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Private Jet and Charter Flights to Halifax

Book a charter flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The area's main airport, Halifax Stanfield International (CYHZ), accomodates all types of private charter and jet aircraft.

Halifax Airports

Halifax / Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ)

Things to Do in Halifax

Todds Island

Lone Cloud Island

Sheppards Island

Sand Cove Island

Roger Island

Spark Island

Maugher Beach

Simons Island

Crystal Crescent Beach

Martins Beach

Family Island

Ryans Island

Peggys Cove Lighthouse

Pearl (Green) Island

Coolens Beach

Ball Rock

Marrs Island

Flat Rock Beach

Bills Island

Myras Beach

Bilbys Beach

Martinique Beach

Labrecque Island

Breakfast Island

Inner Gull Island

Firebrand Island

Cochrans Island

Lukes Island

Faulkners Island

Isle Of Man

Gravel Island

Huckleberry Island

Betty Island

Ember Island

Bowens Island

Navy Island

Smiths Beach

Croucher Island Light

Corneys Island

Pearl Island Lighthouse

Witch Hazel Island

Lower Woody Island

Ferguson Island

Barren Shore

Sheas Island

Big Thrumcap

Rat Island

Pompeys Island

Goodwood Family Golf Centre

Dauphinees Beach

Purcells Island

Albro Lake Beach

Devils Island Lighthouse

Brennans Island

Simmons Island

Cherrys Beach

Francis Nose Island

Neils Island

Roasts Hay Island

Shut-In Island

Inner Sambro Island

Fishermans Beach

Gates Beach

Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic

The Conch Beach

Byron Island

Chebucto Head Lighthouse

Coffey Island

Arts Island

Keighans Island

Bracketts Beach

Hopson Island

Germans Island

Kents Beach

Pea Island

Sheehans Island

East Ironbound Island Light

Army Museum Halifax Citadel

Grand Desert Beach

Moores Island

Purdys Island

Cliffs Island

Peggys Point Lighthouse

Masseys Beach

The Peninsula

Green Point Lighthouse

Penhorn Lake Beach

Mcnabs Island

Turf Island

Prior Island

Prettys Island

Schwartz Shore

Upper Pompeys Island

Barneys Beach

Doreys Island

Museum Of Natural History

Brightwood Golf & Country Club

Armstrongs Island

Haverstock Island

Hotels in Halifax

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Halifax Private Flights


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