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Private Jet and Charter Flights to Halifax

Book a charter flight to Halifax, Nova Scotia. The area's main airport, Halifax Stanfield International (CYHZ), accomodates all types of private charter and jet aircraft.

Halifax Airports

Halifax / Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ)

Things to Do in Halifax

The Head

Lower Woody Island

Maritime Museum Of The Atlantic

Little Castle

Peggy Island

Byron Island

Thrumcap Island

Prior Island

Conrod Island

Croucher Island Light

Inner Sambro Island

Devils Island West Lighthouse (Historical)

Arts Island

Big Thrum

Jeffreys Island

Flat Rock Beach

Cherrys Beach

Powers Island

Labrecque Island

Little Thrumcap

Georges Beach

Troop Island

Gunner Island

Brightwood Golf & Country Club

Deadman Island

Prettys Island

Mcnabs Island

Roger Power Island

Grand Desert Beach

Fitzgeralds Island

Saul Island Lighthouse

Steering Beach

Armstrongs Island

Roger Island

Germans Island

Kent Island

Franks George Island

Georges Island Lighthouse

Breakfast Island

Wagners Beach

Crosby Island

Coolens Beach

Halifax Harbour Inner Range Rear Lighthouse

Lobster Claw Beach

Isle Of Man

Leader Island

Shields Head

Privateer Island

East Ironbound Island Light

The Eastern End

Queensland Beach

Fox Point Beach

Jacks Island

Georges Island

Pearl (Green) Island

Barneys Beach

Coffey Island

Lone Cloud Island

Brennans Island

Turf Island

Green Point Lighthouse

Dover Castle

Lawrencetown Beach

Smiths Beach

Fishermans Beach

Cow Bay Beach

Prospect Lighthouse

Simmons Island

Ned Island

Upper Pompeys Island

Albro Lake Beach

Hennesseys Island

Deadmans Beach

Norris Island

Doreys Island

Peggys Point Lighthouse

Lawlor Island

Army Museum Halifax Citadel

Hearn Island

Crystal Crescent Beach

Cochrans Island

Roost Island

East Ironbound Island

Chebucto Head Lighthouse

Maugher Beach Lighthouse

Schwartz Shore

Shut-In Island

Spatz Theatre

Conrods Beach

Marrs Island

Todds Island

Peggys Cove Lighthouse

Myras Beach

Barren Island

Bills Island

Melville Island

Steamboat Island

Simons Island

Lukes Island

Hotels in Halifax

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Halifax Private Flights


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