About wellsboro johnston Airport (n38)

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About Wellsboro Johnston Airport

Airport Information

FAA CodeN38
latitude41° 43' 40'' N
Longitude77° 23' 41'' W
Runway Length3597ft (1096m)
What is the name of Wellsboro's airport?
Wellsboro Johnston Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Wellsboro?
N38 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Wellsboro Johnston?
Back Mountain
State College
Drexel Hill
What are some nearby parks to Wellsboro Johnston?
Helen Lutes Softball Field
Hills Creek State Park
Myers Soccer Field
Russell Practice Football Field
Karl Van Norman Football Field
Robert T Maxson Track
State Game Lands Number 268
State Game Lands Number 37
Leonard Harrison State Park
Pine Creek Gorge Natural Area
Colton Point Park
Asaph Run Picnic Area
State Game Lands Number 75
State Game Lands Number 133
Alparon Park
What are some nearby schools to Wellsboro Johnston?
Mansfield University of Pennsylvania
What are some things to see by Wellsboro Johnston?
Clark Hollow Trail
Commissioner Run Trail
Coover Hollow
Kramer Trail
Buskirk Hollow
Barnes Hollow
Old Cabin Trail
Layfield Hollow
Crandalltown Trail
Hopper House Hollow
Merrick Spring Trail
Cushman Trail
Dan Day Hollow
Ramsey Trail
Ives Hollow
Shadrach Draft
Morris Trail
Fourth Bottom Hollow
Welch Ridge Trail
Egler Hollow
Big Dam Hollow
Pot Lick Hollow
Hubers Hollow
Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
Little Morris Trail
Left Strait Run Trail
Grim Hollow
Rands Hole Trail
Bushkirk Trail
Yutamark Hollow
Blumenthal Hollow
Prindle Trail
Horse Lane Trail
Hogback Hollow
Olive Draft
Breeing Hollow
Trestle Hollow Trail
West Branch Lick Run Trail
Dimmick Hollow
Mill Run Hollow Trail
Algerine Trail
Bee Trail
Jim Close Trail
Headgate Hollow
Number Two Hollow
Hickory Swale
Game Refuge Trail
Slaughterhouse Hollow
Rank Hollow Trail
Smut Hollow
Longsdorf Hollow
Goodall Hollow
Water Tank Hollow Trail
Fye Camp Trail
Gaswell Trail
Tubbs Hollow
Big Fill Hollow Trail
Dolliver Trail
Funston Hollow
Tom Cabin Hollow
Tobe Hollow
Captain Shelton Trail
Case Glen
Shingle Mill Hollow Trail
Bartoff Hollow
Benjamin Hollow
Daly Hollow
Alabama Trail
Dry Bottom Trail
Kocher Hollow
Wren Hollow
Mathers Run Trail
Daugherty Hollow Trail
Callahan Trail
Benaur Hollow
Wild Apple Trail
Corey Creek Golf Course
Beartrap Hollow
Old Supply Trail
Putt Hollow Trail
Carson Hollow Trail
Dry Hollow Trail
Louis Main Hollow
Holt Trail
White Line Trail
Gene Brown Hollow
Tegerman Hollow
Cross Trail
Chubb Trail
Buckseller Run Trail
Scotch Pine Hollow Trail
Dugan Trail
Roe Trail
Kilbourne Hollow
Klondike Trail
Daggett Hollow
Krusen Hollow
Hartman Hollow
Pig Hill Trail

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