About morgan county Airport (42u)

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About Morgan County Airport

Airport Information

FAA Code42U
latitude41° 8' 55'' N
Longitude111° 45' 59'' W
Runway Length3904ft (1190m)
What is the name of Morgan's airport?
Morgan County Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Morgan?
42U is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Morgan County?
West Valley City
What are some nearby parks to Morgan County?
Hill Air Force Base Recreation Area
Round Valley Wildlife Management Area
Fernwood Recreation Site
Oak Forest Park
Mount Ogden Park
East Wilderness Park
Jaycee Park
Monroe Park
George S Eccles Dinosaur Park
Orchard Park
Southview Park
Lester Park
Liberty Park
Canyon Park
Affleck Park
What are some things to see by Morgan County?
Carrigan Canyon
Norths Fork Neffs Canyon
West Fork Magpie Canyon
Right Fork Beaver Canyon
Wheatgrass Canyon
Lewis Canyon
Lake Hollow
Shells Hollow
Mill Creek Canyon
Brush Basin
Little Hatch Canyon
Fawn Hollow
Marcia And John Price Museum
Starks Hollow
Beaver Dam Hollow
Right Hand Fork Norwood Canyon
Peggy Hollow
Lambs Canyon
Buffalo Scaffold Canyon
Willey Hollow
Little Brewer Canyon
Mcdonald Draw
Big Dutch Hollow
Middle Fork Coal Hollow
Soldiers Hollow
Arbuckle Canyon
Sage Hen Hollow
Josh Hollow
Little Emigration Canyon
Right Hand Fork Roswells Canyon
Meadow Brook Golf Course
North Ogden Canyon
Big Buck Canyon
Kelvin Grove
Mormon Hollow
Ivory Fork
Left Fork Beaver Canyon
Heater Hollow
Sleepy Gulch
Shed Hollow
Right Hand Fork Pollicks Canyon
Black Hawk Canyon
Bromleys Canyon
Barneys Hollow
Geary Hollow
Middle Fork Guilder Sleeve Canyon
Bishops Canyon
Ogden Valley
Joe Durrant Hollow
Kurzy Hollow
Beer Hollow
Jensen Hollow
Hill Aerospace Museum
Antelope Island
Dunford Canyon
Wasatch Gulch
Left Fork Little Dutch Hollow
Trigger Gulch
North Fork Big Bear Hollow
South Fork Hooper Canyon
Tolcats Canyon
Nip Hollow
Woodtick Hollow
North Fork Deaf Smith Canyon
Sessions Mountains
The West Hills
Bradbury Canyon
Reynolds Gulch
Scout Hollow
Narrows Canyon
Heughs Canyon
Turner Canyon
Lard Canyon
La Plata Canyon
Emigration Canyon
Left Hand Fork Coal Hollow
Mule Hollow
Mount Aire Canyon
Pocatello Gulch
Tucson Hollow
Little Water Gulch
Miles Hollow
Doc Dorlands Hollow
Dans Hollow
Dirty Hollow
Skull Crack Canyon
Mccune Hollow
Stevens Hollow
Hadden Canyon
Ontario Canyon
Pete Nelson Hollow
Route Of Donner-Reed Party And Mormon Pioneers
Box Spring Hollow
Ogden Canyon
Brigham Fork
Bonneville Municipal Golf Course
Killyon Canyon
Blue Bell Hollow
Rice-Eccles Stadium

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