About cedar city regional Airport (cdc)

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About Cedar City Regional Airport (CDC)

Airport Information

latitude37° 42' 3'' N
Longitude113° 5' 55'' W
Runway Length8650ft (2636m)
What is the name of Cedar City's airport?
Cedar City Regional Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Cedar City?
CDC is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Cedar City Regional?
Cedar City
Saint George
Spanish Fork
Eagle Mountain
Saratoga Springs
American Fork
Pleasant Grove
What are some nearby parks to Cedar City Regional?
Iron Mission State Park
Discovery Park
Cedar City Upland State Game Sanctuary
Parowan Front Wildlife Management Area
Escalante Interpretive Site
Cedar Breaks National Monument
Fort Harmony Monument
Jefferson Hunt Monument
Zion National Park
Pine Valley Recreation Area
Pine Valley Recreation Area
Oak Grove Recreation Area
Mountain Meadow
Kimball Motel and RV Park
Gateway Trailer Park
What are some things to see by Cedar City Regional?
Right Fork Orderville Gulch
Webb Canyon
Jennings Wash
Bumblebee Canyon
Daves Canyon
Mystery Canyon
Angels Landing Trail
Highleap Canyon
Black Wash
Tar Kiln Hollow
Kelsey Mare Hollow
Wet Sandy Trail
Houchen Hollow
Sidney Valley
Bauer Canyon
Duncan Canyon Trail
Kolob Canyons - Zion Natural Park
Sand Bench Trail
Gateway To The Narrows Trail
Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery
Slip Canyon
Left Quichapa Canyon
Grassy Flat Canyon
Dry Lakes Trail
Hop Canyon
Great West Canyon
Penney Hollow
Slough Wash
Wagon Box
Gardner Peak Trail
Leep Creek Trail
Court Of The Patriarchs
Shakespeare Hollow
Pace Draw
Harmony Mountains
Upper Bear Valley
Nay Canyon
Winn Hollow
Cresant Hollow
Grass Valley Trail
Chloride Canyon
North Fork Chloride Canyon
Arch Canyon
Twin Hollow
Ashdown Canyon
Burnes Hollow
Tait Canyon
Hole In The Wall
Den Hollow
Blowhard Hollow
Schoppmann Hollow
Hurricane Fault
Anderson Valley Trail
Hop Valley Trail
Whipple Trail
Moseman Canyon
Spring Run Gulch
Hidden Canyon Trail
Cameron Wash
White Rocks Draw
Whipple Valley
Ellies Canyon
Imlay Canyon
Heaps Canyon
Steer Hollow
Hop Valley
Dry Sandy
Hopp Canyon
Phantom Valley
West Rim Trail
Walters Wiggles
Upper Grants Ranch Trail
Twins Hollow
Lavender Canyon
Jackrabbit Wash
Cable Mountain Trail
Reubs Canyon
The Dry Wash
Twin Peaks Canyon
Little Hopp Canyon
Harris Spring Hollow
Red Butte Canyon

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