Flights from Clintonville Municipal to Oscoda-Wurtsmith

Direct flights from Clintonville Municipal Airport (CLI) in Clintonville, WI to Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport (OSC) in Oscoda, MI via air taxi

Total airfare between Clintonville Municipal Airport and Oscoda-Wurtsmith Airport ranges from $3178 to $9174 for the specified travel dates. The total fare is the price for the entire plane (price per person is based on the number of passengers entered above). Flight duration ranges from 1 hour 17 minutes to 2 hours 2 minutes, depending on the aircraft.

Air Taxi photo
Air Taxi

Cessna 172 or similar

Flight Duration:
2h 2m
Max. Passengers:
$1589 per person
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Midsize Air Taxi photo
Midsize Air Taxi

Cessna 303 or similar

Flight Duration:
1h 34m
Max. Passengers:
$1759 per person
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Premium Air Taxi photo
Premium Air Taxi

Cirrus SR22 or similar

Flight Duration:
1h 30m
Max. Passengers:
$2010 per person
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Large Air Taxi photo
Large Air Taxi

Piper Navajo or similar

Flight Duration:
1h 26m
Max. Passengers:
$2385 per person
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Executive Air Taxi photo
Executive Air Taxi

Pilatus PC-12 or similar

Flight Duration:
1h 17m
Max. Passengers:
$4587 per person
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The flight distance from Clintonville to Oscoda is 228 miles and average flight time is 2 hours 2 minutes. If you were to drive from Clintonville to Oscoda, it would take 5 hours 28 minutes to drive 274 miles.

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