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About Hazel Green Airport

Airport Information

FAA CodeM38
latitude34° 54' 57'' N
Longitude86° 38' 49'' W
Runway Length2670ft (814m)

Current Weather at Hazel Green Airport

What is the name of Hazel Green's airport?
Hazel Green Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Hazel Green?
M38 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Hazel Green Airport?
East Florence
Vestavia Hills
What are some nearby parks to Hazel Green Airport?
Ka-Lea Park
Windsor Manor Park
Maplewood Park
Stoner Field
Mastin Lake Park
John H Steigerwood Field
Lakewood Park
Oakmont Park
Sharon Johnson Park
Optimist Park
Chapman Park
Carry Hill City Park
Pear Tree Park
Bierne Park
New Market Recreation Center
What are some nearby schools to Hazel Green Airport?
Clarke University
University of Dubuque
What are some things to see by Hazel Green Airport?
Reid Cove
Milton Frank Stadium
Stevenson Hollow
Esslinger Island
Salt Peter Hollow
Sorghum Patch Hollow
Langham Hollow
Wagoner Hollow
Greenbriar Cove
Athens Stadium
Sanders Hollow
Hutchinson Hollow
Poarch Hollow
Williams Cove
Reid Hollow
Matthews Cove
Bugtussle Hollow
Berrys Cove
Dave Hollow
Skelton Hollow
Houze Hollow
Steed Hollow
Chambless Hollow
Hasty Hollow
Bluestocking Hollow
Burritt Museum
Gugelman Hollow
Langston Cove
Buncombe Cove
Dickey Island
Magnusson Hollow
Cramer Hollow
Giles Hollow
Thompson Cove
Ballard Hollow
Devers Cove
Hornet Hollow
Earwood Hollow
Sam Hart Hollow
Lloyd Hollow
Stovall Hollow
Willis Lake Cove
Fanning Cove
Whorley Hollow
Lesters Hollow
Basham Hollow
Vaught Cove
Caroline Cove
Pipeline Hollow
Mccanless Hollow
Jude Hollow
Wanslow Hollow
Dry Branch Hollow
Bedford Hollow
Epps Hollow
Honey Hollow
Huntsville Museum Of Arts
Woodland Golf Club (Historical)
Galloway Hollow
Esslinger Hollow
California Hollow
Rock Store Museum
Cosby Hollow
Wool Hollow
Teal Hollow
Porterfield Hollow
Hornbuckle Hollow
Stavemill Hollow
Patterson Hollow
Duboise Hollow
John Gifford Hollow
Possumtrot Hollow
Beasley Island
Birdsong Hollow
Big Hollow
Damron Hollow
Grider Hollow
Weatherly Cove
Stoneborough Hollow
Duckworth Hollow
Neal Hollow
Monrovia Golf Course (Historical)
Mccathey Hollow
Goshen Hollow
Harwell Hollow
Smithey Hollow
Jetport Municipal Golf Course
Bledsoe Hollow
Pelletier Hollow
Mitchel Hollow
Winford Hollow
Moorhead Hollow
Pigg Hollow
Vinson Hollow
Roberson Cove
Gentles Cove
Blindman Hollow
Mckay Hollow
Thomas Cove

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Hazel Green (M38), United States

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