About maxson airfield Airport (89ny)

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About Maxson Airfield Airport (AXB)

Airport Information

FAA Code89NY
latitude44° 19' 0'' N
Longitude75° 53' 58'' W
Runway Length4280ft (1304m)
What is the name of Alexandria Bay's airport?
Maxson Airfield Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Alexandria Bay?
89NY is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Maxson Airfield?
Saratoga Springs
Clifton Park
West Albany
What are some nearby parks to Maxson Airfield?
Cranberry Creek Wildlife Management Area
Keewaydin Point State Park
Mary Island State Park
Kring Point State Park
Grass Point State Park
Waterson Point Park
Wellesley Island State Park
Indian River Wildlife Management Area
Canoe Point and Picnic Point State Park
Santway Park
Cedar Island State Park
Perch River State Game Management Area
Cedar Point State Park
Monument Park
Jacques Cartier State Park
What are some things to see by Maxson Airfield?
Boscobel Island
Grenadier Island
Murray Isle
Snowshoe Island
Cherry Island
Twilight Island
Vanderbilt Island
Prince Island
Pullman Island
Elm Tree Island
Fire Rock Island
Lone Brother Island
Sackets Harbor Lighthouse
East Ironsides
Snakeoil Island
Maple Island
Frederick Island
Little Birch Island
Croyle Island
Saint Elmo Island
Comfort Island
Mead Island
Angel Isle
American Handweaving Museum
Nobby Island
Booths Island
Beebee'S Island
Friendly Island
Third Brother Lighthouse (Historical)
Saint Lawrence State Park Golf Course
Antique Boat Museum
Little Grenadier Island
Wellesley Island
Stony Crest
Black Rock Island
Grants Island
Ragnavok Island
Manhattan Group
Bullhead Island
Island Number Nine
Poors Island
Little Watch Island
Crows Nest
Temagami Islands
Three Sisters Islands
Jolly Island
Wintergreen Island
Sewalls Island
Castle Francis Island
Devils Oven Island
Saint Margarettes Island
The Rock
North Colborne Island
Bedford Creek Golf Course
Linda Island
Indian Chief Islands
Jug Island
Lookout Island
Little Delight Island
Bogardus Island
Little Round Island
Sunken Rock Lighthouse
Old Man Island
Grenell Island
Schooner Island
Tannery Island
Chapman Shoal Lighthouse

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