About lonnie pool field weaverville Airport (o54)

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About Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville Airport

Airport Information

FAA CodeO54
latitude40° 44' 50'' N
Longitude122° 55' 20'' W
Runway Length2980ft (908m)
What is the name of Weaverville's airport?
Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Weaverville?
O54 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville?
North Highlands
Foothill Farms
What are the nearby airports to Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville?
What are some nearby parks to Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville?
Lowden Park
Weaverville Historic District
Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park
Lewiston Historic District
Lewiston Community Park
Helena Historic District
French Gulch Historic District
French Gulch County Park
Coggins Park
Whiskeytown National Recreation Area
Hayfork Park
Trinity County Fairgrounds
Shasta State Historic Park
Livingston Stone National Fish Hatchery
Woods Memorial Park
What are some things to see by Lonnie Pool Field/Weaverville?
Studhorse Gulch
Vitzthum Gulch
Crumpy Gulch
Norway Gulch
Dark Gulch
White Oak Gulch
Haylock Gulch
Little Conrad Gulch
Cottonwood Trail
Salmon Mountains
Posey Gulch
Beegum Gorge
Trail Gulch
Thompson Gulch
Shake Tree Gulch
Carrier Gulch
Tough Gus Gulch
Goods Gulch
Langdon Gulch
Basin Gulch
Little Bear Gulch
Stage Gulch
Stottard Gulch
Gemmill Gulch
Luckie Trail
Shoemaker Gulch
Red Hill Gulch
Rackerby Gulch
Roycroft Gulch
Hell Roaring Gulch
Clawton Gulch
Bryon Gulch
Liberty Gulch
Limerock Gulch
Star Gulch
Zerr Gulch
Frietas Gulch
Pear Tree Gulch
Alder Gulch
Billie Gulch
Finley Gulch
Austrian Gulch
Professor Gulch
East Fork Sunday Gulch
Three Sisters Gulch
North Fork Gulch
Stone Gulch
Bragdon Gulch
Rush Gulch
Ripstein Gulch
Thorne Gulch
Fir Gulch
Jesse Gulch
Schneider Gulch
Feeny Gulch
Platinum Gulch
Five Cent Gulch
Irish Isles
Little Ripstein Gulch
Church Gulch
French Cove
Rays Gulch
Rarick Gulch
Sulphur Gulch
Fulton Gulch
Freethy Gulch
Carr Gulch
Conrad Gulch
Croften Gulch
Strause Gulch
Dows Gulch
Dogwood Gulch
Barleyfield Gulch
Rippley Gulch
Mooney Gulch
Sawpit Gulch
West Fork Sunday Gulch
Drinkwater Gulch
O'Connell Gulch
Thurston Gulch
Bowerman Gulch
Usher Gulch
Coonrod Gulch
Trinity Alps Golf Course
Dobbins Gulch
Fourbit Gulch
Mckinzey Gulch
Clear Gulch
Cutthroat Gulch
Digger Gulch
Betty Gulch
Ketchum Gulch
Bullion Gulch
East Fork Clear Gulch
Panwauket Gulch
South Fork Eastman Gulch
Rail Gulch
Johns Gulch
Gwin Gulch

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