About Fremont County Airport (CNE)

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About Fremont County (CNE)

Airport Information

FAA Code1V6
latitude38° 25' 42'' N
Longitude105° 6' 21'' W
Runway Length5399ft (1646m)

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What is the name of Canon City's airport?
Fremont County is the airport's official name.
What is the airport code of Canon City?
1V6 is the airport's IATA Code.
What are nearby cities and towns to Fremont County?
Pueblo West
Highlands Ranch
Ken Caryl
What are some nearby parks to Fremont County?
Rudd Park
Margrette Park
Royal Gorge Park
Temple Canyon Park
Grape Creek Picnic Ground
Beaver Creek State Wildlife Area
Lower Beaver Park
Cathedral Park
Cripple Creek Historic District
High Park
Pueblo Mountain Park
Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun
Fairmont Park
North Cheyenne Park
Bruner Park
What are some things to see by Fremont County?
Schoolhouse Gulch
Seep Springs Draw
Seymour Gulch
Snyder Draw
South Cedar Gulch
South Marsh Gulch
Stacey Gulch
Stover Gulch
Stultz Gulch
Sullivan Canyon
Sunset City Gulch
Surrey Gulch
Talbert Gulch
Temple Canyon
Tenmile Gulch
Tennant Gulch
Texas Creek Gulch
Titusville Gulch
Trash Gulch
Treasure Gulch
Turkey Canyon
Tyndall Gulch
Volcano Gulch
Warmer Gulch
Washtub Gulch
Waugh Gulch
Westfall Gulch
West Fork Coal Creek Canyon
West Mc Coy Gulch
West Mill Gulch
West Pierce Gulch
Wet Mountain Valley
Allen Gulch
Wilmer Gulch
Aregua Gulch
Arkansas River Canyon
Asher Gulch
Back Door Gulch
Banta Gulch
Bettis Gulch
Big Spoon Gulch
Binckley Gulch
Bohn Gulch
Bootlegger Gulch
Brooker Gulch
Buchannon Gulch
Bumback Gulch
Carlin Gulch
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Canon City (1V6), United States

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