About mid valley airpark Airport (e98)

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About Mid Valley Airpark Airport

Airport Information

FAA CodeE98
latitude34° 45' 42'' N
Longitude106° 44' 43'' W
Runway Length4332ft (1320m)
What is the name of Los Lunas's airport?
Mid Valley Airpark Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Los Lunas?
E98 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Mid Valley Airpark?
South Valley
Rio Rancho
Enchanted Hills
What are some nearby parks to Mid Valley Airpark?
Los Lunas Sports Complex
Chester Skinner Park
Enchantment Little League
Daniel Fernandez Memorial Park
Valley View Park
River Park
Artistic Park
Heritage Park
Cypress Estates Park
Peralta Historical Marker
Vasquez de Coronados Route Historical Marker
Senator Willie M Chavez State Park
Pueblo of Isleta Historical Marker
Los Padillas Historical Marker
Valle De Oro National Wildlife Refuge
What are some nearby schools to Mid Valley Airpark?
University of New Mexico Valencia Branch
What are some things to see by Mid Valley Airpark?
Pine Shadow Trail
Meteorite Museum
Largo Canyon
Cañon De Los Pino Reales
Primera Agua Canyon
Canon Del Sapo
Cañon De Rajadero De Los Negros
Cañon Del Venado
Valencia County Historical Society Museum
Canon De La Fuera
Cañon De Los Alamitos
Embudo Canyon
Cañon Saladito
Cañon Los Joyos
Rio Grande Zoological Park
Pedro Draw
Cañon Del Jaral
Cañon De La Gotera
Otero Canyon
Cañon Del Agua Azul
Cañon De Savina
Cañon Arado
Carolino Canyon
Maxwell Museum
Cañoncito De Medio
Salas Trail
Cañon Sal Si Puedes
Geology Museum
Cerro Blanco Trail
Albuquerque Racecourse
Abo Canyon
Cañon De Las Palas
Albuquerque Trail
Cañon De Jaramillo
Cañon De Salas

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