About bethel regional Airport (0b1)

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About Bethel Regional

Airport Information

FAA Code0B1
latitude44° 25' 30'' N
Longitude70° 48' 35'' W
Runway Length3818ft (1164m)
What is the name of Bethel's airport?
Bethel Regional is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Bethel?
0B1 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Bethel Regional?
South Portland
West Scarborough
What are some nearby parks to Bethel Regional?
Broad Street Historic District
Step Falls Preserve
Courthouse Square
Paris Hills Historic District
Norway Historic District
McLaughlin Garden
Oxford Plains Speedway
Bradley Memorial Park
Main Street Historic District
Mount Blue State Park
Chisholm Square
Kineowatha Park
Stephen Phillips Preserve
Tot Lot
Mount Apetite-Auburn Suburban Little League Park
What are some things to see by Bethel Regional?
Stony Brook Trail
Goose Eye Trail
Carlton Notch
Wentworth Island
Buttress Trail
Fryeburg Fair Farm Museum
Peabody Brook Trail
Oakes Gulf Trail
Doublehead Ski Trail
Wacipi Island
Brook Trail
Randolph Trail
Langlaup Trail
Cook Path
Bog Dam Trail
Mount Meader Trail
Zakelo Island
Moriah Brook Trail
Summit Golf Course
Kearsarge Trail
Adams Slide Trail
Screw Auger Falls Gorge
Old Jackson Road
Kenduskeag Trail
Moses Mason House Museum
Charles Ravine
Lowes Path
Davis Path
Alpine Garden Trail
Cold Brook
York Pond Trail
Albany Mountain Trail
Slippery Brook Trail
French Island
Jericho Trail
Eagle Link Trail
Crawford Path
Bickford Brook Trail
Nineteenmile Brook Trail
Bradley Brook Trail
Hardscrabble Island
Bruce Path
Lovewell Island
Stairs Brook Trail
Shorey Island
Boott Spur Trail
Stillwater Trail
Rattle River Trail
Moose Cave Gorge
Royce Trail
White Mountains
Burt Ravine
Bridgton Historical Society Museum
Spruce Hills
Highwater Trail
Madison Gulf
Imp Shelter Cut Off
Penny Island
Philbrook Island
Miles Brook Trail
Sinclair Trail
Wildcat River Trail
Jefferson Ravine
Mother Walker Falls Gorge
Bemis Stream Trail
White Cairn Trail
Ravine Path
Eagle Mountain Golf Course
Mount Washington Valley
Cold Brook Trail
Stone House Trail
Ravine Of The Castles
Weeks Brook Trail
Pine Link Trail
Bog Brook Trail
Oakes Gulf
Air Line
Wheeler Brook Trail
Red Ridge Trail
North Carter Trail
Wildcat Cutoff
Pond Of Safety Trail
Bond Island
Rocky Branch Trail
Naples Historical Society Museum
Chimney Trail
Great Gulf
Bilknell Ridge Trail
Westside Trail
Watson Path
Mahoosuc Range
Gorham Historical Society Museum
Albany Notch Trail
Rmc Brook Path
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Bethel (0B1), United States

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