About raton municipal crews field Airport (rtn)

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About Raton Municipal/Crews Field (RTN)

Airport Information

latitude36° 44' 29'' N
Longitude104° 30' 7'' W
Runway Length7615ft (2321m)

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What is the name of Raton's airport?
Raton Municipal/Crews Field is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Raton?
RTN is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Raton Municipal/Crews Field?
Enchanted Hills
Rio Rancho
South Valley
What are the nearby airports to Raton Municipal/Crews Field?
What are some nearby parks to Raton Municipal/Crews Field?
Clifton House Site Historical Marker
La Mesa Park
Ragsdale Field
Legion Park
Climax Canyon Park
Rocky Mountains Historical Marker
Raton Historical Marker
Raton Pass Historical Marker
Ripley Park
Romero Park
Maxwell National Wildlife Refuge
Sugarite Canyon State Park
Dorsey Mansion State Monument
Folsom State Monument
Folsom Archaeological Site Historical Marker
What are some things to see by Raton Municipal/Crews Field?
Powell Arroyo
Prairie Canyon
Prairie Crow Canyon
Prudencio Canyon
Rathbun Canyon
Rex Canyon
Right Fork York Canyon
Right Hand Fork Martinez Canyon
Right Hand Fork Oso Canyon
Rita Canyon
Rockhouse Canyon
Rombo Canyon
Saltpeter Canyon
Salyers Canyon
Sarcillo Canyon
Saruche Canyon
Savage Canyon
Schombrug Canyon
Screw Plate Canyon
Seeley Canyon
Sheep Spring Canyon
Six Horse Canyon
Slagel Canyon
Speilman Canyon
Stag Canyon
Stamped Canyon
Stock Canyon
Sugarite Canyon
Taber Morey Canyon
T B L Canyon
Thoroughman Canyon
Tijeras Rincon
Torres Canyon
Turkey Canyon
Twentythree Canyon
Tx Canyon
Upper Burro Canyon
Valdez Canyon
Van Bremmer Canyon
Van Bruggen Canyon
Van Houten Canyon
Vega Canyon
Viana Canyon
Waldron Canyon
West Fork Chimney Canyon
West Fork Widow Woman Canyon
West Milligan Canyon
Widow Woman Canyon
Yankee Canyon
Alamosito Canyon
York Canyon
Ancho Canyon
Antler Canyon
Arch Redd Canyon
Ashenfelder Canyon
Bandarito Canyon
Beardon Canyon

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Raton (RTN), United States

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