valley

Miners Ravine

Brannan Island

Mather Golf Course

Union Stadium

Mcclellan Aviation Museum

California State Indian Museum

Folsom Prison Museum

Forest Lake Golf Course

Strap Ravine

Rolling Draw

Places near Sacramento

North Highlands
Foothill Farms
Citrus Heights
Fair Oaks
Rancho Cordova
West Sacramento

Hotels in Sacramento

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the greens hotel
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Schools in Sacramento

California State University - Sacramento
William Jessup University

Restaurants in Sacramento

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