About sparta fort mccoy Airport (cmy)

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About Sparta/Fort Mccoy Airport (CMY)

Airport Information

latitude43° 57' 30'' N
Longitude90° 44' 16'' W
Runway Length4697ft (1432m)
What is the name of Sparta's airport?
Sparta/Fort Mccoy Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Sparta?
CMY is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Sparta/Fort Mccoy?
North La Crosse
Sun Prairie
Menomonee Falls
New Berlin
West Allis
What are some nearby parks to Sparta/Fort Mccoy?
La Crosse River State Fishery Area
Memorial Park
Fort McCoy Barrens State Natural Area
Fishermans Park
Blyton Park
Beaver Creek Park
Evan Evans Park
Howard Huff Park
Westside Park
Evans Pond State Fishery Area
La Crosse River Trail Prairies State Natural Area
Big Creek State Fishery Area
Recreation Park
Jodi Circle Park
Winnebago Park
What are some things to see by Sparta/Fort Mccoy?
Hundt Coulee
Sidie Hollow
Lemon Valley
Russlan Coulee
Tollefson Coulee
Krelbich Coulee
North Chipmunk Coulee
Greenwing Island
Hay Valley
Drectrah Coulee
Tarr Valley
Ebner Coulee
Gammerdinger Valley
Tamarack Coulee
Mudcat Island
Sweden Coulee
Borreson Coulee
Peacock Valley
Cheyenne Valley
Soft Shell Island
Mckinley Valley
Halls Valley
North Branch Black Valley
Hoye Valley
Link Coulee
Jordson Coulee
Mussel Island
Dresbach Island
Summit Valley
Red Oak Ridge
Drescher Island
Kinney Valley
Little Hoot Island
Slingshot Island
Heller Coulee
Raft Island
Hagenbarth Coulee
Koll Coulee
Miller Valley
Russian Coulee
Anderson Coulee
Linderund Coulee
Cholvin Valley
Sunfish Island
Salva Coulee
Sand Lake Coulee
Peacock Road Coulee
Welker Hollow
Long Coulee
Darling Coulee
Pigeon Island
Richmond Island
Cold Spring Valley
Michelson Coulee
Hoff Valley
Lane Valley
Trapping Island
Jonahs Coulee
Hoyer Coulee
Raffelson Coulee
Kiel Coulee
Trippville Valley
Old Scribbler Island
Casberg Coulee
Tug Hollow
State Road Coulee
Rulland Coulee
Lamb Valley
Musquash Island
Coe Hollow
Svenson Coulee
Tadpole Island
Pfeffer Valley
Teachout Valley
Severson Coulee
Garbers Coulee
Arrowhead Island
Winchell Valley
Coles Valley
Grassman Valley
Pete Coulee
Lewis Valley
Twentyfour Valley
Dabbler Island
Willow Sprig Island
Skutley Coulee
Toppen Coulee
Quall Coulee
Stevens Valley
Wire Hollow
Brackett Valley
Wing Hollow
Stensven Coulee
Purdy Valley
Hunder Coulee
Simonson Coulee
Ponstad Berg Coulee
Swarthout Museum
Black River Public Beach

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