About cassville municipal Airport (94k)

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About Cassville Municipal Airport

Airport Information

FAA Code94K
latitude36° 41' 50'' N
Longitude93° 54' 1'' W
Runway Length3599ft (1097m)
What is the name of Cassville's airport?
Cassville Municipal Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Cassville?
94K is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Cassville Municipal?
Lee's Summit
Blue Springs
East Independence
Kansas City
What are some nearby parks to Cassville Municipal?
Roaring River State Park
Viney Creek Public Use Area
Highway M Public Use Area
Eagle Rock Public Use Area
Washburn Tower Site State Public Hunting Grounds
Kings River Public Use Area
Viola Public Use Area
Big Bay Public Use Area
Campbell Point Public Use Area
Cape Fair Public Use Area
Highway Thirteen Public Use Area
Baxter Public Use Area
Big Indian Public Use Area
Baxter Public Use Area
Joe Bald Park
What are some things to see by Cassville Municipal?
Emerson Hollow
Farmer Hollow
Boundry Hollow
Lucy Smith Hollow
Dog Hollow
Trace Hollow
Edmondson Hollow
Durham Mill Hollow
Bob Mikes Hollow
Garver Hollow
Long Tom Hollow
Hickory Hollow
Marti Hollow
Sugartree Hollow
Swallow Bluff Hollow
Windmill Ridge Golf Course
Mount Vernon Golf Course
Warrick Hollow
Cassville Golf Club
Houseman Hollow
Blue Clay Hollow
Natural Bridge Hollow
Pea Ridge Hollow
Waldon Hollow
Bland Hollow
Pendergraff Hollow
Standing Rock Hollow
Poddy Hollow
Blackjack Hollow
Mccullah Hollow
Gardener Hollow
Little Wolfpen Hollow
Kettle Hollow
Rose Spring Hollow
Bur Oak Hollow
Van Hollow
Hambrich Hollow
Dutchman Hollow
Reed Springs Hollow
Roaring River Hollow
Snider Hollow
Mash Hollow
Ledgestone Golf Course
Hyde Hollow
Hogscald Hollow
Ketchum Hollow
Pokeberry Hollow
Turpentine Hollow
Alma Hollow
Esculapia Hollow
Builderback Hollow
Tarpin Hollow
Tiddle Hollow
Big Cedar Hollow
Penitentiary Hollow
Pender Hollow
Molder Hollow
Washburn Hollow
Moonshine Beach
Scotland Hollow

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