About manti ephraim Airport (41u)

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About Manti-Ephraim (NTJ)

Airport Information

FAA Code41U
latitude39° 19' 54'' N
Longitude111° 36' 47'' W
Runway Length5021ft (1530m)
What is the name of Manti's airport?
Manti-Ephraim is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Manti?
41U is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Manti-Ephraim?
Spanish Fork
Eagle Mountain
Pleasant Grove
Saratoga Springs
American Fork
What are some nearby parks to Manti-Ephraim?
Manti Face Wildlife Management Area
Bald Mountain Wildlife Management Area
Black Hills Wildlife Management Area
Peacock Wildlife Management Area
South Neba Wildlife Management Area
Manti Meadows Waterfowl Management Area
Manti Dump Wildlife Management Area
Spring City Wildlife Management Area
Palisade State Boating Park
Six-Mile Wildlife Management Area
Ninemile State Wildlife Management Area
North Hollow Wildlife Management Area
Deep Creek Wildlife Management Area
Mayfield Face Wildlife Management Area
Levan Wildlife Management Area
What are some things to see by Manti-Ephraim?
Beckers Hollow
Jim Wills Canyon
Left Fork Maple Canyon
Paulson Wash
Narrows Valley
Snage Canyon
Greens Hollow
Left Fork Log Hollow
John Williams Canyon
Vicks Canyon
Zwahlen Wash
Hole Trail
Mccadden Hollow
Rolfson Canyon
North Cove
Biddlecome Hollow
Middle Fork Amos Canyon
Link Canyon
Valley Mountains
Lone Rock Ravine
Right Fork Log Hollow
Tidds Canyon
Right Fork Painted Rock Canyon
Grimes Wash
Right Fork Rilda Canyon
Twist Canyon
Jack Went Hollow
Noon Rock Canyon
Jakes Canyon
Upper Joes Valley
Left Fork Rilda Canyon
Pharo Canyon
Dry Red Canyon
North Fork Mud Spring Wash
Potters Canyon
Cutler Canyon
Slick Hill Hollow
Black Willow Canyon
Crandall Canyon
Green Grove Hollow
Olsen Hollow
Little Pigeon Hollow
Flaglake Canyon
Rees Valley
White Hills
Moroni Pole Canyon
Grange Hole
Box Hollow
East Fork Sage Valley
San Pitch Mountains
Slide Rock Hollow
Chris Canyon
Loafers Canyon
Alumbed Hollow
Fairview Canyon
Little Buck Basin
South Water Hollow
Roans Canyon
Serviceberry Hollow
Middle Fork Manti Canyon
Lowrys Canyon
South Hollow
Daniels Canyon
Little Canyon
Denmark Wash
Middle Fork Sage Valley
Funks Canyon
North Fork Sixmile Canyon
North Water Hollow
North Fork Lake Canyon
Red Pine Cove
South Fork Lake Canyon
North Fork Manti Canyon
Ebbs Canyon
Hogan Basin
Burnt Ground Hollow
Reddick Canyon
Maple Spring Canyon
Gunnison Valley
Trough Spring Hollow
Browns Hole
Mcelprang Canyon
Woolf Hollow
Harmon Trail
South Fork Manti Canyon
Indian Spring Hollow
The Troughs
Spring Branch Canyon
Winks Canyon
Grizzly Gulch
Jewkes Canyon
Sevier Valley
East Spring Canyon
Bulge Hollow
Juab Valley
Twelvemile Canyon
Dugway Hollow
Timber Canyon
Basin Canyon
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Manti (41U), United States

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