private charter flight of a cirrus mid-air

Make your travel a little less stressful

Any time you find yourself faced with a long, grueling car ride because an airline can’t get you close enough to a business or vacation destination (at least not without time-consuming connecting flights), check with Linear Air. You can often Fly the Drive you Hate with Linear Air’s Air Taxi Service. Get there in a fraction of the time, relaxed and refreshed.

Linear Air specializes in short hop flights that are 1-3 hours or less. For instance, Boston to New York… New York to DC… DC to the Outer Banks… or the Outer Banks to Philadelphia.

If you have a specific trip that you hate driving enter in to win a chance to swap that long, miserable drive for a comfortable, quick flight on a technologically-advanced air taxi.
Contest ends February 28th so enter now!

Linear Air
Linear Air
Linear Air Taxi service delivers direct, cost-effective flight options covering thousands of airports in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean