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About Morgan County

Airport Information

FAA Code42U
latitude41° 8' 55'' N
Longitude111° 45' 59'' W
Runway Length3904ft (1190m)

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What is the name of Morgan's airport?
Morgan County is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Morgan?
42U is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Morgan County?
West Valley City
What are some nearby parks to Morgan County?
Hill Air Force Base Recreation Area
Round Valley Wildlife Management Area
Fernwood Recreation Site
Oak Forest Park
Mount Ogden Park
East Wilderness Park
Jaycee Park
Monroe Park
George S Eccles Dinosaur Park
Orchard Park
Southview Park
Lester Park
Liberty Park
Canyon Park
Affleck Park
What are some things to see by Morgan County?
Tom Condies Hollow
Bonneville Municipal Golf Course
Glencoe Canyon
Right Fork Guilder Sleeve Canyon
Hollow Of The Holes
Toone Canyon
Silvia Hollow
Roy Heritage Museum
Quaking Aspen Hollow
Little Deer Hollow
Dry Fork Franklin Canyon
Maple Grove
Henholt Canyon
Jenson Hollow
Stewart Stadium
Thayne Canyon
Ranger Hollow
Valleyview Canyon
Little Water Gulch
Heater Hollow
Wheatgrass Canyon
Left Fork Beaver Canyon
Owens Canyon
Girl Hollow
The Gulch
Johnsons Hollow
Arbuckle Canyon
Battle Gulch
Hadden Canyon
Nip Hollow
Freds Hollow
Left Fork Taylor Hollow
Guildersleeve Canyon
Museum Of Utah Folk Art
Beer Hollow
Glory Hole Fork
Yellow Jacket Gulch
Swifts Canyon
Rice-Eccles Stadium
Morgan Valley
North Fork Deaf Smith Canyon
Rose Park Golf Course
Tucson Hollow
Fewkes Canyon
Brush Basin
Dip Hollow
Big Buck Canyon
Geary Hollow
Tunnel Hollow
Georges Hollow
Paradise Canyon
Ford Canyon
Joe Durrant Hollow
Steed Canyon
Neffs Canyon
City Creek Canyon
Big Hatch Canyon
Barneys Hollow
Soldiers Hollow
Leonards Canyon
Right Hand Fork Sheep Canyon
Farmington Canyon
The Valleys
Little Hollow
Right Fork Beaver Canyon
Left Fork Sawmill Canyon
Metz Hollow
Jodes Hollow
Dry Bread Hollow
Bald Rock Canyon
Lard Canyon
Mount Aire Canyon
Kelvin Grove
Allen Hollow
Cold Water Canyon
Branch Canyon
Frederick Hollow
Jensen Hollow
Kamas Valley
North Fork Hooper Canyon
Kimball Canyon
Trigger Gulch
Burr Fork
Beus Canyon
Cephalopod Gulch
Spring Hollow
Skull Crack Canyon
Little Hatch Canyon
Kelley Canyon
Carruth Canyon
Stairs Gulch
North Ogden Canyon
Killyon Canyon
Right Fork North Ogden Canyon
Raymonds Hollow
Forest Dale Golf Course
Woodtick Hollow
Pharaohs Glen
Little Dutch Hollow
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Morgan (42U), United States

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