About panguitch municipal Airport (u55)

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About Panguitch Municipal Airport (PNU)

Airport Information

FAA CodeU55
latitude37° 50' 42'' N
Longitude112° 23' 30'' W
Runway Length5700ft (1737m)
What is the name of Panguitch's airport?
Panguitch Municipal Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Panguitch?
U55 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Panguitch Municipal?
Cedar City
Saint George
Spanish Fork
Eagle Mountain
Saratoga Springs
Pleasant Grove
American Fork
What are the nearby airports to Panguitch Municipal?
What are some nearby parks to Panguitch Municipal?
Panguitch KOA
Mountain Ridge RV Park
Pink Cliffs Village
Butch Cassidy Home
Bryce Canyon National Park
Lonely Park
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Parowan Front Wildlife Management Area
City Creek Park
Otter Creek State Park
Fishermans Bench Recreation Site
Kodachrome Basin State Park
United Beaver Camperland
Piute Lake State Park
Minersville State Park
What are some things to see by Panguitch Municipal?
Wide Mouth Wash
Left Hand Canyon
Bucket Hollow
Tater Canyon
Midway Valley
Lockjaw Hollow
Emery Valley
Tri Story Canyon
Callings Hollow
Elephant Hollow
South Fork Black Birch Canyon
Peekaboo Canyon
Upper Bear Valley
Labyrinth Canyon
Bristlecone Canyon
Glory Cove
Puma Hollow
Hyatt Canyon
Riggs Canyon
Hurricane Fault
Right Fork Proctor Canyon
Twin Peaks Canyon
Wades Canyon
Blowhard Hollow
Lower Bear Valley
Swapp Canyon
Burnes Hollow
Alum Cove
Tebbs Hollow
Harris Spring Hollow
Peekaboo Loop Trail
Upper Straight Canyon
East Fork Cope Canyon
Forks Valley
Butch Cassidy Draw
Mile Canyon
Don Canyon
West Swale
Proctor Canyon
Race Hollow
Dd Hollow
Hurricane Hollow
Rattlesnake Creek Trail
Steens Canyon
South Oak Brush Canyon
Barney Cove
Swapp Hollow
Ashton Canyon
Billy West Canyon
Bridge Canyon
Roundy Canyon
Teddys Valley
Hawkins Canyon
Mccardy Canyon
Black Birch Canyon
Under-The-Rim Trail
Rocky Ford Trail
Thunder Mountain Trailhead
Ashdown Canyon
Cheney Spring Canyon
Wildcat Wash
Gussie Draw
Columbine Canyon
Cameron Wash
Pot Gut
Jericho Canyon
Echard Canyon
Ponderosa Canyon
Left Fork Proctor Canyon
Poorman Ranch Canyon
Adair Hollow
Moots Hollow
Stringies Canyon
East Fork North Canyon
Pardner Canyon
Everett Hollow
Flake Swale
Dennis Hollow
Lower Straight Canyon
Tropic Canyon
School Wash
Scrabble Canyon
Kane Spring Wash
Oak Basin Canyon
Casto Wash
Jump-Up Canyon
Rush Canyon
South Fork Ponderosa Canyon
Cresant Hollow
Chessmen Canyon
Lees Spring Wash
Little Henderson Canyon
Lums Canyon
Rim Trail
Agua Canyon Connecting Trail
Middle Spring Wash
Tent Hollow

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