About salem memorial airport (k33)

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About Salem Memorial Airport

Airport Information

FAA CodeK33
latitude37° 36' 54'' N
Longitude91° 36' 15'' W
Runway Length2998ft (914m)
What is the name of Salem's airport?
Salem Memorial Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Salem?
K33 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Salem Memorial Airport?
Saint Peters
Maryland Heights
What are some nearby parks to Salem Memorial Airport?
Finch Park
Montauk State Park
Richard F Clement Memorial State Forest and Wildlife Area
Scotia Demonstration Area
Asher State Wildlife Management Area
Crooked Creek Conservation Area
Sunklands-Burr Oak State Wildlife Area
Sinkin Experimental Forest
Gibbs State Wildlife Area
Regional Fairground
Dry Fork State Wildlife Area
Dillard Mill State Historic Site
Woodson K Woods State Memorial Wildlife Area
Skunk Pond State Wildlife Management Area
Lions Park
What are some things to see by Salem Memorial Airport?
Cannady Hollow
Bullock Hollow
Burrus Hollow
Hulsey Hollow
Creek Hollow
Tater Hollow
Whitson Hollow
Woodland Hollow
Rivers Hollow
Stall Hollow
Bills Hollow
Taylor Hollow
Henhouse Hollow
Savage Hollow
Beefsteak Hollow
Cedar Bluff Trail
Crossing Hollow
Fortune Hollow
Red Hill Hollow
Mineca Hollow
Pyatt Hollow
Casto Valley
Brim Hollow
Mccarter Hollow
Kiln Hollow
Hoosier Hollow
Harman Valley
Wagon Trace
Plank Hollow
Vance Hollow
Slick Shoal Hollow
Sinkhole Hollow
Dead Horse Hollow
Baldknob Hollow
Corridon Hollow
Barren Fork Hollow
Mchenry Hollow
Strawstack Hollow
Job Hollow
Terrill Hollow
Turkey Roost Hollow
Cave Branch Hollow
Warren Valley
Crabtree Hollow
Minninghaw Hollow
Sumac Valley
Bridges Hollow
Ottaway Hollow
Red Bluff Hollow
Rollins Bluff Hollow
Press Hollow
Asbridge Hollow
Black Henry Hollow
Jayhawker Hollow
Mccourtney Hollow
Watered Hollow
Bear Pen Hollow
Satterfield Hollow
Macintire Hollow
Howell Hollow
North Koffer Hollow
Store Hollow
Hawk Hollow
Huldy Hollow
South Jacktar Hollow
Jacks Fork Hollow
Prater Hollow
Hollowell Hollow
Barxtel Hollow
Teague Hollow
Maxton Hollow
Keeling Hollow
Devils Well Hollow
Mounty Spring Hollow
Nellie Right Hollow
Logfield Hollow
Beason Hollow
Swiney Hollow
Jacktar Hollow
Tomahawk Hollow
Rector Hollow
Majors Hollow
Mineral Springs Hollow
Backbone Hollow
Poole Hollow
Sand Hollow
Mounce Hollow
Lower Schoolhouse Hollow
Normans Hollow
Haley Hollow
Paddy Creek Trail
Counts Hollow
Rooney Hollow
Alred Hollow
Fillchew Hollow

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Salem, United States

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