About charlevoix municipal Airport (cvx)

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About Charlevoix Municipal Airport

Airport Information

latitude45° 18' 17'' N
Longitude85° 16' 31'' W
Runway Length4549ft (1386m)
What is the name of Charlevoix's airport?
Charlevoix Municipal Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Charlevoix?
CVX is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Charlevoix Municipal?
Forest Hills
East Lansing
Battle Creek
West Bloomfield Township
Rochester Hills
What are the nearby airports to Charlevoix Municipal?
What are some nearby parks to Charlevoix Municipal?
Rotary Park
East Park
Mormon Kingdom Historical Marker
Bridge Park
Ferry Avenue Park
Depot Beach Park
Shannon Field
Greensky Hill Mission Historical Marker
Fishermans Island State Park
Big Rock Point Nuclear Power Plant Historical
Banks Township Park
Norwood Township Hall Historical Marker
Ellsworth Sports Park
Banks Township Park
Horton Bay Historical Marker
What are some things to see by Charlevoix Municipal?
Ron'S Run Ski Trail
Goose Bumps Ski Trail
Amy'S Escape Ski Trail
Smooth Sailing Ski Trail
True North Golf Club
Little Traverse Bay Golf Club
Foo Foo Land Ski Trail
Mrs K'S Ski Trail
Grice'S Way Ski Trail
Easy Access Ski Trail
Easy Mile Ski Trail
Moor Ski Trail
Haserot Beach
Borderline Ski Trail
Beaver Island Lighthouse
Bob Sled Ski Trail
Ross Ravine Ski Trail
Cross Village
Kath Run Ski Trail
North Peak Pass Ski Trail
Alden Depot Museum
Home Run Ski Trail
Stein'S Mambo Ski Trail
Summit Golf Club
Dl'S Drop Ski Trail
Mr Noll Ski Trail
Victor Ski Trail
To Disciples Ridge Ski Trail
South Fox Island Lighthouse
Chill Out Ski Trail
Tower Glade Ski Trail
Sno Pro Ski Trail
Scotland'S Yard Golf Course
Maple Ridge Golf Club
Leslie'S Quest Ski Trail
Harbor Point Golf Course
Twilight Zone Ski Trail
Legend Golf Club
Jane O Ski Trail
Boyne Mountain Golf Course
Belvedere Golf Club
Andrew'S Alley Ski Trail
Smokey Ski Trail
Fun Bowl Ski Trail
Ramshead Ski Trail
Skop Ski Trail
Valley View Ski Trail
The Slot Ski Trail
The Big 4-0 Ski Trail
North Boyne Ski Trail
Dunmaglas Golf Course
Gator'S Alley Ski Trail
Harbor Point Lighthouse
Blackbird Museum
Boyneland Ski Trail
Johnny Mac Ski Trail
Doc'S Canal Ski Trail
Te-Bowl Ski Trail
Pritchard'S Pass Ski Trail
Elk Rapids Golf Course
Mancelona Area Historical Society Museum
Beaver Archipelago
Stephen'S Pass Ski Trail
Boyne Rapids Golf Course
Beaver Island Public Beach
Eagle Beach Golf Course
Chief Golf Course
Ablaze Ski Trail
The Meadows Ski Trail
North Fox Island
Crooked Tree Golf Club

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