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About Whiskey Creek

Airport Information

FAA Code94E
latitude32° 45' 43'' N
Longitude108° 12' 30'' W
Runway Length5400ft (1646m)

Current Weather at Whiskey Creek

What is the name of Silver City's airport?
Whiskey Creek is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Silver City?
94E is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Whiskey Creek?
South Valley
Rio Rancho
Enchanted Hills
What are the nearby airports to Whiskey Creek?
What are some nearby parks to Whiskey Creek?
Fort Bayard 1866-1900 Historical Marker
Fort Bayard National Cemetery Historical Marker
Bayard Historical Marker
City of Rocks State Park
Santa Rita Copper Mines Historical Marker
Kneeling Nun Historical Marker
Silver City Historical Marker
Little Walnut Picnic Area
Butterfield Trail
Cookes Range Wilderness Study Area
McComas Incident Historical Marker
Emory Pass Historical Marker
Fort Cummings 1836-1886 Historical Marker
Basin and Range Country Historical Marker
Cookes Wagon Road Historical Marker
What are some nearby schools to Whiskey Creek?
Western New Mexico University
What are some things to see by Whiskey Creek?
Lockler Canyon
Silver City Range
Niagara Gulch (Historical)
Valentine Canyon
Quaking Asp Canyon
Lordsburg Golf Club
Yellowdog Gulch
Mcknight Canyon
Jpb Draw
Gila Middle Box
Spring Canyon Trail
North Fork Mcknight Canyon
Middle Shingle Canyon
North Well Canyon
Second Valley
Walking X Canyon
C Bar Canyon
East Fork Schoolhouse Canyon
Guerrero Canyon
Bar Six Canyon
Jaybird Canyon
Clyde Canyon
Mimbres Canyon
Brannon Park Trail
Stein Canyon
Miller Spring Canyon
Dry Gallinas Canyon
Lucky Bill Canyon
Faucet Canyon
Pope Canyon
Canteen Canyon
Rosencran Canyon
South Fork Walnut Canyon
C F Canyon
North Fork Wild Horse Canyon
Lower Spring Canyon
Elliot Canyon
Dix Canyon
Soldiers Canyon
Snow Creek Trail
West Railroad Canyon
Miller Springs Trail
Langford Draw
South Copper Canyon
Fogarty Canyon
Orphan Canyon
Cake Canyon
South Fork Clark Canyon
Bull Trap Canyon
Little Gallinas Canyon
Langford Mountains
Little Shingle Canyon
Seneca Canyon
Y L Canyon
Provinger Canyon
Maldonado Canyon
Sheppard Canyon
Skates Canyon
Gold Pan Canyon
Rapp Canyon
Black Canyon Trail
Antelope Draw
South Fork Powderhorn Canyon
Stitzel Canyon
North Cherokee Canyon
Windmill Canyon
Leachman Draw
Moore Canyon
Skating Rink Canyon
North Fork Walnut Canyon
Brunner Canyon
Brick Kiln Gulch
Butterfield Trail
First Valley
Little Sa Canyon
Big Burro Mountains
West Antelope Draw
Spar Canyon
Ancheta Canyon
Pipe Line Draw
Powerline Canyon
Redrock Canyon
North Copper Canyon
Eldeberry Canyon
Domingues Canyon
Western New Mexico University Museum
Saddle Rock Canyon
Steamboat Canyon
Heffner Canyon
Old Government Trail
L C Canyon
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