About marion county regional Airport (flp)

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About Marion County Regional Airport (FLP)

Airport Information

latitude36° 17' 27'' N
Longitude92° 35' 24'' W
Runway Length5001ft (1524m)
What is the name of Flippin's airport?
Marion County Regional Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Flippin?
FLP is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Marion County Regional?
Bella Vista
North Little Rock
Fort Smith
Hot Springs National Park
What are the nearby airports to Marion County Regional?
What are some nearby parks to Marion County Regional?
Bull Shoals State Park
Bull Shoals Natural Park
Bull Shoals Public Use Area
Lakeview Public Use Area
Point Return Public Use Area
Ozark Isle Public Use Area
Ozard Isle Public Use Area
Oakland Public Use Area
Rush Historic District
Jones Point Wildlife Management Area
Buffalo River State Park
Pigeon Creek Public Use Area
Cranfield Use Area
Buzzard Roose Use Area
Highway 125 Public Use Area
What are some things to see by Marion County Regional?
Ozark Isle
Coilep Hollow
Trimble Hollow
Risley Hollow
Barney Hollow
Slagley Hollow
Cross Hollow
Carl And Dowdell Hollow
Green Campbell Hollow
Sal Williams Hollow
Cane Branch Hills
Hage Hollow
Angel Springs Hollow
Murley Hollow
Coon Den Hollow
Salt Ground Hollow
Shipp Hollow
Murry Treat Hollow
Gibbins Hollow
Sinyard Hollow
Whaley Hollow
Mackey Hollow
Ellen Cockran Hollow
Buie Hollow
Butram Hollow
Buckley Hollow
Little Beach Hollow
Osborne Hollow
Goodwin Bridge Hollow
Willhoit Hollow
Fulton Hollow
Gather Hollow
Provo Hollow
Hunnicut Hollow
John Treat Hollow
Shake Rag Hollow
Wheel Rim Hollow
Salina Hollow
Lonely Hollow
Sandsing Hollow
Curtis Hollow
Ed Clair Hollow
Birch Minick Hollow
Blanco Hollow
Butler Hollow
Smith Spring Hollow
Tom Young Hollow
Stallion Hollow
London Spring Hollow
Holsey Hollow
Boozer Hollow
Maumee Hollow
Clyde Hollow
Christy Hollow
Black Bear Hollow
Dilday Hollow
Sunrise Hollow
Lean Mine Hollow
Doc Hollow
Dover Hollow
Burlston Hollow
Holstead Hollow
Chapman Hollow
Tennyson Hollow
Wooten Hollow
Elixir Hollow
Goldsbarry Hollow
Bud Wallis Hollow
Cowvat Hollow
Goodhue Hollow
Terrapin Hollow
Hollabaugh Hollow
Bowers Field Hollow

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