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Experience Greek culture and history firsthand with a private charter flight to Greece. There are dozens of reasons to visit Greece. From the blue waters of the coastal nation’s many beaches to its fantastic cuisine and the incredible depths of history on and beneath its surface. Greece and the Greek islands - particularly Mykonos and Santorini - are among Europe’s best vacation spots.

According to the World Tourism Rankings, Greece is the 13th most frequently visited country in the world. Considering the size of Greece relative to most of the countries ranking ahead of it (USA, France, Spain, etc.) that standing is very impressive. An estimated 30+ million travelers visit Greece annually, with the most popular destination being Athens.

The vast majority of travel to Greece is for leisure, and tourism is one of the leading industries in the country. The country is celebrated for the preservation of its ancient history, as well as its ability to blend modern luxuries into its historical backdrop and spectacular landscape.

Where is Greece?

Greece is a country in southeast Europe between the Ionian Sea and the Aegean Sea. The bulk of the nation’s population lives on mainland Greece, but there are also hundreds of smaller Greek islands in the surrounding seas. Some of the largest and most populous Greek islands are Crete, Mykonos, and Corfu.

Greece has a population of just over 10.5 million people. The country is a member of the European Union.

The largest airport in the country is Athens International Airport, in the capital city of Athens. With the price and scarcity of airline tickets, a private flight to the island is often the best way to travel to Greece on your schedule. Smaller airports can be found all across the country near other metropolitan areas. Other Greek airports include Zakynthos International Airport, Santorini International Airport, and Mykonos International Airport.

Popular Attractions and Activities

What makes Greece such a great vacation destination is that it is a country with a lot to offer. For many tourists, the history of Ancient Greece is the biggest attraction. The influence of the Cradle of Western Civilization continues to be felt centuries later, and the nation of Greece has done a remarkable job of preserving much of that history.

Visitors from all over the globe come to Greece every month to explore ancient ruins and witness some of the greatest landmarks of the ancient world. From the Acropolis to the famed Monasteries of Meteora, ancient history is on display across Greece.

As fascinating as Ancient Greek culture is, modern Greece has just as much to offer. From the beautiful beaches and landscapes of the Greek Isles to the unbeatable Mediterranean cuisine. Greece is revered for its welcoming culture and delectable food and wine, making it the perfect spot for a relaxing and refreshing vacation. Book your private charter flight to Greece to see and experience this one-of-a-kind country for yourself.

Things to See in Greece

Nisída Metópi

Museum Of Pavlos And Alexandra Kanellopoulos

Akrópoli Eréneias

Nisís Foúndion

Zappio Megaro


Archaeological Museum Of Eretria Αρχαιολογικό Μουσείο Ερέτριας



University Of Athens - Anthropological Museum

Acropolis Museum

Nisída Plateiá

Hadrian_Singlequote__S Library

Archaía Agorá

Paralía Skálas

Nisída Gaïdouronísi

Nisís Idhroúsa

Archaía Kamínia

Megalónisos Petalión

Plateia Eleftherias Cemetery

Froúrio Fylís

Nisída Panagítsa

Temple Artemis Agrotera - Ναός Αγροτέρας Αρτέμιδος

Phylla Vrachos

Stoá Tou Evménous

Eretria, Gymnasium

Plaz Votsalákia

Nisída Eleoúsa

Musée Benaki

Nisída Trímesa

Nisís Práson

Gate Of Athena Archegetis

Numismatic Museum Of Athens


Temple Of Aphaea



Akrópoli Pagón

Nisída Fléves

Theatre Of Dionysos

Archaío Liménas Salamínas

Choragic Monument Of Lysicrates

Musée Maritime

Nisída Ártemis

Nisís Dhípsa

Perati Island


Byzantine Museum


Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center

Themistoclean Wall


Athens Market

Témenos Apóllona Kai Dionýsou

Arch Of Hadrian

Nisída Agíou Dimitríou

Nisída Stachtorógi


Prison Of Socrates

Stádio Karaiskáki

Temple Of Apollo Daphnephoros - Ναός Δαφνηφόρου Απόλλωνος

Nisída Psyttáleia

Archaeological Museum Of Athens


Nisída Pothitó

Naós Aigyptíon Theón

Nisís Revythoúsa

Naós Artémidos

Nisída Péra


Naós Pýthiou Apóllona


Paralía Freattydos

Greece; Piraeus, Greek Bath

Keramikos Museum

Athen Bath Of Diochares, Greek Bath

Eretria, Greek Bath


Γήπεδο Χαλανδίου

Odeion Of Herodes Atticus

Nisída Eláfi

Nisída Léros

Ákra Kónchi Lighthouse

Nisída Arsída

Nisís Moní

Dimotikó Théatro Peiraiá


Froúrio Eleftherón


Library Of Pantainos



Paralía Sklirís

Nisída Stýra

Nisída Archí

Nisída Petrokáravo

Mikrí Kirá

Acrópolis Of Athens

Nisís Pacháki

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