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About Watsonville Municipal (WVI)

Airport Information

latitude36° 56' 8'' N
Longitude121° 47' 22'' W
Runway Length4501ft (1372m)

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What is the name of Watsonville's airport?
Watsonville Municipal is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Watsonville?
WVI is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Watsonville Municipal?
Morgan Hill
Los Gatos
Santa Clara
What are the nearby airports to Watsonville Municipal?
What are some nearby parks to Watsonville Municipal?
Crestview Park
Pinto Lake City Park
Ramsay Park
Watsonville State Wildlife Area
Flodberg Park
Pinto Lake County Park
Callaghan Park
Second Street Playground
Mesa Village Park
Santa Cruz Long-Toed Salamander Ecological Reserve
Watsonville Plaza
Ellicott Slough National Wildlife Refuge
Scott County Park
Linear Park
Atri Park
What are some things to see by Watsonville Municipal?
Ollason Trail
Cambrian Golf Club (Historical)
Santa Cruz Main Beach
Eastman Canyon
Hoover Valley
Allison Canyon
Lincoln Beach
Hooper Beach
Blooms Creek Trail
Scotts Valley
Japanese American Museum
Sandy Flat Gulch
Tomasini Canyon
Rodeo Creek Gulch
Watsonville Golf Course
Clipper Gulch
Island Beach
Baldy Ryan Canyon
Jetty Beach
Ptere Hay Golf Course
Santa Cruz City Museum
Iris Canyon
Kinky Canyon
Whalers Cabin Museum
Cypress Grove Trail
Sea Lion Point Trail
Isabel Valley
Media Theater
Van Winkleys Canyon
Hurricane Canyon
Spring Creek Gulch
Mcdonald Gulch
Big Stump Trail
Andy Hardin Stadium
Carmel Beach
Samson Canyon
San Bruno Canyon
Swope Canyon
Pebble Beach Golf Course
Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Almaden Canyon
Granite Point Trail
Yankee Point Rock
Santa Cruz Lighthouse
South Fork Babbs Canyon
Barloy Canyon
Trout Creek Gulch
Sand Hill Trail
North Moss Beach
Hell Hole
Carmelo Meadow Trail
San Benancio Gulch
Steinbeck Canyon
Seabright Beach
Pescadero Canyon
Trout Gulch Trail
Old Veteran Trail
Whalers Knoll Trail
Los Gatos Arts And Natural History Museum
Santa Teresa Hills
Comstock Canyon
Canyon Del Rey
Dunn Canyon
Pajaro Valley
Valley Garden Golf Course
Phil Stennes Stadium
Caldwell Canyon
Natural Bridges State Beach
Four Mile Beach
Bessie Canyon Trail
Pleasant Hills Golf Course
Moss Cove Trail
Big Rock Hole Trail
Santa Cruz Mountains
Connely Gulch
Arroyo Hondo
Spyglass Hill Golf Course
Moss Beach
Aptos Creek Trail
Hagerman Canyon
South Shore Trail
Hayes Valley
Three Mile Beach
Cowell Beach
Ox Road Trail
Harmon Gulch
Hatton Canyon
Chualar Canyon
Diversion Dam Trail
Calera Canyon
Presidio Of Monterey Museum
Corral De Tierra Valley
South Plateau Trail
Cefcu Stadium
Porter Trail
Ousley Canyon
Potbelly Beach
Red, White And Blue Beach
Point Piños Lighthouse

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