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Canada at a Glance

Travel to Canada on a private charter flight to experience any of the diverse regions of North America’s largest country. Each of Canada’s 10 provinces offers unique travel experiences, from the Canadian Rockies in Alberta to relaxing coastal vacations in Nova Scotia. Canada offers many great vacation destinations and is also home to some major international hubs in major cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. No matter which region of Canada you want to travel to, a private charter flight is often the most convenient way to reach your destination.

Canada’s most popular travel destination among both domestic and international travelers is Toronto. Toronto is highly popular for both leisure and business travel. Quebec also sees high levels of all types of travel. Montreal and Quebec City are popular vacation destinations, and the province is also a hub for the tech and manufacturing industries.

Canada is also beloved for its natural landmarks. Banff National Park in Alberta and the mountains of British Columbia attract outdoor enthusiasts from around the globe.

Typically, summer is the best time to visit Canada due to its cold weather during the fall and winter. However, Alberta and British Columbia are home to many renowned ski resorts that attract travelers during the winter.

Where is Canada?

Canada is the largest country in North America, encompassing 3.8 million square miles. Canada spans from Newfoundland and Labrador in the east to British Columbia on the west coast. Canada borders the United States along the entirety of its southern border.

Canada has a total population of 38 million. The vast majority of that population lives close to the southern border in major population centers. Roughly one-third of the country’s total population lives in the metro areas surrounding Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

As of 2022, all foreign travelers entering Canada are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and must be prepared to present proof of vaccination upon entry.

The largest airports in Canada include Toronto Pearson International Airport, Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, and Vancouver International Airport. Other airports, ranging from large international airports to single-runway regional airports, can be found across every Canadian province.

Popular Attractions and Activities

Travel in Canada is spread fairly evenly between urban travel and outdoor exploration. Among the nation’s most popular parks is Banff National Park in Alberta in the Canadian Rockies. Banff is home to stunning Lake Louise and Mt. Forbes, an 11,851-foot peak, making it the tallest mountain in the park. Banff National Park, like many Canadian parks, is home to a wide range of great hiking trails of all variety and difficulty levels. Much of northern Canada is known for its vast natural wilderness, attracting thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year during the summer months.

Among the most significant cultural centers in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, and the nation’s capital, Ottawa. Canada is a vast country with many diverse cultures across its regions. If you wish to visit Canada at your convenience, there is no better option than a private charter flight to the destination of your choice.

Things to See in Canada

Powerade Centre

Gardiner Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum

Bata Shoe Museum

Rouge Valley

Balmy Beach

Eastern Beaches

Îles De Toronto

Hockey Hall Of Fame

Olympic Island

Kew Beach

Air Canada Center

Toronto Zoo

Devils Den

Toronto Island

Cherry Beach

Mimico Beach

Forestry Island

Ripley'S Aquarium

Woodbine Beach

Sugar Beach

Rose Theatre

Pickering Beach

Algonquin Island

Recreation Island

The Dingle

Ontario Science Centre

Art Gallery Of Ontario

Rogers Center

East Island

R.C.Y.C. Island

Nassagaweya Canyon

Woodbine Racecourse

St. Lawrence Market