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About Ellington

Airport Information

latitude35° 30' 25'' N
Longitude86° 48' 14'' W
Runway Length5002ft (1525m)

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What is the name of Lewisburg's airport?
Ellington is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Lewisburg?
LUG is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Ellington?
Spring Hill
La Vergne
Mount Juliet
East Chattanooga
Oak Ridge
What are some nearby parks to Ellington?
Jones Field
Henry Horton State Park
Fairview Park
Eva Gilbert Park
Pillow Park
Pop Geers Park
Woodland Park
Woodlawn Park
Petersburg Historic District
Betty Lee Park
Maury County Park
Shelbyville Courthouse Square Historic District
East Shelbyville Historic District
Gardenia Park
Howard Field Park
What are some things to see by Ellington?
Guthrie Hollow
Scribner Hollow
African Hollow
Ragsdale Hollow
Fanning Hollow
Enoch Hollow
Shouse Hollow
Warren Hollow
Dogwood Hollow
Rall Hollow
Meriday Hollow
Palmore Hollow
Cundiff Ford Island
Sycamore Patch Island
Ball Hollow
Epps Hollow
Watson Hollow
Graves Hollow
Bugger Hollow
Mayhorn Hollow
Ridley Hollow
Yankee Hollow
Wanslow Hollow
Grider Hollow
Wilson Hill Hollow
Ezell Hollow
Twitty Hollow
Bledsoe Hollow
Pennywinkle Hollow
Lewter Hollow
Parsons Hollow
Kennell Hollow
Sands Hollow
Millsap Hollow
Akin Hollow
Woodard Hollow
Finch Island
Knox Hollow
Delk Hollow
Nellums Hollow
Worm Island
Kinkaid Hollow
Pollard Hollow
Enon Hollow
Goshen Hollow
Dickey Island
John Moore Hollow
Bluestocking Hollow
Dorton Hollow
Forked Deer Hollow
Gipson Hollow
Bugtussle Hollow
Woodfin Valley
Biggen Hollow
Bottle Hollow
Dickey Hollow
Wiltshire Hollow
Peach Hollow
Hazelwood Hollow
Mcgrew Hollow
Haislip Hollow
Roe Hollow
Dolan Hollow
Sorrells Hollow
Coosie Hollow
Big Spring Island
Stevenson Hollow
Tightbark Hollow
Whorley Hollow
Slick Shoals Island
Wheeler Hollow
Witt Hollow
Godwin Hollow
Kittrell Hollow
Wilkes Hollow
Knowles Hollow
Porterfield Hollow
Wright Island
John Redd Hollow
Poarch Hollow
Steam Mill Hollow
Rolland Hollow
Mckibbon Hollow
Millville Hollow
Waggart Hollow
Mccanless Hollow
Ballentine Hollow
Suck Island (Historical)
Hagan Hollow
Rolin Hollow
Teal Hollow
William Hollow
Penspring Hollow
Fudge Hollow
Lesters Hollow
Percy Hollow
Rambo Hollow
Covey Hollow
Birdsong Hollow

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