About taos regional Airport (skx)

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About Taos Regional Airport (TSM)

Airport Information

latitude36° 27' 6'' N
Longitude105° 40' 20'' W
Runway Length8600ft (2621m)
What is the name of Taos's airport?
Taos Regional Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Taos?
SKX is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Taos Regional?
Enchanted Hills
Rio Rancho
South Valley
What are some nearby parks to Taos Regional?
Rio Grande Gorge Historical Marker
Taos Historical Marker
Taos Plaza End of the Camino Real
Kit Carson State Park Cemetery Historical Marker
Taos Canyon Historical Marker
Kit Carson Memorial State Park
Pueblo of Taos Historical Marker
San Francisco de Asisi Church Ranchos de Taos Historical Marker
Rio Grande Rift Historical Marker
D H Lawrence Ranch University of New Mexico Historical Marker
Rio Grande Gorge State Park
Columbine Hondo Wilderness Study Area
Cantonment Burgwin-1852-1860 Historical Marker
Pueblo Revolt Tricentennial Historical Marker
Pilar Historical Marker
What are some things to see by Taos Regional?
Hondito Canyon
Mcgaffey Canyon
Cañoncito De La Madera
Goathill Gulch
Ridge Run Ski Trail
Number Four Kachina Lift Ski Trail
Kit Carson Ski Trail
Gully Cutoff Ski Trail
Number Eight Lift Ski Trail
Taos Mountains
Snakedance Ski Area
Lower Stauffenberg Ski Trail
Baby Bear Ski Trail
Number 5 Lift Ski Trail
Lower Minder Binder Ski Trail
Ranchos Canyon
Fuente Canyon
Lift Number Five Ski Trail
Peñasquito Canyon
Lower Inferno Ski Trail
Whitefeather Ski Area
Firlefantz Ski Trail
Simpson Memorial Trail
Easy Ski Trail
Sir Arnold Lunn Ski Trail
Spencers Bowl Ski Trail
Amole Canyon
Cortado Canyon
Manzanitas Canyon
Servilleta Canyon
Upper Domingo Ski Trail
Hells Bells Ski Trail
Walkyries Ski Trail
Flag Ski Trail
Mondragon Canyon
Lower Totemoff Ski Area
Lift Number Eight Ski Trail
Santa Barbara Angostura Trail
Lagunita Canyon
Number 1 Lift Ski Trail
Arriba Ski Trail
Lower Rubezahl Ski Trail
Gato Canyon
Valle Vidal
Tusas Box
San Cristobal Canyon
Lorelei Ski Trail
Free Flight Ski Trail
Esquibel Canyon
Go Round Ski Trail
Leons Lane Ski Trail
Twining Blue Lake Trail
Porcupine Ski Trail
Sardinas Canyon
Manueles Canyon
Adventure Trail Ski Trail
Rincon Mountains
Fat City Ski Trail
Oster Ski Trail
Nice Day Ski Trail
Arroyo Hondo
Acequia Madre Del Norte Del Canon
Yerba Canyon
Vallecitos De Abajo
Dont Tell Ski Trail
Upper Totemoff Ski Area
Solis Canyon
Devisadero Peak Loop Trail
Shalako Ski Trail
Jiron Canyon
Lonestar Ski Trail
Cebadilla Canyon
Japanese Ski Trail
Patton Ski Trail
Black Copper Canyon
Urraca Canyon
Trampas Trail
Winkelried Ski Trail
Silver Chute Ski Trail
Number Seven Lift Ski Trail
Foster Park Canyon
Raton Canyon
Zagava Ski Trail
Fabian Ski Trail
Garrapata Canyon
Cañon Del Rio Grande
Ojitos Canyon
Mascarenas Canyon
Joses Road Ski Trail
Pedro Canyon
Pollux Ski Trail
El Funko Ski Trail
Picuris Canyon
Marias Canyon
Tresckow Ridge Ski Trail
Arellano Canyon
West Basin Ridge Ski Trail
Niños Heroes Ski Trail
Cañon De La Madera

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