Three Hills Airport (EN3) in Three-Hills, AB

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Three Hills Weather


Icon representation of Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Possible light snow (< 1 in.) tomorrow.
Icon representation of Clear throughout the day.
High: 35 °F
Low:  20 °F
Clear throughout the day.
Icon representation of Overcast throughout the day.
High: 37 °F
Low:  17 °F
Overcast throughout the day.
Icon representation of Windy in the morning.
High: 34 °F
Low:  17 °F
Windy in the morning.
Icon representation of Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High: 38 °F
Low:  12 °F
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Icon representation of Windy in the evening.
High: 27 °F
Low:  18 °F
Windy in the evening.
Icon representation of Clear throughout the day.
High: 24 °F
Low:  7 °F
Clear throughout the day.
Icon representation of Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
High: 23 °F
Low:  6 °F
Mostly cloudy throughout the day.
Icon representation of Partly cloudy throughout the day.
High: 20 °F
Low:  1 °F
Partly cloudy throughout the day.

Three Hills Area

Three Hills Region

Airport Information

CityThree Hills
Time ZoneMountain (UTC -7)
LatitudeN51°41'48'' (51.7)
Longitude114°47'27'' W (-113.21)
Runway Length3,000 ft (914 m)

Top Destinations from Three Hills

Airport DestinationCityStateFlight Route
Invermere (AA8)InvermereBCThree Hills to Invermere
Apalachicola Regional (AAF)ApalachicolaFLThree Hills to Apalachicola Regional
Lehigh Valley International (ABE)AllentownPAThree Hills to Lehigh Valley International
Abilene Regional (ABI)AbileneTXThree Hills to Abilene Regional
Albuquerque/Sunport International (ABQ)AlbuquerqueNMThree Hills to Albuquerque/Sunport International
Aberdeen Regional (ABR)AberdeenSDThree Hills to Aberdeen Regional
Southwest Georgia Regional (ABY)AlbanyGAThree Hills to Southwest Georgia Regional
Antrim County (ACB)BellaireMIThree Hills to Antrim County
Nantucket Memorial (ACK)NantucketMAThree Hills to Nantucket Memorial
Waco Regional (ACT)WacoTXThree Hills to Waco Regional
California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County (ACV)ArcataCAThree Hills to California Redwood Coast-Humboldt County
Atlantic City International (ACY)Atlantic CityNJThree Hills to Atlantic City International
Lenawee County (ADG)AdrianMIThree Hills to Lenawee County
Adak Island (ADK)Adak IslandAKThree Hills to Adak Island
Ardmore Municipal (ADM)ArdmoreOKThree Hills to Ardmore Municipal
Kodiak (ADQ)KodiakAKThree Hills to Kodiak
Robert F Swinnie (ADR)AndrewsSCThree Hills to Robert F Swinnie
Addison/Dallas (ADS)DallasTXThree Hills to Addison/Dallas
Ada Municipal (ADT)AdaOKThree Hills to Ada Municipal
Albert Lea Municipal (AEL)Albert LeaMNThree Hills to Albert Lea Municipal
Alexandria International (AEX)AlexandriaLAThree Hills to Alexandria International
Jaffrey Silver Ranch (AFN)JaffreyNHThree Hills to Jaffrey Silver Ranch
Afton Municipal (AFO)AftonWYThree Hills to Afton Municipal
Fort Worth Alliance (AFW)Fort WorthTXThree Hills to Fort Worth Alliance
Allegheny County (AGC)PittsburghPAThree Hills to Allegheny County
Magnolia Municipal (AGO)MagnoliaARThree Hills to Magnolia Municipal
Augusta Regional/Bush Field (AGS)AugustaGAThree Hills to Augusta Regional/Bush Field
Valemount (AH4)ValemountBCThree Hills to Valemount
Ardmore Downtown Executive (AHD)ArdmoreOKThree Hills to Ardmore Downtown Executive
Arapahoe Municipal (AHF)ArapahoeNEThree Hills to Arapahoe Municipal
Amery Municipal (AHH)AmeryWIThree Hills to Amery Municipal
Ashland Municipal-Sumner Parker Field (AHM)AshlandORThree Hills to Ashland Municipal-Sumner Parker Field
Athens/Ben Epps (AHN)AthensGAThree Hills to Athens/Ben Epps
Alliance Municipal (AIA)AllianceNEThree Hills to Alliance Municipal
Anderson Municipal-Darlington Field (AID)AndersonINThree Hills to Anderson Municipal-Darlington Field
Aiken Regional (AIK)AikenSCThree Hills to Aiken Regional
Atlantic Municipal (AIO)AtlanticIAThree Hills to Atlantic Municipal
George Downer (AIV)AlicevilleALThree Hills to George Downer
Lee C Fine Memorial (AIZ)KAISER/LAKE OZARKMOThree Hills to Lee C Fine Memorial
Cayley/A J Flying Ranch (AJ7)CayleyABThree Hills to Cayley/A J Flying Ranch
Atka (AKB)AtkaAKThree Hills to Atka
Akron Fulton International (AKC)AkronOHThree Hills to Akron Fulton International
King Salmon (AKN)King SalmonAKThree Hills to King Salmon
Colorado Plains Regional (AKO)AkronCOThree Hills to Colorado Plains Regional
Fort Mackay (AL4)AlbianABThree Hills to Fort Mackay
Albany International (ALB)AlbanyNYThree Hills to Albany International
Alpine-Casparis Municipal (ALE)AlpineTXThree Hills to Alpine-Casparis Municipal
Alice International (ALI)AliceTXThree Hills to Alice International
Alamogordo White Sands Regional (ALM)AlamogordoNMThree Hills to Alamogordo White Sands Regional
St Louis Regional (ALN)AltonILThree Hills to St Louis Regional
Waterloo Regional (ALO)WaterlooIAThree Hills to Waterloo Regional
San Luis Valley Regional/Bergman Field (ALS)AlamosaCOThree Hills to San Luis Valley Regional/Bergman Field
Walla Walla Regional (ALW)Walla WallaWAThree Hills to Walla Walla Regional
Thomas C Russell Field (ALX)Alexander CityALThree Hills to Thomas C Russell Field
Rick Husband Amarillo International (AMA)AmarilloTXThree Hills to Rick Husband Amarillo International
Animas Air Park (AMK)DurangoCOThree Hills to Animas Air Park
Gratiot Community (AMN)AlmaMIThree Hills to Gratiot Community
Ames Municipal (AMW)AmesIAThree Hills to Ames Municipal
Anniston Regional (ANB)AnnistonALThree Hills to Anniston Regional
Ted Stevens Anchorage International (ANC)AnchorageAKThree Hills to Ted Stevens Anchorage International
Anderson Regional (AND)AndersonSCThree Hills to Anderson Regional
Aniak (ANI)AniakAKThree Hills to Aniak
Lee (ANP)AnnapolisMDThree Hills to Lee
Tri-State Steuben County (ANQ)AngolaINThree Hills to Tri-State Steuben County
Ainsworth Regional (ANW)AinsworthNEThree Hills to Ainsworth Regional
Anthony Municipal (ANY)AnthonyKSThree Hills to Anthony Municipal
Lima Allen County (AOH)LimaOHThree Hills to Lima Allen County
Altoona/Blair County (AOO)AltoonaPAThree Hills to Altoona/Blair County
Centennial (APA)DenverCOThree Hills to Centennial
Napa County (APC)NapaCAThree Hills to Napa County
Naples Municipal (APF)NaplesFLThree Hills to Naples Municipal
Alpena County Regional (APN)AlpenaMIThree Hills to Alpena County Regional
Marion County-Brown Field (APT)JasperTNThree Hills to Marion County-Brown Field
Apple Valley (APV)Apple ValleyCAThree Hills to Apple Valley
Nakusp (AQ5)NakuspBCThree Hills to Nakusp
New Iberia/Acadiana Regional (ARA)New IberiaLAThree Hills to New Iberia/Acadiana Regional
Ann Arbor Municipal (ARB)Ann ArborMIThree Hills to Ann Arbor Municipal
Walnut Ridge Regional (ARG)Walnut RidgeARThree Hills to Walnut Ridge Regional
Watertown International (ART)WatertownNYThree Hills to Watertown International
Lakeland/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field (ARV)MinocquaWIThree Hills to Lakeland/Noble F. Lee Memorial Field
Andros Town/Fresh Creek (ASD)Andros IslandThree Hills to Andros Town/Fresh Creek
Aspen-Pitkin County/Sardy Field (ASE)AspenCOThree Hills to Aspen-Pitkin County/Sardy Field
Nashua-Boire Field (ASH)NashuaNHThree Hills to Nashua-Boire Field
Harrison County (ASL)MarshallTXThree Hills to Harrison County
Talladega Municipal (ASN)TalladegaALThree Hills to Talladega Municipal
Austin (ASQ)AustinNVThree Hills to Austin
Astoria Regional (AST)AstoriaORThree Hills to Astoria Regional
John F Kennedy Memorial (ASX)AshlandWIThree Hills to John F Kennedy Memorial
Ashley Municipal (ASY)AshleyNDThree Hills to Ashley Municipal
Arthur's Town (ATC)Cat IslandThree Hills to Arthur's Town
Antlers Municipal (ATE)AntlersOKThree Hills to Antlers Municipal
Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International (ATL)AtlantaGAThree Hills to Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International
Gordon K Bush Ohio University (ATO)Athens/AlbanyOHThree Hills to Gordon K Bush Ohio University
Artesia Municipal (ATS)ArtesiaNMThree Hills to Artesia Municipal
Appleton International (ATW)AppletonWIThree Hills to Appleton International
Watertown Regional (ATY)WatertownSDThree Hills to Watertown Regional
Oliver (AU3)OliverBCThree Hills to Oliver
Vanderhoof (AU4)VanderhoofBCThree Hills to Vanderhoof
Augusta State (AUG)AugustaMEThree Hills to Augusta State
Austin Municipal (AUM)AustinMNThree Hills to Austin Municipal
Auburn Municipal (AUN)AuburnCAThree Hills to Auburn Municipal
Auburn University Regional (AUO)AuburnALThree Hills to Auburn University Regional
Austin Bergstrom International (AUS)AustinTXThree Hills to Austin Bergstrom International
Wausau Downtown (AUW)WausauWIThree Hills to Wausau Downtown
Chicago/Aurora Municipal (AUZ)ChicagoILThree Hills to Chicago/Aurora Municipal
Asheville Regional (AVL)AshevilleNCThree Hills to Asheville Regional
Avon Park Executive (AVO)Avon ParkFLThree Hills to Avon Park Executive
Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International (AVP)ScrantonPAThree Hills to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International
Marana Regional (AVW)TucsonAZThree Hills to Marana Regional
Catalina (AVX)AvalonCAThree Hills to Catalina
West Memphis Municipal (AWM)West MemphisARThree Hills to West Memphis Municipal
Wallblake/Clayton J Lloyd International (AXA)The ValleyThree Hills to Wallblake/Clayton J Lloyd International
Algona Municipal (AXG)AlgonaIAThree Hills to Algona Municipal
Chandler Field (AXN)AlexandriaMNThree Hills to Chandler Field
Spring Point (AXP)Acklins IslandThree Hills to Spring Point
Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional (AXS)AltusOKThree Hills to Altus/Quartz Mountain Regional
Auglaize County Neil Armstrong (AXV)WapakonetaOHThree Hills to Auglaize County Neil Armstrong
Angel Fire (Colfax County) (AXX)Angel FireNMThree Hills to Angel Fire (Colfax County)
Waycross-Ware County (AYS)WaycrossGAThree Hills to Waycross-Ware County
Cache Creek (AZ5)Cache-CreekBCThree Hills to Cache Creek
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway (AZA)PhoenixAZThree Hills to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway
Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International (AZO)KalamazooMIThree Hills to Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International
El Catey Presidente Juan Bosch (AZS)SamanaThree Hills to El Catey Presidente Juan Bosch
Barnes Municipal (BAF)WestfieldMAThree Hills to Barnes Municipal
Battle Mountain (BAM)Battle MountainNVThree Hills to Battle Mountain
Benson Municipal (BBB)BensonMNThree Hills to Benson Municipal
Bay City Regional (BBC)Bay CityTXThree Hills to Bay City Regional
Curtis Field (BBD)BradyTXThree Hills to Curtis Field
Broken Bow Municipal/Keith Glaze Field (BBW)Broken BowNEThree Hills to Broken Bow Municipal/Keith Glaze Field
Wings Field (BBX)PhiladelphiaPAThree Hills to Wings Field
Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive (BCB)BlacksburgVAThree Hills to Virginia Tech Montgomery Executive
Bryce Canyon (BCE)Bryce CanyonUTThree Hills to Bryce Canyon
Boca Raton (BCT)Boca RatonFLThree Hills to Boca Raton
L F Wade Bermuda International (BDA)HamiltonThree Hills to L F Wade Bermuda International
Baudette International (BDE)BaudetteMNThree Hills to Baudette International
Blanding Municipal (BDG)BlandingUTThree Hills to Blanding Municipal
Bradley International (BDL)Windsor LocksCTThree Hills to Bradley International
Igor I Sikorsky Memorial (BDR)BridgeportCTThree Hills to Igor I Sikorsky Memorial
Bandon State (BDY)BandonORThree Hills to Bandon State
Beech Factory (BEC)WichitaKSThree Hills to Beech Factory
Laurence G Hanscom Field (BED)BedfordMAThree Hills to Laurence G Hanscom Field
Southwest Michigan Regional (BEH)Benton HarborMIThree Hills to Southwest Michigan Regional
Bethel (BET)BethelAKThree Hills to Bethel
Bradford Regional (BFD)BradfordPAThree Hills to Bradford Regional
Western Nebraska Regional/William B Heilig Field (BFF)ScottsbluffNEThree Hills to Western Nebraska Regional/William B Heilig Field
Bullfrog Basin (BFG)Glen CanyonUTThree Hills to Bullfrog Basin
King County International Boeing Field (BFI)SeattleWAThree Hills to King County International Boeing Field
Meadows Field (BFL)BakersfieldCAThree Hills to Meadows Field
Mobile Downtown (BFM)MobileALThree Hills to Mobile Downtown
Beaver County (BFP)Beaver FallsPAThree Hills to Beaver County
Virgil I Grissom Municipal (BFR)BedfordINThree Hills to Virgil I Grissom Municipal
Beaufort County (BFT)BeaufortSCThree Hills to Beaufort County
Hutchinson County (BGD)BorgerTXThree Hills to Hutchinson County
Decatur County Industrial Air Park (BGE)BainbridgeGAThree Hills to Decatur County Industrial Air Park
Greater Binghamton Edwin A Link Field (BGM)BinghamtonNYThree Hills to Greater Binghamton Edwin A Link Field
Bangor International (BGR)BangorMEThree Hills to Bangor International
Bagdad (BGT)BagdadAZThree Hills to Bagdad
Hancock County-Bar Harbor (BHB)Bar HarborMEThree Hills to Hancock County-Bar Harbor
Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International (BHM)BirminghamALThree Hills to Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International
Block Island State (BID)Block IslandRIThree Hills to Block Island State
Beatrice Municipal (BIE)BeatriceNEThree Hills to Beatrice Municipal
Delta Junction/Fort Greely/Allen AAF (BIG)Delta JunctionAKThree Hills to Delta Junction/Fort Greely/Allen AAF
Bishop Regional (BIH)BishopCAThree Hills to Bishop Regional
Billings Logan International (BIL)BillingsMTThree Hills to Billings Logan International
South Bimini (BIM)Bimini IslandsThree Hills to South Bimini
Bismarck Municipal (BIS)BismarckNDThree Hills to Bismarck Municipal
Echo Valley (BJ4)Echo ValleyBCThree Hills to Echo Valley
Rocky Mountain Metropolitan/Jeffco (BJC)DenverCOThree Hills to Rocky Mountain Metropolitan/Jeffco
Bemidji Regional (BJI)BemidjiMNThree Hills to Bemidji Regional
Wayne County (BJJ)WoosterOHThree Hills to Wayne County
Stephens County (BKD)BreckenridgeTXThree Hills to Stephens County
Baker City Municipal (BKE)Baker CityORThree Hills to Baker City Municipal
Branson (BKG)BransonMOThree Hills to Branson
Burke Lakefront (BKL)ClevelandOHThree Hills to Burke Lakefront
Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field (BKT)BlackstoneVAThree Hills to Allen C Perkinson Blackstone Army Air Field
Raleigh County Memorial (BKW)BeckleyWVThree Hills to Raleigh County Memorial
Brookings Regional (BKX)BrookingsSDThree Hills to Brookings Regional
Boulder City Municipal (BLD)Boulder CityNVThree Hills to Boulder City Municipal
Mercer County (BLF)BluefieldWVThree Hills to Mercer County
Blythe (BLH)BlytheCAThree Hills to Blythe
Bellingham International (BLI)BellinghamWAThree Hills to Bellingham International
Monmouth Executive (BLM)BelmarNJThree Hills to Monmouth Executive
Blue Canyon - Nyack (BLU)Emigrant GapCAThree Hills to Blue Canyon - Nyack
MidAmerica St Louis Scott AFB (BLV)BellevilleILThree Hills to MidAmerica St Louis Scott AFB
Brigham City Regional (BMC)Brigham CityUTThree Hills to Brigham City Regional
Monroe County (BMG)BloomingtonINThree Hills to Monroe County
Central Illinois Regional at Bloomington Normal (BMI)BloomingtonILThree Hills to Central Illinois Regional at Bloomington Normal
Berlin Regional (BML)BerlinNHThree Hills to Berlin Regional
Beaumont Municipal (BMT)BeaumontTXThree Hills to Beaumont Municipal
Nashville International (BNA)NashvilleTNThree Hills to Nashville International
Banning Municipal (BNG)BanningCAThree Hills to Banning Municipal
Barnwell Regional (BNL)BarnwellSCThree Hills to Barnwell Regional
Burns Municipal (BNO)BurnsORThree Hills to Burns Municipal
Boone Municipal (BNW)BooneIAThree Hills to Boone Municipal
Boise Air Terminal Gowen Field (BOI)BoiseIDThree Hills to Boise Air Terminal Gowen Field
Brookings Airport (BOK)BrookingsORThree Hills to Brookings Airport
Boston Logan International (BOS)BostonMAThree Hills to Boston Logan International
Bartow Executive (BOW)BartowFLThree Hills to Bartow Executive
Miley Memorial Field (Big Piney) (BPI)Big PineyWYThree Hills to Miley Memorial Field (Big Piney)
Jack Brooks Regional (BPT)Beaumont/Port ArthurTXThree Hills to Jack Brooks Regional
Woodcock (BQ8)WoodcockBCThree Hills to Woodcock
Brunswick Golden Isles (BQK)BrunswickGAThree Hills to Brunswick Golden Isles
Aguadilla/Rafael Hernandez (Borinquen) (BQN)AguadillaThree Hills to Aguadilla/Rafael Hernandez (Borinquen)
Kaslo (BR2)KasloBCThree Hills to Kaslo
Brainerd Lakes Regional (BRD)BrainerdMNThree Hills to Brainerd Lakes Regional
Southeast Iowa Regional (BRL)BurlingtonIAThree Hills to Southeast Iowa Regional
Brownsville/South Padre Island International (BRO)BrownsvilleTXThree Hills to Brownsville/South Padre Island International
Wiley Post/Will Rogers Memorial (BRW)BarrowAKThree Hills to Wiley Post/Will Rogers Memorial
Samuels Field (BRY)BardstownKYThree Hills to Samuels Field
Bisbee Municipal (BSQ)BisbeeAZThree Hills to Bisbee Municipal
Skypark (BTF)BountifulUTThree Hills to Skypark
Battle Creek Executive (BTL)Battle CreekMIThree Hills to Battle Creek Executive
Bert Mooney (BTM)ButteMTThree Hills to Bert Mooney
Marlboro County Jetport - H.E. Avent Field (BTN)BennettsvilleSCThree Hills to Marlboro County Jetport - H.E. Avent Field
Pittsburgh/Butler Regional Airport (BTP)ButlerPAThree Hills to Pittsburgh/Butler Regional Airport
Baton Rouge Metro Ryan Field (BTR)Baton RougeLAThree Hills to Baton Rouge Metro Ryan Field
Bettles Airport (BTT)BettlesAKThree Hills to Bettles Airport
Burlington International (BTV)BurlingtonVTThree Hills to Burlington International
Beatty (BTY)BeattyNVThree Hills to Beatty
Cram Field (BUB)BurwellNEThree Hills to Cram Field
Buffalo Niagara International (BUF)BuffaloNYThree Hills to Buffalo Niagara International
Butler Memorial (BUM)ButlerMOThree Hills to Butler Memorial
Hollywood Burbank (BUR)BurbankCAThree Hills to Hollywood Burbank
Bartlesville Municipal (BVO)BartlesvilleOKThree Hills to Bartlesville Municipal
Batesville Regional (BVX)BatesvilleARThree Hills to Batesville Regional
Beverly Regional (BVY)BeverlyMAThree Hills to Beverly Regional
Brawley Municipal (BWC)BrawleyCAThree Hills to Brawley Municipal
Brownwood Regional (BWD)BrownwoodTXThree Hills to Brownwood Regional
Bowling Green Warren County Regional (BWG)Bowling GreenKYThree Hills to Bowling Green Warren County Regional
Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall (BWI)BaltimoreMDThree Hills to Baltimore/Washington Intl Thurgood Marshall
Bowman Municipal (BWM)BowmanNDThree Hills to Bowman Municipal
George R Carr Memorial Airfield (BXA)BogalusaLAThree Hills to George R Carr Memorial Airfield
Buckeye Municipal (BXK)BuckeyeAZThree Hills to Buckeye Municipal
Borrego Valley (BXS)Borrego SpringsCAThree Hills to Borrego Valley
Johnson County (BYG)BuffaloWYThree Hills to Johnson County
Arkansas International (BYH)BlythevilleARThree Hills to Arkansas International
Burley Municipal (BYI)BurleyIDThree Hills to Burley Municipal
Fraser Lake (BZ9)Fraser LakeBCThree Hills to Fraser Lake
Bozeman Yellowstone International (BZN)BozemanMTThree Hills to Bozeman Yellowstone International
Wexford County (CAD)CadillacMIThree Hills to Wexford County
Columbia Metropolitan (CAE)ColumbiaSCThree Hills to Columbia Metropolitan
Akron/Canton Regional (CAK)AkronOHThree Hills to Akron/Canton Regional
Clayton Municipal Airpark (CAO)ClaytonNMThree Hills to Clayton Municipal Airpark
Caribou Municipal (CAR)CaribouMEThree Hills to Caribou Municipal
Greater Cumberland Regional (CBE)CumberlandMDThree Hills to Greater Cumberland Regional
Council Bluffs Municipal (CBF)Council BluffsIAThree Hills to Council Bluffs Municipal
Shalz Field (CBK)ColbyKSThree Hills to Shalz Field
Clinton Municipal (CCA)ClintonARThree Hills to Clinton Municipal
Cable (CCB)UplandCAThree Hills to Cable
L'esperance/Grand Case (CCE)Grand CaseThree Hills to L'esperance/Grand Case
Crane County (CCG)CraneTXThree Hills to Crane County
Buchanan Field (CCR)ConcordCAThree Hills to Buchanan Field
Northeast Iowa Regional (CCY)Charles CityIAThree Hills to Northeast Iowa Regional
Chub Cay (CCZ)Berry IslandsThree Hills to Chub Cay
Cold Bay (CDB)Cold BayAKThree Hills to Cold Bay
Cedar City Regional (CDC)Cedar CityUTThree Hills to Cedar City Regional
Harrell Field (CDH)CamdenARThree Hills to Harrell Field
George T Lewis Airport (CDK)Cedar KeyFLThree Hills to George T Lewis Airport
Woodward Field (CDN)CamdenSCThree Hills to Woodward Field
Chadron Municipal (CDR)ChadronNEThree Hills to Chadron Municipal
Childress Municipal (CDS)ChildressTXThree Hills to Childress Municipal
Merle K (Mudhole) Smith (CDV)CordovaAKThree Hills to Merle K (Mudhole) Smith
Essex County (CDW)CaldwellNJThree Hills to Essex County
Juniper (CE3)JuniperNBThree Hills to Juniper
Cessna Aircraft Field (CEA)WichitaKSThree Hills to Cessna Aircraft Field
Del Norte Co Regional/Jack Mcnamara Field (CEC)Crescent CityCAThree Hills to Del Norte Co Regional/Jack Mcnamara Field
Westover Arb/Westover Metropolitan (CEF)ChicopeeMAThree Hills to Westover Arb/Westover Metropolitan
Oconee County Regional (CEU)ClemsonSCThree Hills to Oconee County Regional
Mettel Field (CEV)ConnersvilleINThree Hills to Mettel Field
Bob Sikes (CEW)CrestviewFLThree Hills to Bob Sikes
Kyle-Oakley Field (CEY)MurrayKYThree Hills to Kyle-Oakley Field
Cortez Municipal (CEZ)CortezCOThree Hills to Cortez Municipal
Coulter Field (CFD)BryanTXThree Hills to Coulter Field
Creston Valley Regional (CFQ)CrestonBCThree Hills to Creston Valley Regional
Greenlee County (CFT)CliftonAZThree Hills to Greenlee County
Coffeyville Municipal (CFV)CoffeyvilleKSThree Hills to Coffeyville Municipal
Cambridge-Dorchester Regional (CGE)CambridgeMDThree Hills to Cambridge-Dorchester Regional
Cuyahoga County (CGF)ClevelandOHThree Hills to Cuyahoga County
Cape Girardeau Regional (CGI)Cape GirardeauMOThree Hills to Cape Girardeau Regional
College Park Airport (CGS)College ParkMDThree Hills to College Park Airport
Casa Grande Municipal (CGZ)Casa GrandeAZThree Hills to Casa Grande Municipal
Lovell Field (CHA)ChattanoogaTNThree Hills to Lovell Field
Chickasha Municipal (CHK)ChickashaOKThree Hills to Chickasha Municipal
Challis (CHL)ChallisIDThree Hills to Challis
Charlottesville Albemarle (CHO)CharlottesvilleVAThree Hills to Charlottesville Albemarle
Charleston International/Afb (CHS)CharlestonSCThree Hills to Charleston International/Afb
Chiloquin State (CHZ)ChiloquinORThree Hills to Chiloquin State
Chico Municipal (CIC)ChicoCAThree Hills to Chico Municipal
The Eastern Iowa (CID)Cedar RapidsIAThree Hills to The Eastern Iowa
Craig-Moffat (CIG)CraigCOThree Hills to Craig-Moffat
Arthur N Neu (CIN)CarrollIAThree Hills to Arthur N Neu
Cairo Regional (CIR)CairoILThree Hills to Cairo Regional
Chippewa County International (CIU)Sault Ste MarieMIThree Hills to Chippewa County International
North Central West Virginia (CKB)ClarksburgWVThree Hills to North Central West Virginia
Fletcher Field (CKM)ClarksdaleMSThree Hills to Fletcher Field
Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field (CKN)CrookstonMNThree Hills to Crookston Municipal Kirkwood Field
Outlaw Field (CKV)ClarksvilleTNThree Hills to Outlaw Field
Carlsbad/McClellan-Palomar (CLD)CarlsbadCAThree Hills to Carlsbad/McClellan-Palomar
Cleveland/Hopkins International (CLE)ClevelandOHThree Hills to Cleveland/Hopkins International
New Coalinga Municipal (CLG)CoalingaCAThree Hills to New Coalinga Municipal
Clintonville Municipal (CLI)ClintonvilleWIThree Hills to Clintonville Municipal
Clinton Regional (CLK)ClintonOKThree Hills to Clinton Regional
Easterwood Field (CLL)College StationTXThree Hills to Easterwood Field
William R Fairchild International (CLM)Port AngelesWAThree Hills to William R Fairchild International
Cliff Hatfield Memorial (CLR)CalipatriaCAThree Hills to Cliff Hatfield Memorial
Chehalis-Centralia (CLS)ChehalisWAThree Hills to Chehalis-Centralia
Charlotte Douglas International (CLT)CharlotteNCThree Hills to Charlotte Douglas International
Columbus Municipal (CLU)ColumbusINThree Hills to Columbus Municipal
Clearwater Airpark (CLW)ClearwaterFLThree Hills to Clearwater Airpark
John Glenn International (CMH)ColumbusOHThree Hills to John Glenn International
University of Illinois-Willard (CMI)Champaign/UrbanaILThree Hills to University of Illinois-Willard
Houghton County Memorial (CMX)HancockMIThree Hills to Houghton County Memorial
Sparta/Fort Mccoy (CMY)SpartaWIThree Hills to Sparta/Fort Mccoy
Fremont County (CNE)Canon CityCOThree Hills to Fremont County
Claremont Municipal (CNH)ClaremontNHThree Hills to Claremont Municipal
Blosser Municipal (CNK)ConcordiaKSThree Hills to Blosser Municipal
Cavern City Air Terminal (CNM)CarlsbadNMThree Hills to Cavern City Air Terminal
Chino (CNO)ChinoCAThree Hills to Chino
Chanute Martin Johnson (CNU)ChanuteKSThree Hills to Chanute Martin Johnson
Waco Texas State Techical College (CNW)WacoTXThree Hills to Waco Texas State Techical College
Canyonlands Field (CNY)MoabUTThree Hills to Canyonlands Field
Columbia (COA)ColumbiaCAThree Hills to Columbia
Yellowstone Regional (COD)CodyWYThree Hills to Yellowstone Regional
Coeur D'alene/Pappy Boyington Field (COE)Coeur D'AleneIDThree Hills to Coeur D'alene/Pappy Boyington Field
Merritt Island (COI)Merritt IslandFLThree Hills to Merritt Island
Coleman Municipal (COM)ColemanTXThree Hills to Coleman Municipal
Concord Municipal (CON)ConcordNHThree Hills to Concord Municipal
City of Colorado Springs Municipal (COS)Colorado SpringsCOThree Hills to City of Colorado Springs Municipal
Cotulla-La Salle County (COT)CotullaTXThree Hills to Cotulla-La Salle County
Columbia Regional (COU)ColumbiaMOThree Hills to Columbia Regional
Congo Town (COX)Andros IslandThree Hills to Congo Town
Exploitsvalley/Botwood (CP2)Exploits ValleyNewThree Hills to Exploitsvalley/Botwood
Compton/Woodley (CPM)ComptonCAThree Hills to Compton/Woodley
Casper/Natrona County International (CPR)CasperWYThree Hills to Casper/Natrona County International
St Louis Downtown (CPS)Cahokia/St LouisILThree Hills to St Louis Downtown
Debert (CQ3)DebertNSThree Hills to Debert
Florenceville (CR3)FlorencevilleNBThree Hills to Florenceville
Grand Strand North Myrtle Beach (CRE)North Myrtle BeachSCThree Hills to Grand Strand North Myrtle Beach
Jacksonville Executive at Craig (CRG)Jacksonville FLThree Hills to Jacksonville Executive at Craig
Colonel Hill (CRI)Crooked IslandThree Hills to Colonel Hill
Corpus Christi International (CRP)Corpus ChristiTXThree Hills to Corpus Christi International
C David Campbell Field-Corsicana Municipal (CRS)CorsicanaTXThree Hills to C David Campbell Field-Corsicana Municipal
Z M Jack Stell Field (CRT)CrossettARThree Hills to Z M Jack Stell Field
Yeager (CRW)CharlestonWVThree Hills to Yeager
Roscoe Turner (CRX)CorinthMSThree Hills to Roscoe Turner
St Stephen (Giddens Memorial) (CS3)St StephenNBThree Hills to St Stephen (Giddens Memorial)
Chipman (CS4)ChipmanNBThree Hills to Chipman
Columbus Metropolitan (CSG)ColumbusGAThree Hills to Columbus Metropolitan
Clinton-Sherman (CSM)ClintonOKThree Hills to Clinton-Sherman
Carson City (CSN)Carson CityNVThree Hills to Carson City
Creston Municipal (CSQ)CrestonIAThree Hills to Creston Municipal
Crossville Memorial/Whitson Field (CSV)CrossvilleTNThree Hills to Crossville Memorial/Whitson Field
Cut Bank International (CTB)Cut BankMTThree Hills to Cut Bank International
Chester County G O Carlson (CTH)CoatesvillePAThree Hills to Chester County G O Carlson
Canton Municipal (CTK)CantonSDThree Hills to Canton Municipal
Cottonwood (CTW)CottonwoodAZThree Hills to Cottonwood
Cortland County-Chase Field (CTX)CortlandNYThree Hills to Cortland County-Chase Field
Cross City (CTY)Cross CityFLThree Hills to Cross City
Clinton-Sampson County (CTZ)ClintonNCThree Hills to Clinton-Sampson County
Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens (CUB)ColumbiaSCThree Hills to Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens
Cushing Municipal (CUH)CushingOKThree Hills to Cushing Municipal
Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International (CVG)CincinnatiOHThree Hills to Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International
Clovis Municipal (CVN)ClovisNMThree Hills to Clovis Municipal
Corvallis Municipal (CVO)CorvallisORThree Hills to Corvallis Municipal
Kings County Municipal (CW3)WatervilleNSThree Hills to Kings County Municipal
Central Wisconsin (CWA)MosineeWIThree Hills to Central Wisconsin
Chennault International (CWF)Lake CharlesLAThree Hills to Chennault International
Clinton Municipal (CWI)ClintonIAThree Hills to Clinton Municipal
Cochise County (CWX)WillcoxAZThree Hills to Cochise County
Calexico International (CXL)CalexicoCAThree Hills to Calexico International
Conroe North Houston Regional (CXO)HoustonTXThree Hills to Conroe North Houston Regional
Cheyenne Regional/Jerry Olson Field (CYS)CheyenneWYThree Hills to Cheyenne Regional/Jerry Olson Field
Clarenville (CZ3)ClarenvilleNewThree Hills to Clarenville
Burlington Executive (CZB)Burlington ONThree Hills to Burlington Executive
Dimmit County (CZT)Carrizo SpringsTXThree Hills to Dimmit County
St Andrews/Codroy Valley (DA5)St AndrewsNewThree Hills to St Andrews/Codroy Valley
Daytona Beach International (DAB)Daytona BeachFLThree Hills to Daytona Beach International
Barstow-Daggett (DAG)DaggettCAThree Hills to Barstow-Daggett
Dallas Love Field (DAL)DallasTXThree Hills to Dallas Love Field
Danville Regional (DAN)DanvilleVAThree Hills to Danville Regional
Dayton International James M Cox (DAY)DaytonOHThree Hills to Dayton International James M Cox
Dublin W H Bud Barron (DBN)DublinGAThree Hills to Dublin W H Bud Barron
Dubuque Regional (DBQ)DubuqueIAThree Hills to Dubuque Regional
Ragged Islands-Jumento Cays/Duncan Town (DCT)Ragged IslandsThree Hills to Ragged Islands-Jumento Cays/Duncan Town
Pryor Field Regional (DCU)DecaturALThree Hills to Pryor Field Regional
Dodge City Regional (DDC)Dodge CityKSThree Hills to Dodge City Regional
Decatur (DEC)DecaturILThree Hills to Decatur
Decorah Municipal (DEH)DecorahIAThree Hills to Decorah Municipal
Denver International (DEN)DenverCOThree Hills to Denver International
Coleman A Young Municipal (DET)DetroitMIThree Hills to Coleman A Young Municipal
Defiance Memorial (DFI)DefianceOHThree Hills to Defiance Memorial
Dallas-Fort Worth International (DFW)DallasTXThree Hills to Dallas-Fort Worth International
Douglas Lake (DGF)Douglas LakeBCThree Hills to Douglas Lake
Douglas Municipal (DGL)DouglasAZThree Hills to Douglas Municipal
Converse County (DGW)DouglasWYThree Hills to Converse County
Dothan Regional (DHN)DothanALThree Hills to Dothan Regional
Dalhart Municipal (DHT)DalhartTXThree Hills to Dalhart Municipal
Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional (DIK)DickinsonNDThree Hills to Dickinson Theodore Roosevelt Regional
Clearwater (DJ4)ClearwaterNBThree Hills to Clearwater
Chautauqua County/Dunkirk (DKK)DunkirkNYThree Hills to Chautauqua County/Dunkirk
Dillingham (DLG)DillinghamAKThree Hills to Dillingham
Duluth International (DLH)DuluthMNThree Hills to Duluth International
Dillon County Airport (DLL)DillonSDThree Hills to Dillon County Airport
Dillon (DLN)DillonMTThree Hills to Dillon
The Dalles Municipal/Columbia Gorge Regional (DLS)The DallesORThree Hills to The Dalles Municipal/Columbia Gorge Regional
Deming Municipal (DMN)DemingNMThree Hills to Deming Municipal
Sedalia Regional (DMO)SedaliaMOThree Hills to Sedalia Regional
Daniel Field (DNL)AugustaGAThree Hills to Daniel Field
Dalton Municipal (DNN)DaltonGAThree Hills to Dalton Municipal
Denison Municipal (DNS)DenisonIAThree Hills to Denison Municipal
Vermilion Regional (DNV)DanvilleILThree Hills to Vermilion Regional
Dover AFB (DOV)DoverDEThree Hills to Dover AFB
Dupage (DPA)ChicagoILThree Hills to Dupage
Drummond Island (DRE)Drummond IslandMIThree Hills to Drummond Island
Beauregard Regional (DRI)De RidderLAThree Hills to Beauregard Regional
Durango/La Plata County (DRO)DurangoCOThree Hills to Durango/La Plata County
Del Rio International (DRT)Del RioTXThree Hills to Del Rio International
Destin Executive (DSI)DestinFLThree Hills to Destin Executive
Des Moines International (DSM)Des MoinesIAThree Hills to Des Moines International
Dansville Municipal (DSV)DansvilleNYThree Hills to Dansville Municipal
Delta Municipal (DTA)DeltaUTThree Hills to Delta Municipal
Detroit Lakes-Wething Field (DTL)Detroit LakesMNThree Hills to Detroit Lakes-Wething Field
Shreveport Downtown (DTN)ShreveportLAThree Hills to Shreveport Downtown
Detroit Metro Wayne County (DTW)DetroitMIThree Hills to Detroit Metro Wayne County
Dunnville (DU9)DunnvilleONThree Hills to Dunnville
Durant Regional - Eaker Field (DUA)DurantOKThree Hills to Durant Regional - Eaker Field
Halliburton Field (DUC)DuncanOKThree Hills to Halliburton Field
Bisbee Douglas International (DUG)Douglas/BisbeeAZThree Hills to Bisbee Douglas International
Dubois Regional (DUJ)DuBoisPAThree Hills to Dubois Regional
Unalaska/Dutch Harbour/Tom Madsen (DUT)UnalaskaAKThree Hills to Unalaska/Dutch Harbour/Tom Madsen
Devils Lake Regional (DVL)Devils LakeNDThree Hills to Devils Lake Regional
Davenport Municipal (DVN)DavenportIAThree Hills to Davenport Municipal
Phoenix Deer Valley (DVT)PhoenixAZThree Hills to Phoenix Deer Valley
David Wayne Hooks Memorial (DWH)HoustonTXThree Hills to David Wayne Hooks Memorial
Danbury Municipal (DXR)DanburyCTThree Hills to Danbury Municipal
Fogo (DY3)FogoNewThree Hills to Fogo
Doylestown (DYL)DoylestownPAThree Hills to Doylestown
Hardisty (EA5)HardistyABThree Hills to Hardisty
Cardston (EA6)CardstonABThree Hills to Cardston
Phifer Airfield (EAN)WheatlandWYThree Hills to Phifer Airfield
Kearney Regional (EAR)KearneyNEThree Hills to Kearney Regional
Pangborn Memorial (EAT)WenatcheeWAThree Hills to Pangborn Memorial
Chippewa Valley Regional (EAU)Eau ClaireWIThree Hills to Chippewa Valley Regional
Webster City Municipal (EBS)Webster CityIAThree Hills to Webster City Municipal
Iosco County (ECA)East TawasMIThree Hills to Iosco County
Elizabeth City Regional & Coast Guard Station (ECG)Elizabeth CityNCThree Hills to Elizabeth City Regional & Coast Guard Station
Northwest Florida Beaches International (ECP)Panama CityFLThree Hills to Northwest Florida Beaches International
Mondell Field (ECS)NewcastleWYThree Hills to Mondell Field
Oyen Municipal (ED3)OyenABThree Hills to Oyen Municipal
Fox Creek (ED4)Fox CreekABThree Hills to Fox Creek
Taber (ED5)TaberABThree Hills to Taber
Northeastern Regional (EDE)EdentonNCThree Hills to Northeastern Regional
El Dorado/Captain Jack Thomas Memorial (EDK)El DoradoKSThree Hills to El Dorado/Captain Jack Thomas Memorial
Wabasca (EE5)WabascaABThree Hills to Wabasca
Needles (EED)NeedlesCAThree Hills to Needles
Dilliant-Hopkins (EEN)KeeneNHThree Hills to Dilliant-Hopkins
Bow Island (EF3)Bow IslandABThree Hills to Bow Island
Airdrie (EF4)AirdrieABThree Hills to Airdrie
Ellington (EFD)HoustonTXThree Hills to Ellington
Northeast Kingdom International (EFK)NewportVTThree Hills to Northeast Kingdom International
Jefferson Municipal (EFW)JeffersonIAThree Hills to Jefferson Municipal
Lacombe (EG3)LacombeABThree Hills to Lacombe
Eagle County Regional (EGE)EagleCOThree Hills to Eagle County Regional
Maverick County Memorial International (EGP)Eagle PassTXThree Hills to Maverick County Memorial International
Eagle River Union (EGV)Eagle RiverWIThree Hills to Eagle River Union
Ponoka Industrial (EH3)PonokaABThree Hills to Ponoka Industrial
South Calgary (EH4)De WintonABThree Hills to South Calgary
Red Earth Creek (EH5)Red EarthABThree Hills to Red Earth Creek
Provost (EH6)ProvostABThree Hills to Provost
R Terrance B Lettsome Intl (EIS)TortolaThree Hills to R Terrance B Lettsome Intl
Stettler (EJ3)StettlerABThree Hills to Stettler
Claresholm Industrial (EJ4)ClaresholmABThree Hills to Claresholm Industrial
Elk Point (EJ6)Elk PointABThree Hills to Elk Point
Eureka/Murray Field (EKA)EurekaCAThree Hills to Eureka/Murray Field
Elkhart Municipal (EKI)ElkhartINThree Hills to Elkhart Municipal
Elkins/Randolph County (EKN)ElkinsWVThree Hills to Elkins/Randolph County
Elko Regional/Harris Field (EKO)ElkoNVThree Hills to Elko Regional/Harris Field
Addington Field (EKX)ElizabethtownKYThree Hills to Addington Field
Hanna (EL4)HannaABThree Hills to Hanna
Valleyview (EL5)ValleyviewABThree Hills to Valleyview
Eagle Lake (ELA)Eagle LakeTXThree Hills to Eagle Lake
South Arkansas Regional at Goodwin Field (ELD)El DoradoARThree Hills to South Arkansas Regional at Goodwin Field
Elk City Regional Business (ELK)Elk CityOKThree Hills to Elk City Regional Business
Elmira/Corning Regional (ELM)ElmiraNYThree Hills to Elmira/Corning Regional
Bowers Field (ELN)EllensburgWAThree Hills to Bowers Field
El Paso International (ELP)El PasoTXThree Hills to El Paso International
Ely/Yelland Field (ELY)ElyNVThree Hills to Ely/Yelland Field
Wellsville Municipal/Tarantine Field (ELZ)WellsvilleNYThree Hills to Wellsville Municipal/Tarantine Field
Innisfail (EM4)InnisfailABThree Hills to Innisfail
Swan Hills (EM5)Swan HillsABThree Hills to Swan Hills
Kemmerer Municipal (EMM)KemmererWYThree Hills to Kemmerer Municipal
Emporia Municipal (EMP)EmporiaKSThree Hills to Emporia Municipal
San Gabriel Valley (EMT)El MonteCAThree Hills to San Gabriel Valley
High River (EN4)High RiverABThree Hills to High River
Cold Lake Regional (EN5)Cold LakeABThree Hills to Cold Lake Regional
Kenai Municipal (ENA)KenaiAKThree Hills to Kenai Municipal
Centralia Municipal (ENL)CentraliaILThree Hills to Centralia Municipal
Nenana Municipal (ENN)NenanaAKThree Hills to Nenana Municipal
Wendover (ENV)WendoverUTThree Hills to Wendover
Kenosha Regional (ENW)KenoshaWIThree Hills to Kenosha Regional
Keokuk Municipal (EOK)KeokukIAThree Hills to Keokuk Municipal
Neosho Hugh Robinson (EOS)NeoshoMOThree Hills to Neosho Hugh Robinson
Barrhead (EP3)BarrheadABThree Hills to Barrhead
Ephrata Municipal (EPH)EphrataWAThree Hills to Ephrata Municipal
Camrose (EQ3)CamroseABThree Hills to Camrose
Castor (ER2)CastorABThree Hills to Castor
Erie International/Tom Ridge Field (ERI)EriePAThree Hills to Erie International/Tom Ridge Field
Kerrville Municipal/Louis Schreiner Field (ERV)KerrvilleTXThree Hills to Kerrville Municipal/Louis Schreiner Field
Westlock (ES4)WestlockABThree Hills to Westlock
Delta County (ESC)EscanabaMIThree Hills to Delta County
Orcas Island Airport (ESD)EastsoundWAThree Hills to Orcas Island Airport
Esler Regional (ESF)AlexandriaLAThree Hills to Esler Regional
Easton/Newnam Field (ESN)EastonMDThree Hills to Easton/Newnam Field
Ohkay Owingeh (ESO)EspanolaNMThree Hills to Ohkay Owingeh
Stroudsburg-Pocono (ESP)East StroudsburgPAThree Hills to Stroudsburg-Pocono
Estherville Municipal (EST)EsthervilleIAThree Hills to Estherville Municipal
West Bend Municipal (ETB)West BendWIThree Hills to West Bend Municipal
Eastland Municipal (ETN)EastlandTXThree Hills to Eastland Municipal
Enterprise Municipal (ETS)EnterpriseALThree Hills to Enterprise Municipal
Beaverlodge (EU2)BeaverlodgeABThree Hills to Beaverlodge
Eureka (EUE)EurekaNVThree Hills to Eureka
Weedon Field (EUF)EufaulaALThree Hills to Weedon Field
Mahlon Sweet Field (EUG)EugeneORThree Hills to Mahlon Sweet Field
Vegreville (EV3)VegrevilleABThree Hills to Vegreville
Mayerthorpe (EV5)MayerthorpeABThree Hills to Mayerthorpe
Tofield (EV7)TofieldABThree Hills to Tofield
Eveleth-Virginia Municipal (EVM)EvelethMNThree Hills to Eveleth-Virginia Municipal
Evansville Regional (EVV)EvansvilleINThree Hills to Evansville Regional
Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field (EVW)EvanstonWYThree Hills to Evanston-Uinta County Burns Field
Saint Paul (EW3)St PaulABThree Hills to Saint Paul
New Bedford Regional (EWB)New BedfordMAThree Hills to New Bedford Regional
Newton City County (EWK)NewtonKSThree Hills to Newton City County
Coastal Carolina Regional (EWN)New BernNCThree Hills to Coastal Carolina Regional
Newark Liberty International (EWR)NewarkNJThree Hills to Newark Liberty International
Wetaskiwin Regional (EX3)WetaskiwinABThree Hills to Wetaskiwin Regional
Fort Macleod (EY3)Fort MacleodABThree Hills to Fort Macleod
Yerington Municipal (EYR)YeringtonNVThree Hills to Yerington Municipal
Key West International (EYW)Key WestFLThree Hills to Key West International
Fort Vermilion (EZ4)Fort VermilionABThree Hills to Fort Vermilion
Fairbanks International (FAI)FairbanksAKThree Hills to Fairbanks International
Farmington Regional (FAM)FarmingtonMOThree Hills to Farmington Regional
Hector International Fargo (FAR)FargoNDThree Hills to Hector International Fargo
Fresno Yosemite International (FAT)FresnoCAThree Hills to Fresno Yosemite International
Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field (FAY)FayettevilleNCThree Hills to Fayetteville Regional/Grannis Field
Warren Thomas Josephburg (FB6)EdmontonABThree Hills to Warren Thomas Josephburg
Faribault Municipal (FBL)FaribaultMNThree Hills to Faribault Municipal
Fort Bridger Airport (FBR)Fort BridgerWYThree Hills to Fort Bridger Airport
Fairbury Municipal (FBY)FairburyNEThree Hills to Fairbury Municipal
Glacier Park International (FCA)KalispellMTThree Hills to Glacier Park International
Fresno Chandler Executive (FCH)FresnoCAThree Hills to Fresno Chandler Executive
Flying Cloud (FCM)MinneapolisMNThree Hills to Flying Cloud
Forrest City Municipal (FCY)Forrest CityARThree Hills to Forrest City Municipal
Foremost (FD4)ForemostABThree Hills to Foremost
Frederick Municipal (FDK)FrederickMDThree Hills to Frederick Municipal
Frederick Regional (FDR)FrederickOKThree Hills to Frederick Regional
Findlay (FDY)FindlayOHThree Hills to Findlay
Albertus (FEP)FreeportILThree Hills to Albertus
Fremont Municipal (FET)FremontNEThree Hills to Fremont Municipal
First Flight (FFA)Kill Devil HillsNCThree Hills to First Flight
Fairfield Municipal (FFL)FairfieldIAThree Hills to Fairfield Municipal
Fergus Falls Municipal-Einar Mickelson Field (FFM)Fergus FallsMNThree Hills to Fergus Falls Municipal-Einar Mickelson Field
Capital City (FFT)FrankfortKYThree Hills to Capital City
Consort (FG3)ConsortABThree Hills to Consort
Fox Harbour (FH4)Fox HarbourNSThree Hills to Fox Harbour
Sierra Vista Municipal/Libby AAF (FHU)Fort HuachucaAZThree Hills to Sierra Vista Municipal/Libby AAF
Elizabeth Field Airport (FID)Fishers IslandNYThree Hills to Elizabeth Field Airport
Fillmore Municipal (FIL)FillmoreUTThree Hills to Fillmore Municipal
Venango Regional (FKL)FranklinPAThree Hills to Venango Regional
Franklin Municipal-John Beverly Rose (FKN)FranklinVAThree Hills to Franklin Municipal-John Beverly Rose
Empress (FL2)EmpressABThree Hills to Empress
Fond Du Lac County (FLD)Fond Du LacWIThree Hills to Fond Du Lac County
Flagstaff Pulliam (FLG)FlagstaffAZThree Hills to Flagstaff Pulliam
Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International (FLL)Fort LauderdaleFLThree Hills to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International
Florence Regional (FLO)FlorenceSCThree Hills to Florence Regional
Marion County Regional (FLP)FlippinARThree Hills to Marion County Regional
Sherman Army Airfield (FLV)Fort LeavenworthKSThree Hills to Sherman Army Airfield
Fallon Municipal (FLX)FallonNVThree Hills to Fallon Municipal
Fort Meade (Odenton) Tipton (FME)Fort Meade OdentonMDThree Hills to Fort Meade (Odenton) Tipton
Four Corners Regional (FMN)FarmingtonNMThree Hills to Four Corners Regional
Fort Madison Municipal (FMS)Fort MadisonIAThree Hills to Fort Madison Municipal
Page Field (FMY)Fort MyersFLThree Hills to Page Field
Northern Colorado Regional (FNL)Ft Collins/LovelandCOThree Hills to Northern Colorado Regional
Bishop International (FNT)FlintMIThree Hills to Bishop International
Fort Dodge Regional (FOD)Fort DodgeIAThree Hills to Fort Dodge Regional
Topeka Regional (FOE)TopekaKSThree Hills to Topeka Regional
Francis S Gabreski (FOK)Westhampton BeachNYThree Hills to Francis S Gabreski
Treasure Coast International (FPR)Fort PierceFLThree Hills to Treasure Coast International
Perry-Foley (FPY)PerryFLThree Hills to Perry-Foley
Friday Harbor (FRD)Friday HarborWAThree Hills to Friday Harbor
Republic Long Island (FRG)FarmingdaleNYThree Hills to Republic Long Island
French Lick Municipal (FRH)French LickINThree Hills to French Lick Municipal
Fairmont Municipal (FRM)FairmontMNThree Hills to Fairmont Municipal
Front Royal-Warren County (FRR)Front RoyalVAThree Hills to Front Royal-Warren County
Eastern Slopes Regional (FRY)FryeburgMEThree Hills to Eastern Slopes Regional
Loon River (FS6)Loon RiverABThree Hills to Loon River
Sioux Falls Regional, Joe Foss Field (FSD)Sioux FallsSDThree Hills to Sioux Falls Regional, Joe Foss Field
Fort Scott Municipal (FSK)Fort ScottKSThree Hills to Fort Scott Municipal
Fort Smith Regional (FSM)Fort SmithARThree Hills to Fort Smith Regional
Fort Stockton-Pecos County (FST)Fort StocktonTXThree Hills to Fort Stockton-Pecos County
Fort Sumner Municipal (FSU)Fort SumnerNMThree Hills to Fort Sumner Municipal
Zama Lake (FT9)Zama LakeABThree Hills to Zama Lake
Fort Worth Meacham International (FTW)Fort WorthTXThree Hills to Fort Worth Meacham International
Fulton County/Brown Field (FTY)AtlantaGAThree Hills to Fulton County/Brown Field
Fullerton Municipal (FUL)FullertonCAThree Hills to Fullerton Municipal
Fort Wayne International (FWA)Fort WayneINThree Hills to Fort Wayne International
Branson West Municipal - Emerson Field (FWB)Branson WestMOThree Hills to Branson West Municipal - Emerson Field
Okotoks Air Ranch (FX2)CalgaryABThree Hills to Okotoks Air Ranch
Manning Municipal (FX4)ManningABThree Hills to Manning Municipal
Fort Lauderdale Executive (FXE)Fort LauderdaleFLThree Hills to Fort Lauderdale Executive
Forest City Municipal (FXY)Forest CityIAThree Hills to Forest City Municipal
Fayetteville Municipal (FYM)FayettevilleTNThree Hills to Fayetteville Municipal
Drake Field (FYV)FayettevilleARThree Hills to Drake Field
Northeast Alabama Regional (GAD)GadsdenALThree Hills to Northeast Alabama Regional
Gage (GAG)GageOKThree Hills to Gage
Montgomery County Airpark (GAI)GaithersburgMDThree Hills to Montgomery County Airpark
Edward G Pitka Sr (GAL)GalenaAKThree Hills to Edward G Pitka Sr
Gambell (GAM)GambellAKThree Hills to Gambell
Great Bend Municipal (GBD)Great BendKSThree Hills to Great Bend Municipal
Galesburg Municipal (GBG)GalesburgILThree Hills to Galesburg Municipal
Gillette-Campbell County (GCC)GilletteWYThree Hills to Gillette-Campbell County
Grand Coulee Dam (GCD)Electric CityWAThree Hills to Grand Coulee Dam
Garden City Regional (GCK)Garden CityKSThree Hills to Garden City Regional
Grand Canyon National Park (GCN)Grand CanyonAZThree Hills to Grand Canyon National Park
Greeneville-Greene County Municipal (GCY)GreenevilleTNThree Hills to Greeneville-Greene County Municipal
Donaldson Field (GDC)GreenvilleSCThree Hills to Donaldson Field
Gardner Municipal (GDM)GardnerMAThree Hills to Gardner Municipal
Grand Turk (Jags Mccartney) Intl (GDT)Grand Turk IThree Hills to Grand Turk (Jags Mccartney) Intl
Dawson Community (GDV)GlendiveMTThree Hills to Dawson Community
Gladwin Zettel Memorial (GDW)GladwinMIThree Hills to Gladwin Zettel Memorial
Delaware Coastal (GED)GeorgetownDEThree Hills to Delaware Coastal
Spokane International (GEG)SpokaneWAThree Hills to Spokane International
South Big Horn County (GEY)GreybullWYThree Hills to South Big Horn County
Grand Forks International (GFK)Grand ForksNDThree Hills to Grand Forks International
Floyd Bennett Memorial (GFL)Glens FallsNYThree Hills to Floyd Bennett Memorial
Georgetown County (GGE)GeorgetownSCThree Hills to Georgetown County
East Texas Regional (GGG)LongviewTXThree Hills to East Texas Regional
Wokal Field/Glasgow International (GGW)GlasgowMTThree Hills to Wokal Field/Glasgow International
Great Harbour Cay (GHC)Berry IslandsThree Hills to Great Harbour Cay
Centerville Municipal (GHM)CentervilleTNThree Hills to Centerville Municipal
Winter Haven Regional (GIF)Winter HavenFLThree Hills to Winter Haven Regional
Grand Junction Regional Walker Field (GJT)Grand JunctionCOThree Hills to Grand Junction Regional Walker Field
Gulkana (GKN)GulkanaAKThree Hills to Gulkana
Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge (GKT)SeviervilleTNThree Hills to Gatlinburg-Pigeon Forge
San Carlos Apache (GLB)GlobeAZThree Hills to San Carlos Apache
Renner Field/Goodland Municipal (GLD)GoodlandKSThree Hills to Renner Field/Goodland Municipal
Gainesville Municipal (GLE)GainesvilleTXThree Hills to Gainesville Municipal
Greenville Mid-Delta (GLH)GreenvilleMSThree Hills to Greenville Mid-Delta
Gaylord Regional (GLR)GaylordMIThree Hills to Gaylord Regional
Scholes International at Galveston (GLS)GalvestonTXThree Hills to Scholes International at Galveston
Glasgow Municipal (GLW)GlasgowKYThree Hills to Glasgow Municipal
Greenville Downtown (GMU)GreenvilleSCThree Hills to Greenville Downtown
Gansner Field (GNF)QuincyCAThree Hills to Gansner Field
Gooding Municipal (GNG)GoodingIDThree Hills to Gooding Municipal
Grants-Milan Municipal (GNT)GrantsNMThree Hills to Grants-Milan Municipal
Gainesville Regional (GNV)GainesvilleFLThree Hills to Gainesville Regional
Guthrie-Edmond Regional (GOK)GuthrieOKThree Hills to Guthrie-Edmond Regional
Gold Beach Municipal (GOL)Gold BeachORThree Hills to Gold Beach Municipal
Groton New London (GON)Groton New LondonCTThree Hills to Groton New London
Gulfport-Biloxi International (GPT)GulfportMSThree Hills to Gulfport-Biloxi International
Grand Rapids/Itasca County-Gordon Newstrom Field (GPZ)Grand RapidsMNThree Hills to Grand Rapids/Itasca County-Gordon Newstrom Field
Galion Municipal (GQQ)GalionOHThree Hills to Galion Municipal
Austin Straubel International (GRB)Green BayWIThree Hills to Austin Straubel International
Greenwood County (GRD)GreenwoodSCThree Hills to Greenwood County
Greenville (GRE)GreenvilleILThree Hills to Greenville
Central Nebraska Regional (GRI)Grand IslandNEThree Hills to Central Nebraska Regional
Killeen/Fort Hood Regional/Robert Gray AAF (GRK)KilleenTXThree Hills to Killeen/Fort Hood Regional/Robert Gray AAF
Grand Marais/Cook County (GRM)Grand MaraisMNThree Hills to Grand Marais/Cook County
Gordon Municipal (GRN)GordonNEThree Hills to Gordon Municipal
Gerald R Ford International (GRR)Grand RapidsMIThree Hills to Gerald R Ford International
Goshen Municipal (GSH)GoshenINThree Hills to Goshen Municipal
Piedmont Triad International (GSO)GreensboroNCThree Hills to Piedmont Triad International
Greenville Spartanburg International (GSP)GreerSCThree Hills to Greenville Spartanburg International
Gustavus (GST)GustavusAKThree Hills to Gustavus
Great Falls International (GTF)Great FallsMTThree Hills to Great Falls International
Grantsburg Muni (GTG)GrantsburgWIThree Hills to Grantsburg Muni
Grants Pass (GTP)Grants PassORThree Hills to Grants Pass
Golden Triangle Regional (GTR)ColumbusMSThree Hills to Golden Triangle Regional
Gettysburg Regional (GTY)GettysburgPAThree Hills to Gettysburg Regional
Gunnison/Crested Butte Regional (GUC)GunnisonCOThree Hills to Gunnison/Crested Butte Regional
Jack Edwards National (GUF)Gulf ShoresALThree Hills to Jack Edwards National
Gallup Municipal (GUP)GallupNMThree Hills to Gallup Municipal
Grissom Aeroplex/Arb (GUS)PeruINThree Hills to Grissom Aeroplex/Arb
Guymon Municipal (GUY)GuymonOKThree Hills to Guymon Municipal
Gordonsville Municipal Airport (GVE)GordonsvilleVAThree Hills to Gordonsville Municipal Airport
Lee Gilmer Memorial (GVL)GainesvilleGAThree Hills to Lee Gilmer Memorial
Majors (GVT)GreenvilleTXThree Hills to Majors
Greenwood Leflore (GWO)GreenwoodMSThree Hills to Greenwood Leflore
Glenwood Springs Municipal (GWS)Glenwood SpringsCOThree Hills to Glenwood Springs Municipal
Greeley-Weld County (GXY)GreeleyCOThree Hills to Greeley-Weld County
Phoenix Goodyear (GYR)GoodyearAZThree Hills to Phoenix Goodyear
Gary/Chicago International (GYY)GARYINThree Hills to Gary/Chicago International