About oakridge state Airport (5s0)

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About Oakridge State Airport

Airport Information

FAA Code5S0
latitude43° 45' 9'' N
Longitude122° 30' 16'' W
Runway Length3610ft (1100m)
What is the name of Oakridge's airport?
Oakridge State Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Oakridge?
5S0 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Oakridge State?
West Linn
Lake Oswego
What are some nearby parks to Oakridge State?
Salmon Creek Park
Greenwaters Park
Hampton Park (historical)
Salt Creek Safety Rest Area (historical)
Ivan Oakes Park
Layng Creek Fossil Beds
Bohemia Saddle County Park
Landax Landing Park
Sharps Creek Wayside
Lasells D Stewart County Park
Wildwood Falls County Park
Gold Lake Bog Research Natural Area
Fall Creek Reservoir State Park
Lowell State Park
Dexter State Park
What are some things to see by Oakridge State?
Verdun Way
Leach Camp Trail
Roosevelt Way
Grassy Ranch Trail
Steamboat Trail
Saddle Trail
Mckinley Creek Trail
Johnson Meadows Trail
Timpanogas Way
High Divide Trail
Lake Way
Island Lake Trail
Mud Lake Cutoff Trail
Cinder Prairie Way
Dinner Ridge Way
Staley Ridge Trail
Snowshoe Lake Trail
Boulder Creek Trail
Shitepoke Trail
Sourgrass Trail
Lynx Hollow
Dealy Way
Brushy Draw Way
Dearborn Island
Gold Point Trail
Rhododendron Island
Teeter Creek Loop
Happy Prairie Way
Cottage Grove Museum
Cain Cabin Trail
Tuckta Trail
Fall Creek National Recreation Trail
Oakridge Pioneer Museum
Pinto Mountain Way
Fall Creek Trail (Historical)
Cloverpatch Trail
Children At Play By Cgh Art Class
China Creek Trail

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