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France at a Glance

There is no country on Earth quite like France. The natural beauty of the French Riviera, the unrivaled elegance of Paris, and the world-class wine are just some of the attractions that make France great.

And there is no better way to travel to France than on a private charter flight to the destination of your choosing. With so much to experience, you won’t want to waste any time waiting at terminals.

France is the #1 most visited country in the world per the World Tourism rankings, receiving 90 million visitors annually. The most visited city in France, and the second most visited city in the world, in Paris. Home to such landmarks as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris is Europe’s most revered travel destination.

There is no bad time to visit France. The summer months bring many festivals and exceptional beach weather in the coastal regions. Spring and fall offer more mild weather and opportunities to enjoy everything France has to offer. Even winters in France are relatively mild and a popular time to travel.

Where is France?

France is located in western Europe. It shares a land border with several countries, including Spain, Italy, and Germany. The English Channel is located off the north coast of France, separating it from the island of Great Britain.

France has a population of about 67 million people. It is one of the largest countries in the European Union in size, population, and GDP.

The largest airport in France is Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG). The city has two other large international airports: Orly Airport and Paris Beauvais Airport. Other regions of France offer their major international airports, as well as smaller regional airports.

Popular Attractions and Activities

Whether you plan to travel to France alone, or are planning a full European vacation, there is an endless list of things to do in France. The world-renowned Loire Valley, Alsace, Bordeaux, Provence, and the Rhone Valley wine regions attract millions of travelers each year for tours of some of the world’s finest vineyards.

Paris offers enough on its own to draw in millions of tourists annually. The City of Life is home to some of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, along with world-class dining venues, museums, and art galleries. The Louver is the most visited museum in the world, receiving nearly 3 million visitors annually. The iconic art museum houses some of the world’s most celebrated artworks, including the Mona Lisa and the Venus di Milo.

Paris is just one of several exceptional cities in France. Other popular metropolitan areas to visit include Nice, Calais, and Metz.

Many travelers to France prefer to make a larger-scale European trip out of their visit. France’s location makes it a great point from which to embark on journeys across various European regions. For instance, the short distance between France and England makes it possible to visit both Paris and London in a short time.

A trip to France can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience on its own or one leg on a trip to several wonderful locations. Wherever you would like to go, the most convenient way to get there could be on a private charter flight.

Things to See in France

Musée Clemenceau

Golf Du Coudray

Golf D'Apremont

Golf Club Paris International

Théâtre De L'Odéon

Musée De Luxembourg

Musée De L´Homme

Golf Bussy Saint-Georges

Galeries D'Anatomie Comparée Et De Paléontologie

Golf Greenparc

Golf Chevannes Mennecy

Rainette Valley

Emetteur De Poste Parisien

Crazy Horse Paris

Golf Des Templiers

Maison De Victor Hugo

Golf Ucpa

Salle Gaveau

Golf National

Studio Gabriel

Golf Régional D'Ile-De-France

La Défense

Golf Rueil-Malmaison

Colonne Vendôme

Golf Morfontaine

Grande Galerie De L'Évolution

Rodin Museum

Théâtre Adyar

Roland Garros

Musée National De La Marine

Golf Domont Montmorency

Galerie De Minéralogie Et De Géologie

Golf De La Brie

Bastille Opera

Golf Clément Ader

Golf Du Stade Français Vaucresson

Centre Georges Pompidou

Musée D'Orsay

Institut Du Monde Arabe

Île De Puteaux

Pinacothèque 2

Golf Villiers-Sur-Marne

Le Défenseur Du Temps

Longchamp Race Track

Golf Forges-Les-Bains

Golf De L'Isle Adam

Centre Sportif Emile Anthoine

Golf Rosny Sous Bois

Golf De La Poudrerie

Opéra Comique

Musée Air France

Golf Meaux Boutigny

Herbier National

Musée Maxim'S

Golf Du Stade Français Courson

Golf Saint-Germain

Golf D'Ozoir La Ferrière

Auteuil Racecourse

Mona Bismarck American Center

La Conciergerie

Maison De La Mutualité

Théâtre De L'Atelier

Théâtre Montmartre-Galabru

Golf Chantilly

Winston Churchill Statue

Château De Montagu

Théâtre Du Rond-Point

Théâtre Du Châtelet


Golf Villenne-Sur-Seine

Zone De Silence Du Chêne À L'Image

Casino De Paris

Golf Château De La Chouette

Golf Fourqueux

Pont Aux Meuniers

Palais Galliera

Galerie Des Enfants

Golf Feucherolles

Musée National Picasso

Golf Du Prieuré

Laboratoire Reptiles Et Amphibiens

Golf Saint-Marc

Golf Du Réveillon

Golf Plessis Bellefontaine

Cité De L'Architecture Et Du Patrimoine

Musée Du Louvre

Musée National Des Arts Asiatiques Guimet

Port-Royal Des Champs Abbey

Galerie Des Gobelins

Théatre Du Conservatoire

Galerie De Botanique

Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle

Moulin Rouge

Golf Club Lys

Golf Club Cely

Musée Des Lunettes Et Lorgnettes Pierre Marly

Etiolles Colonial Country Club

Musée De Cluny

Golf Ucpa Bois Le Roi

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