About Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport (PMH)

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About Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport (PMH)

Airport Information

latitude38° 50' 25'' N
Longitude82° 50' 50'' W
Runway Length5001ft (1524m)
What is the name of Portsmouth's airport?
Greater Portsmouth Regional Airport is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Portsmouth?
PMH is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Greater Portsmouth Regional?
Grove City
Upper Arlington
What are some nearby parks to Greater Portsmouth Regional?
Mound Park
Bannon Park
Branch Rickey Park
Labold Field
York Park
Boneyfiddle Commercial Historic District
Sixth Street Historic District
Second Street Historic District
Riverfront Park
Jackson Lake State Reserve
Earl Thomas Conley Riverside Park
Brush Creek State Forest
Dean State Forest
Piketon Historic District
McKinley Park
What are some nearby schools to Greater Portsmouth Regional?
Franklin Pierce University at Portsmouth
Southern New Hampshire University at Seacoast
University of New Hampshire
What are some things to see by Greater Portsmouth Regional?
Puncheon Camp Hollow
Toms Hollow
Black John Hollow
Zorns Hollow
Kokeene Hollow
Musgrave Hollow
Shupe Hollow
Hildebrand Hollow
Newberry Hollow
Brewery Hollow
Kinney Camp Hollow
Howe Hollow
Rosemont Hollow
Easter Hollow
Nail Hollow
Sundowner Golf Course
Slash Hollow
Mill Hollow
Smoothrock Hollow
Gillem Hollow
Schilling Hollow
New Boston Stadium
Brickhouse Hollow
Charred Hollow
Scratch Hollow
Perdue Hollow
Cedar Cliff Hollow
Cave Lick Hollow
Saint Paul Hollow
Koger Hollow
Benner Hollow
John Howard Hollow
Brighton Hollow
Blue Clay Hollow
Stockholm Hollow
Edge Of Apalachia Preserves
Skillet Handle Hollow
Fairmont Hollow
Ginn Hollow
Conklin Hollow
Roy Hollow
Shady Hollow
Hanner Hollow
Ash Hollow
Minque Hollow
Upper Shaw Hollow
Dan Morgan Hollow
Rock Lick Hollow
Luckett Hollow
Tar Camp Hollow
Bond Hollow
Gee Hollow
Demazie Hollow
Spires Hollow
Claylick Hollow
Shelton Hollow
Foggy Hollow
Slate Hollow
Wycoff Hollow
Cutlipp Hollow
Jabe Grooms Hollow
Barnhart Hollow
Brigner Hollow
Cabbage Patch Hollow
Edington Hollow
Smokey Hollow
Road Fork Hollow
Dever Valley
Swanigen Hollow
New Globe Hollow
Kotcamp Hollow
Warneke Hollow
Hiles Hollow
Harper Hollow
Laney Hollow
Nolan Hollow
Chain Hollow
Shoemaker Hollow
Kagley Hollow
Scherer Hollow
Hopek Hollow
Emmett Hollow
Logtown Hollow
Second Hollow
Eskalapia Hollow
Whippoorwill Hollow
Little Stave Hollow
Brackman Hollow
Bone Hole Hollow
Rockhouse Hollow
Fowler Hollow
Peachorchard Hollow
Hershey Hollow
Wolcott Hollow
Copperas Rock Hollow
Coyle Hollow
Pheasant Hollow
Sheep Lot Hollow
Cummings Hollow

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