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The COVID-19 Pandemic has severely challenged our industry. Three things charter operators can do to
help get through it and thrive when we get beyond it.


  1. Apply for SBA relief.
    As you know Congress recently enacted the CARES Act which, among other things, provides much needed economic relief to small businesses like yours and ours. Low interest loans – which could become grants – will be made available to our businesses to ensure that payrolls are maintained at least for the next 10 weeks (at this point) so we can get through the business downturn. Contact your bank to obtain the loan. The US Chamber of Commerce has prepared this helpful overview for small businesses like ours.
  2. Stop collecting FET and passenger taxes.
    Also in the CARES Act, to ease pressure on all commercial airlines, operators are not to collect FET or passenger segment fees for the time being through Jan 1, 2021. For those trips for which you were required to collect and remit taxes – generally on aircraft exceeding 6,000 lbs., and where trips are sold by the seat and not whole plane – you can save your customers money, and save the administrative chore of collecting and remitting taxes.
  3. Price aggressively to win back business and get even more.
    Linear Air Taxi operates the largest online marketplace for on-demand charters. Customers visit LinearAir.com and search for flights to their destination; we price and sell the trip, then we send the trip to the operator who offers the best price. To win back business after the downturn, post a super-attractive price on our platform: provide your best “all-in” (aircraft, pilot, fuel) hourly NET/NET rate for your charter aircraft. As we price your offering to be the lowest for trips people are looking for, we’ll send you the trip and it’s yours to accept. Submit your best wholesale hourly rate.


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