About lafayette municipal Airport (3m7)

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About Lafayette Municipal Airport

Airport Information

FAA Code3M7
latitude36° 31' 12'' N
Longitude86° 3' 29'' W
Runway Length5200ft (1585m)
What is the name of Lafayette's airport?
Lafayette Municipal Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Lafayette?
3M7 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Lafayette Municipal?
Mount Juliet
La Vergne
Spring Hill
Oak Ridge
East Chattanooga
Johnson City
What are some nearby parks to Lafayette Municipal?
Macon County Park
Tobacco Bowl
Shady Grove Access Area
Hartsville Access Area
Trousdale County Park
Defeated Creek Recreation Area
Dickson Chapel Recreation Area
Rome Access Area
Hunters Point Access Area
Bledsoe Creek Camping State Park
Salt Lick Creek Recreation Area
Cairo Access Area
Sandy Chapel Access Area
Gallatin City Park
Gallatin Steam Plant Access Area
What are some nearby schools to Lafayette Municipal?
Purdue University Veterinarian Farm
Purdue University
Purdue University Horticulture Farm
Purdue University Dairy Farm
Purdue University Livestock Farm
Purdue University Agronomy Farm
What are some things to see by Lafayette Municipal?
Pearson Hollow
Joel Hollow
Loftis Hollow
Kennel Hollow
Lower Holleman Island (Historical)
Second Creek Island
Gilliam Hollow
Hance Hollow
Sara Lee Hollow
Adamson Hollow
Burroughs Hollow
Threefork Hollow
Prock Hollow
Vanhoosier Hollow
Allgier Hollow
Drapers Hollow
Bold Spring Hollow
Seth Hollow
Buttermilk Hollow
Wagoner Hollow
Keen Hollow
Harp Hollow
Grisham Hollow
Saltpeter Cave Hollow
Cornwell Hollow
Barksdale Hollow
Sadler Hollow
Fuller Hollow
Fishburn Hollow
Lankford Hollow
Witcher Hollow
Dillehay Hollow
Bursby Hollow
Haile Hollow
Butler Mill Hollow
Crocus Hollow
Booker Hollow
Donoho Hollow
Jonesboro Hollow
Freeman Hollow
Sumac Hollow
Kemp Hollow
Lovells Island
Floating Mill Island (Historical)
Poke Mansell Hollow
Sulphur Spring Hollow
Pinchgut Hollow
Clampit Hollow
Cub Creek Island (Historical)
Cedar Creek Island
Upper Holleman Island (Historical)
Fergusson Hollow
Cane Island (Historical)
Hunters Point Golf Course
Leaths Hollow
Snead Hollow
Carman Hollow
Emma Cook Hollow
Condit Hollow
Ferguson Hollow
Flood Catcher Hollow
Duffer Hollow
Cold Springs Museum

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