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About Logan-Cache (LGU)

Airport Information

latitude41° 47' 28'' N
Longitude111° 51' 5'' W
Runway Length9010ft (2746m)

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What is the name of Logan's airport?
Logan-Cache is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Logan?
LGU is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Logan-Cache?
West Valley City
What are some nearby parks to Logan-Cache?
Mack Park
Willow Park
Smithfield Picnic Area
Millville Face Wildlife Management Area
Hyrum Reservoir State Park
Historical Monument Stage Station
Hyrum City Park
Riverside Park
Calls Fort Monument
Landmark Letters Branch
Hardware Ranch Game Management Area
Beaver Mountain Ski Area
Brigham Young Park
Rees Park
Brigham Face Wildlife Management Area
What are some nearby schools to Logan-Cache?
Utah State University
What are some things to see by Logan-Cache?
Middle Fork South Canyon
Petes Hollow
Dry Pole Hollow
Box Elder Museum Of Natural History
Bensons Hollow
Thimbleberry Canyon
Old Quigley Canyon
Moss Rock Canyon
Jebo Canyon
Jepsen Valley
Two Jump Canyon
Brigham City Museum Of Art & History
Race Track
North Maple Canyon
Precipitous Canyon
Right Fork Dutchmans Canyon
Millville Canyon
West Hills
Mcmurdie Hollow
Herd Hollow
Fish Haven Canyon
Lions Hollow
Bott Canyon
Jorgensen Hollow
Big Daley
Indian Trail Hollow
Toponce Canyon
Warrens Hollow
North Fork Amazon Hollow
Old Logway Canyon
Right Fork Old Canyon
Alex Beard Hollow
Crooked Hollow
Jenson Hollow
Oxkiller Hollow
Paradise Dry Canyon
Jim Taylor Canyon
Laketown Canyon
Bullen Hole
Pat Hollow
Dips Hollow
Roy Hollow
Kotter Canyon
Garden City Canyon
Dunns Hollow
Porcupine Hollow
Bear River Range
Allan Hollow
Slideout Canyon
Broken Back Canyon
Wellsville Mountains
Leatham Hollow
Left Hand Fork Blacksmith Fork Canyon
Bowery Fork
Shumway Canyon
South Grove Hollow
Tab Hollow
Snowslide Canyon
Hank Bell Canyon
North Fork Hell Canyon
Gowans Hollow
Stauffer Canyon
North Gorge Canyon
Trigger Gulch
Spring Flat Canyon
Al Archibald Hollow
Donation Canyon
Kidman Canyon
Green Fork New Canyon
Sadducee Hollow
Little Peavine
Yonk Canyon
Bear River Valley
Limber Pine Trail
Starks Hollow
Flat Bottom Canyon
Silvia Hollow
Clappers Hollow
Nip Hollow
Log Cabin Hollow
Rendezvous Beach
Amazon Hollow
The Knoll
Blacksmith Fork Canyon
Broadmouth Canyon
Dans Hollow
Hardware Ranch Trail
Snow Canyon
Heinz Canyon
Coldwater Canyon
Hog Hole
Cowley Canyon
Gibson Canyon
Pearsons Canyon
John Kidman Hollow
New Quigley Canyon
Boar Hole
Dahle Hollow
Dewey Canyon

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Logan (LGU), United States

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