About sandia airpark estates east Airport (1n1)

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About Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport

Airport Information

FAA Code1N1
latitude35° 5' 40'' N
Longitude106° 9' 52'' W
Runway Length4830ft (1472m)
What is the name of Edgewood's airport?
Sandia Airpark Estates East Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Edgewood?
1N1 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Sandia Airpark Estates East?
Enchanted Hills
South Valley
Rio Rancho
What are some nearby parks to Sandia Airpark Estates East?
Gutierrez Canyon Open Space
Tijeras Canyon Historical Marker
Greggs Trail Historical Marker
Lake Estancia Historical Marker
Tres Pistolas Open Space
Department of Defense Withdrawal
Cañon de Carnuel Grant
Bear Canyon Scenic Easement
Elena Gallegos City Park
Sandia Mountains Historical Marker
Manzano Four Hills Open Space
Sandia Foothills Open Space
Sandia Foothills Open Space Park
Bear Canyon Arroyo Open Space
Shawshaw Park
What are some things to see by Sandia Airpark Estates East?
Aspen Narrows Ski Trail
Moriarty Historical Society Museum
Tejano Canyon
Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course
Geology Museum
Juan Tabo Canyon
Osha Loop Trail
Cañon De Terrero
Barro Canyon
Manzano Mountains
Cañon Turrieta
La Luz Trail
Race Hill Ski Trail
Cañon De Domingo Baca
Red Canyon Draw
Museum Of Southwestern Biology
Maxwell Museum Of Anthropology
Bachelor Draw
Cañon De Gallegos
Cañon De Torreon
Canon La Cueva
University Art Museum
Las Huertas Canyon
Dipsey Ski Trail
Embudito Canyon
Cañon Del Pino
Lorenzo Canyon
Telephone Pioneer Museum
Cañon Del Jaral
Arroyo De Yrisarri
Albuquerque Racecourse
Mosca Trail
Compton Draw
Lower Slalom Ski Trail
Sol Se Mete Canyon
Cañon Del Venado
Cañon De Rajadero De Los Negros
Albuquerque Golf Course
Primera Agua Canyon
Cañon De La Mula
Lurance Canyon
Dolores Gulch
Barts Trail
Cañon Colorado
Milbourn Draw
Oso Corredor Trail
Cañon De Novillo
Mesteno Draw
Penasco Blanco Trail
Kinsell Draw
Cedro Canyon
Diablo Ski Trail
Cañon Monte Del Largo
Albuquerque Museum
Carache Canyon
Cubby Corner Ski Trail
Homes Valley
Cañon De Perry
Spanish History Museum
Embudo Canyon
Carolino Canyon
Cerrillos Hills
Sedillo Canyon
Race Arena Ski Trail
Piedra Lisa Canyon
Cañon Del Ojo Del Indio
Encino Canyon
Cañon De Savina
Cañon Media
National Atomic Museum
Boca Negra Canyon
Maxwell Museum
David Canyon
Cañon De La Mina
Juan Tomas Canyon
Kamradt Draw
Cañoncito De Medio
Waldo Gulch
Lukas Canyon
Cañon De Bartolo
Mcgillivray Draw
Rio Grande Zoological Park
Cañon Del Ojo Redondo
Arroyo De La Miga
Cañon De La Vereda
Franks Draw
Silver Arrow Ski Trail
Prohibition Ski Trail
Canon De La Fuera
Meteorite Museum
Lower Exhibition Ski Trail
La Madera Ski Trail
Cañon Del Agua
Perdiz Canyon
Suicide Ski Trail
Foster Murphy Ski Trail
San Cristobal Arroyo
Tijeras Canyon

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