About La Crosse Regional Airport (LSE)

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About La Crosse Regional (LSE)

Airport Information

latitude43° 52' 45'' N
Longitude91° 15' 23'' W
Runway Length8742ft (2664m)

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What is the name of La Crosse's airport?
La Crosse Regional is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of La Crosse?
LSE is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to La Crosse Regional?
North La Crosse
Sun Prairie
Menomonee Falls
New Berlin
West Allis
What are some nearby parks to La Crosse Regional?
Louis Nelson County Park
Wayside Park
Onalaska Park
Hickey Park
Roosevelt Park
Riders Club Park
Copeland Park
Glen Fox Park
Midway Railroad Prairie State Natural Area
Goose Green Park
Red Cloud Park
Pettibone Park
Myrick Park
Riverside Park
Roellig Park
What are some nearby schools to La Crosse Regional?
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Viterbo University
What are some things to see by La Crosse Regional?
Roesler Coulee
Rooster Valley
Rulland Coulee
Rundahl Coulee
Russian Coulee
Russlan Coulee
Saint Joseph Coulee
Salzwedel Coulee
Sandberg Valley
Sand Lake Coulee
Schoeniger Valley
Scotch Coulee
Sedevie Coulee
Severson Coulee
Sidie Hollow
Simonson Coulee
Smikrud Coulee
South Chipmunk Coulee
State Road Coulee
Steele Coulee
Stensven Coulee
Svenson Coulee
Sweden Coulee
Tamarack Coulee
Tamarack Valley
Tarr Valley
Tollefson Coulee
Toppen Coulee
Twentyfour Valley
Upper Burns Valley
Van Riper Coulee
Weber Hollow
Welsh Coulee
Welsh Valley
West Burns Valley
Wet Coulee
Wire Hollow
Wiscoy Valley
Abraham Coulee
Yucatan Valley
Adams Valley
Baker Valley
Bean Hollow
Bedessem Coulee
Berge Coulee
Bohemian Valley
Bohland Hollow
Bohris Valley
Boma Coulee
Borreson Coulee
Brackett Valley
Breidel Coulee
Bristow Hollow
Browns Valley
Buehler Valley
Cannon Valley
Casberg Coulee
Chicken Valley
Chipmunk Coulee
Chisholm Valley
Cooley Valley
Crystal Valley
Culpitt Coulee
Daneville Valley
Darling Coulee
Decker Valley
Drectrah Coulee
East Burns Valley
Ebner Coulee
Eggens Coulee
Fisbach Coulee
Flood Coulee
Frohock Valley
Garbers Coulee
Gavin Coulee
German Coulee
Gill Coulee
Gilmore Valley
Gronemus Valley
Hagenbarth Coulee
Heiser Valley
Heller Coulee
Herman Coulee
Heuer Valley
Hohlfeld Coulee
Holley Coulee
Homer Valley
Hoyer Coulee
Hunder Coulee
Hundt Coulee
Italian Hollow
Jenkins Valley
Joe Coulee
Jordson Coulee
Jostad Coulee
Kammel Coulee
Kiel Coulee

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