private charter flight of a cirrus mid-air

Don’t miss these advantages next time you fly

Are you missing out on a better way to travel?

Many smart travelers who value the efficiency of a personal plane, but want to avoid the extravagant cost of a “private jet” are discovering Air Taxi and its benefits for short hop travel.  Did you know that you can show up just 15 minutes before your flight departs?  

Here are some other benefits you may be missing if you’re not flying Air Taxi.

Less Traffic.

Regional airports are located just outside of major cities, often closer to where people live. That means less traffic and possibly a significantly shorter drive next time you need to catch a flight.

Convenient Parking.

Regional airports have easy, free parking right on site. In fact, most will valet your car at no cost. So drive up 15 minutes before your flight and that’s all the time you’ll need to check in.

No Lines.

When you travel via Air Taxi, there’s no security line, no baggage check counter, no long walk to a gate, and no queuing up with hundreds of other passengers to board. Meet your pilot and go.

Your Own Plane.

When you book an Air Taxi, the aircraft is reserved just for you. Need we say more?

Don’t miss out. Price a trip today!

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Linear Air
Linear Air Taxi service delivers direct, cost-effective flight options covering thousands of airports in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean