About cortez municipal Airport (cez)

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About Cortez Municipal Airport (CEZ)

Airport Information

latitude37° 18' 10'' N
Longitude108° 37' 41'' W
Runway Length7205ft (2196m)
What is the name of Cortez's airport?
Cortez Municipal Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Cortez?
CEZ is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Cortez Municipal?
Pueblo West
Ken Caryl
Highlands Ranch
Wheat Ridge
What are some nearby parks to Cortez Municipal?
Mesa Park and Environmental Lab
Montezuma Park
Cortez City Park
Centennial Park
Yucca House National Monument
Denny Lake Park
Denny Park
Mesa Verde National Park
Joe Rowell Park
Flanders Park
Dolores City Park
McPhee Recreation Area
House Creek Recreation Area
Mancos Wayside Park
Metaska Recreation Site
What are some things to see by Cortez Municipal?
Head Draw
Hovenweep Canyon
Middle Fork Ute Canyon
Five Pine Canyon
West Ryman Draw
Whites Trail
Burnette Canyon
Petroglyph Point Trail
School House Draw
Keeley Canyon
Badger House Trail
Ferris Canyon
Little Cahone Canyon
East Fork Rock Canyon
Prater Ridge Trail
Lost Canyon Stock Driveway
Whites Canyon
Soda Canyon Overlook Trail
Stoner Mesa Trail
Goble Trail
Simon Draw
Conquistador Golf Course
Big Hell Canyon
Chicken Creek Trail
Spruce Water Canyon
Levigood Canyon
Bay City Gulch
East Fork Wickiup Canyon
West Fork School Section Canyon
Mcphee Stock Trail
East Roberts Canyon
Near Draw
Pipe Creek Trail
Wickiup Canyon
Little Deadwood Gulch
Cahone Canyon
Cushman Gulch
Trail Cross Trail
West Chimney Rock Draw
Morefield Canyon
Peeled Pine Canyon
Sharps Draw
Brumley Draw
Ryman Draw
Mares Tail Canyon
North Salt Canyon
Boggy Draw
Fewkes Canyon
Old Mormon Trail
Wild Bill Canyon
Rock Springs Trail
Stinking Springs Canyon
East Fork Ute Canyon
Spruce Tree Canyon
Spencer Gulch
West Fork Wickiup Canyon

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