About lake county Airport (lxv)

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About Lake County Airport (LXV)

Airport Information

latitude39° 13' 10'' N
Longitude106° 18' 59'' W
Runway Length6400ft (1951m)
What is the name of Leadville's airport?
Lake County Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Leadville?
LXV is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Lake County?
Ken Caryl
Highlands Ranch
Wheat Ridge
Commerce City
What are some nearby parks to Lake County?
Leadville Historic District
Leadville National Fish Hatchery
Antero Reservoir Recreation Area
Tourtelotte Park
Windy Point Fisherman Park
Chalk Cliff Fish Hatchery
Platte Park
Horse Park
Gothic Natural Area
Blue River State Wildlife Area
Abyss Lake Scenic Area
Totem Pole Park
Crested Butte Town Park
Long Park
Colorado Game and Fish Reserve
What are some things to see by Lake County?
White Quail Gulch
Williams Mountains
Sayres Gulch
Two Elk Trail
Laskey Gulch
Cucumber Gulch
Rich Creek - Buffalo Meadows Trail
Iwoa Gulch
Garcia Gulch
Low Pass Gulch
Slim Jim Gulch
Nottingham Gulch
Limber Grove Trail
Wheeler Dillion Trail
Volz Gulch
Midland Bike Trail
Tenmile Range
Denny Gulch
Dolly Varden Gulch
Mcnasser Gulch
Monahan Gulch
La Plata Gulch
Star Trail
Bartlett Gulch
Horseshoe Gulch
Guernsey Gulch
Columbia Gulch
Wheeler Trail
Muggins Gulch
Tates Gulch
Hewitts Gulch
Lulu Gulch
Kokomo Gulch
Deluge Lake Trail
Putnam Gulch
Prospector Gulch
Hanson Gulch
Collegiate Peaks
Poison Gulch
Little French Gulch
Alps Gulch
Chapman Trail
South Branch Park Gulch
Thayer Gulch
Little Willis Gulch
Mount Massive Golf Course
Nottingham Ridge Trail
Officers Gulch
Platte Gulch
Scott Gulch
Old Boreas Wagon Road
Monitor Gulch
Buckeye Gulch
Mcallister Gulch
Strawberry Gulch
Aspen Art Museum
Wapaca Trail
No Name Gulch
North Barton Gulch
Birdseye Gulch
Snyder Gulch
South Barton Gulch

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